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High Enough?

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Wedding Proposal!!

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It was nearing the end of April; the environment outside our home was moist. Your feet sunk into the earth as you took step-by-step on the grass. The constant rainfall made puddles in our yard deep enough to soak the bottom of your jeans. Puck was not allowed outside during days like these. Once, Tom had opened the sliding glass door to empty a bowl of oil i had left from baking pancakes that morning, Puck ran in between his legs and out the door. He stumbled over as his paw sunk into a puddle; his white fur turning a murky brown as he rolled over to get back on his feet. Tom picked him up and carried him inside to rinse him off in the sink.
I wouldn't necessarily say it was chilly outside. The temperature seemed to be 67 degrees but the icy rain and choppy wind made it feel 30. We ignored the fact that it wasn't cold enough outside to light our fireplace. i wanted to examine the stone fireplace lit; watching the weak glare of the flame reflect off the scarlet vases around the room. i like to keep several cinnamon and apple scented candles lit through out the house. Not only do they supply a pleasurable smell, but the flickering flames look gorgeous. The candles and the fire gave our home a romantic touch.
Tom had a traditional black piano in the corner of the room farthest from the fireplace and the furniture. He sat upon the bench with a pen in his hand an an empty notebook on the hood of the piano, looking out the front window. you could tell he was contemplating. His legs were crossed at his ankle beneath the bench. He tapped his pen once on the notebook before he decided to drop the pen and stand up.
"Give up, Tommy?" I asked.
He nodded his head as he took the seat beside me on the couch. Puck was resting on my lap; his eyes closed as he rested his head upon his paw, as if using it for a pillow. The fire cracked in the silence. Tom took my hand into his as he said,
For the year that i have been with Tom, i have noticed he says my name in a questionable manner whenever he is about to ask a dumb question, or he wants to talk about something serious and is trying to obtain my attention.
"yes?" i said while considerably squeezing his hand.
Tom hesitated to speak; i could tell not only by the period of silence, but by the expression his face. His lips were parted, as if he was about to speak. his eyes shifted from our joined hands to my eyes, as if he was nervous. His hand started to sweat lightly as his face turned a shade of pink.
"We've almost been together for a year.." He paused, looking back down to our joined hands.
"and uh.. you know i wanna spend the rest of my life with you, right?" He then reached into the outer pocket of his jacket and took out a small black box. My hand remained in his as he got down on one knee before me. my stomach began to churn as i felt my eyes begin to water.
"Kayla- will you marry me?"
"What?" tears began to roll down my face.
"I uh.. you can say no if you want.."
"Yes, i wanna marry you!" upon accepting, Tom's expression turned to shock. "I do!" i jumped off the couch and into his arms as i squeezed our bodies together.
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