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The Silver Slipper

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Kayla and Tom going threw wedding plans!

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I was seated at the kitchen table, looking through one of my many bridal magazines that were scattered along the surface of the wood table.
Pages flipping over another, flashes of images showing women wearing elegant, laced gowns. However, one photo caught my eye. i quickly flipped back through the last few pages to recover the photo. in the center of the page was a photo of Disney fairytale inspired gowns.
Tom entered the kitchen, wearing nothing except black boxer brief underwear and a silver cross necklace around his neck that hung upon his bare chest. he didn't look at me as he retrieved a glass from the cabinet to his left.
"Tom, don't tell me you just woke up. you know what time it is?" i nagged as i ripped the page from the magazine.
"not really," he yawned "i was just too lazy to get outta bed." he walked to the fridge and pulled open the door; the glass jars on the shelf clanking against each other. Tom took the glass pitcher filled with fruit punch and sliced pineapple from the top shelf. he poured himself a glass and took the seat across from me at the table.
"What do you think of this dress?" i adked, sliding the magizine page across the table.
"Kayla..." he removed the slices of pineapple from the drink.
"Tom, i'm sorry. this is the last one. i promise."
Tom shook his head, pulling the page closer to himself and looking down at the photograph.
"This one?" he pointed to a white ball gown; the light reflecting off the silver detailing on the waistline.
"It remindes me of Cinderella.." i said, growing nervous. Tom laughed, shaking his head as he slid the page towards me. "Don't you like it?" i looked at the photo once more, observing the satin sweet heart bodess of the gown. It wrapped around the model's body tightly to bring attention to her hourglass shaped figure. The beaded waistline layed above the floor-length skirt.
"Decide on one dress, Kayla." He took a sip from the glass before he finished speaking "Don't you have another dress? What's wrong with that one?"
"I can have a wedding dress, and a reception dress."
Tom became silent when he realized there would be no point in arguing.
I grabbed my wedding planning binder from beneath the stack of magazines and opened it to the inspiration section where i slid the page into a transparent sheet protector.
When i looked up i noticed Tom's eyes meeting mine. His icy blue eyes looking at me from above the bottom of the glass he was drinking from.
"You should get dressed.." i suggested while gathering my wedding material into my hands. he wrinkled his nose as he set the glass back onto the table, beside the slices of pineapple.
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