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Flashback after a fight bewteen eric and chey

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It was not until Cheyenne closed the front door that i became aware of the shattered pieces of glass scattered along the wood floor. laying along side the collection of glass was a silver frame. as i brought my knees to the ground to retrieve the frame, i realized what had fallen. a photograph taken of Cheyenne and myself two years past was inside the frame; Cheyenne's lips against mine as i smiled, clearly glowing from affection.

i began to smile in the same manner as i thought back to the day the photo was taken.

I had received a phone call from Cheyenne that afternoon, consisting of an invitation to spend two weeks at her home to keep her company while her roommate was on vacation with my best friend.

When i arrived at the house, she welcomed me inside. i had been welcomed into her home several times by this point. i would visit Cheyenne every day, unless i had band practice after work. it wasn't until i took a seat on the sofa that i realized i did not own a single photograph of my girlfriend. when i asked Cheyenne if she owned a camera, her light colored brows fell above her electric green eyes.

"What for?" she asked me.

"I want a picture of you.." i hesitated to say.

She walked into her bedroom and soon came back with a camera in her hands. She was silent as i took the camera and snapped a picture.

"Eric, that one was stupid. i wasn't even smiling." she said.

"Then come here and smile for me!" I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me, only for her to fall onto my lap. i held the camera in front of us, aiming the lens to our faces as she kissed my lips tenderly.

i continued to take photographs but i gave them to Cheyenne; keeping my favorite photo that was now on the floor with shards of glass.

My smile soon faded as i recollected what caused the frame to fall from the wall.

Before Cheyenne left the house for the last time, i had slammed the door open; knocking it against the wall. the wall vibrated and the frame slid from the iron nail it was hung upon. i heard the glass smash against the wood floor, but i didn't not acknowledge it.

my frustration towards the break up only seems to make it worse. my anger drives Cheyenne further away, leaving me with a lower chance of gaining back her love.

I removed the photo from the silver frame and placed it on the coffee table beside the sofa. the shards of glass remain near the entrance.

With a bottle of vodka n my hands, i lay on the sofa sulking in my own self pitty and recent mistakes.
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