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kayla meeting tom's family

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The first thing Kayla noticed when she walked into Emerson's pub was not the smell of fried food or the sound of jazz blasting from the neon-lit jukebox. What she first noticed was Mrs Keifer and then Mr Keifer's deep baritone voice asking the waitress to take back his scotch because he'd asked for it on the rocks and his was rockless.

Both of these observations had Kayla inwardly groaning. Mrs. Keifer, obviously, wasn't her favorite person and Mr. Keifer was hard to deal with. Mrs. Keifer was sitting beside Tom. Three tables had been pulled together to accommodate the large family. there was enough room to seat ten people, but Mrs. Keifers chair was so close to her sons, Kayla was sure they were breathing the same air.

Kayla inhaled deeply and went over. "Hey," she said, taking the seat next to Tom's nephew, Jared. It was a safe seat. Jared was only six years old and, unlike everyone else in Tom's family, liked Kayla, as most children do. That meant she didn't have to pretend to be chatty or sit in silence while Mr and Mrs. Keifer ignored her, focusing instead on Tom's gigs at the local clubs in downtown Philly.

"Hi, Kayla!" Jared said, with a big smile on his face.

"Kayla," Tom greeted her, pulling a few inches away from his protective mother, which made her furrow her eyebrows.

"Hi," Kayla said.

"Nice of you to finally join us, Kayla." Mr Keifer said. He smoothed a hand over his neatly trimmed beard. although it was a casual Sunday dinner, he dressed as if he'd been lounging at home all day.

Mrs. Keifer was in a polka-dotted patterned knee length dress with her hair curled behind her ears. She rubbed her ruby red lips together as she checked her watch.

"Sorry," Kayla said. She could have told them that Tom said six 0' clock and that her watch said 5:54 P.M. but the Keifers weren't about to accept any excuses. Kayla often wondered how Tom survived his family, as if he'd been raised by a wildly Laissez-Faire family.

Kayla swallowed, trying to stifle her embarrassment, and looked down at the other faces at the table. She knew Liz, Georgenne and Adie, Tom's elder sisters.

Although the family didn't help Kayla feel welcome and comfortable, she only attended the dinner because Tom didn't want to come alone, even thought it would have made no difference if she was there or not since she was being ignored.
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