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I Love You No Matter What

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++FRERARD ONESHOT++ I suck at summaries, please just read it? Kinda random but its about Gee and Frankie only they are texting ! :)

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A/N: Hey guys, i know i need to update the other stories but lets be honest, im not gonna lie. I cant be fucked. This just came to me and its 00:42 in the morning, I have school tomorrow and should be sleeping. I thought i would forget this idea to i had to write it basically. Anyway, it would make my day/night if you guys could R&R? please? This is a one-shot btwwww :D Love you all, LatherTheBlood xo


I could hear my phone vibrating against my small wooden bed table. Who would want to communicate with me at this time in the morning? Actually, who would want to communicate with me at all? i sighed, sliding my legs from beneath the sheets and swinging them over the side of my bed, reaching for my battered old phone.

1 new message.
From: Sam
Time: 09:10.

This had to be important, Sam never wakes me up in the morning, now i started to panic.

"Hey Gee, just thought i'd tell you that i'm having a lil' get together next weekend? Wanna come? :3 xo"

seriously? This was why she woke me, does she not realize I need sleep? My fingers sped over the keys quickly, replying with:

"Sam, why you wake meeeh?! Too early, you will get a proper response when i have had adequate amount of sleep and maybe 4 cups of that 'o' so sweet liquid named coffee
Gee xo"

Re-placing my phone to its natural habitat, a.k.a my little table, I slumped back down into my bed, sliding my pale legs back into the black sheets and drifted into a peaceful sleep.


I awoke to the sound of my little brother's voice.

"Gee! wake up! its 2 in the afternoon you lazy shit!"

"Alright, i'm getting up. Chill bro"

He shut the door, well i say shut, i mean slammed. He's so touchy sometimes. I reached over to the familiar wooden table next to my bed and picked up my phone.

4 new messages.
From: Frank Iero.
Time: 1:46pm

this first text read:

"Hey Geetard :)
Frankie xo"

and the second..:

"Gee, wake up i'm boreeed :(
Frankie xo"


"Hey whore, wake up or i will come and murder you, Love Frank xo"

how lovely was that one? My boyfriend is so sweet.


"Gee, please talk to me? I'm feeling depressed :( F

Oh god, no 'xo' shit just got serious.

"Hey Frankie, sorry i was sleeping, whats wrong?? :( Gee xo"

"Well, first, my mother and Steve are getting married, which sucks. Second, my dad wants me to go visit him, which is even worse :( F

"Aw, why is that worse? doesn't seem that bad? :/ Gee xo"

" Cus i still haven't told him i'm...y'know.."

"That your Gay sugar? Gee xo"


"Aww baby, don't worry about it. I'm sure he won't mind and if he does, he doesn't deserve such a perfect little angel for a son. Besides, i love you till the end of the earth, no matter what. Btw, did you get a text from Sam about the party thingy? You going? Gee xo"

"Aw, i love you too! :D And yeah, i dunno, depends how i feel. You just made me smile :) Frankiee xo"

"Glad i could make you happy baby. Hey, you wanna come over today ?? ;D, Gee xo"

"Sure, like, now? Frankie xo"

"Maybe in like an hour or so? i gotta have a shower and stuff, Gee xo"

"OH MY GOD, your washing just for me?! i feel special, Okay, see you soon baby. Frankiee xoxo"

woah, double 'xo' i made somebody happy.

I love my perfect little angel, Frankie.
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