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I Want Your Bite

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Bandit meets a tall, dark stranger at a nightclub, what will happen?

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I Want Your Bite
One Shot
By L. Lawliet

"You will be careful won't you?" My over protective rock star father asked for the 10th time in the past 5 minutes

"Of course I will be." I reply, shrugging on my favourite leather jacket. Over my tight fitting top with enhanced my boobs. My tight leather trousers hugged my legs and were tucked into my Goth boots.

"Remember not to get too drunk or use drugs or have sex with any dudes and if you do use protection!"

"Dad! How many times do I have to tell you? I'll be fine. I won't drink too much; I won't take anything and how many times I’M GAY!!!!!"
"You are?" The palm of my hand connected with my foundation covered forehead.
"Yes dad I am. I have been for several years now!"
"You never told me"
"I've told you multiple times"
"You have?!"
“Oh okay? Remember to be home at a reasonable time!”
“Yes! Now bye dad" I said grabbing my car keys off the side and running out of the house.

I climbed into my Porsche and started the engine. I looked through my CD collection and found my Black Veil Brides CD. Putting it in, I turned the volume up to full and banged my head to New Religion. Pulling out of the garage, I drove down the road turning several corners until I pulled up outside the nightclub. Parking I turned off Set This World on Fire and stepped out.

The neon lights flashed beckoning incomers. Two beefy looking bouncers blocked the doorway. They looked at me, recognised me, and parted aside, letting me inside the club.

The room was dark with flashing lights; the music was loud and booming. Bodies were all pressed together dancing. I made my way over to the bar and ordered a drink. It came quickly and I lifted my head back, drinking the shot in one gulp. Ordering another, I kept drinking. I then grabbed my bag and managed to fight my way through the dancers to get to the toilets.

It was full of couples, making out either in the cubicles or outside. Blonde idiots putting on even more orange foundation on their plastic faces crowded the mirrors. Sorting out their bra so their fake boobs were even bigger.

I pushed my way and pulled out a clear plastic bag, which had two small pills inside it. Getting them out I swallowed them dry and exited the bathroom.

I felt slightly guilty for lying to dad but I can’t just be a good girl all my life and I’m 19 for crying out loud! I’m not a child!

I then made my way to the dance floor. Dancing to the remixed music, which wasn’t practically to my taste. When I managed to get to the middle, I stopped in my tracks.

The girl was absolutely beautiful. She was wearing a very tight fitting black tank top, showing her toned abdomen. Sweat trickled down it slowly as her hands ran sexily down her heavily tattooed body and shook her hips, which were covered in very short shorts; her legs were bare along with her feet. She was tall about 5’11 and was almost skeletal. Bones protruded from her pale skin. Her facial piercings gleamed in the strobe lighting.

Her lids were closed and she was feeling the music within her. Her hands tangled and messed up her jet-black hair. Her pale face looked relaxed and her dark red painted lips were stretched in a small smile. As her lids flashed open, showing her long, dark lashes and revealing her eyes, which were a brilliant sapphire blue.

She looked around her, saw her on lookers, and smiled again. Her eyes locked onto mine and grinned. Wait she won’t be a lesbian I bet she has a boyfriend and even if she was gay why would she love me?

She walked towards me slowly and deliberately, her bare feet treading carefully on the cold floor. She grabbed hold of my soft face and crushed our lips together. Shocked my drugged and alcohol fuelled mind kissed back. Her lips were soft and plump and melted into mine and I could feel the soft pressure of a lip ring. Her hands grabbed mine and we parted. She smiled and said in a soft voice

“You’re a good kisser” Her brilliant white teeth flashed, she pulled me with her towards her spot, and started dancing again. Her hands ran down her body sexually and tilted her head back so her black hair fell back, her mouth slightly apart, her lids closed. I tried to copy her actions and she opened her sapphire orbs and laughed.

She stopped and so did I. She went behind me and whispered clearly even through the booming music. “You have to feel the music within” she wrapped her arms around my waist and swayed my hips to the beat of the dance music. She smiled and kissed the soft skin on my neck.

I closed my lids and did what she instructed. My hands ran through my hair sexily, messing it up and smiling flashing my teeth. She giggled seductively and pulled me against her.

Flashing my eyes open I saw her face close up; her face was soft but had a strong bone structure, her nose was small and a nose ring was threaded through the right nostril, you could tell she was a smoker by the smell of her drifting off her and her face had slight wrinkles which she tried to cover with her pale foundation, her sapphire orbs were outlined with black kohl and her long, dark lashes were coated evenly with black mascara. Her soft dark red lips had a silver lip ring threaded through it, her eyebrow had a bar also threaded through it along with a Monroe piercing, and one of her ears had nine piercings on it, the other just three.

She brushed my hair out of my face and took hold of my hand. Pulling me outside of the club, she stopped and pulled out a battered pack of cigarettes out of her back pocket of her very tight short shorts along with a black lighter placing it in her mouth she was about to lit it, her eyes focused on it but then she paused and looked at me wavering. She clicked the lighter shut and removed the smoke from her pursed lips and held it towards me

“You smoke?”
“Erm…” I pressed my lips against each other pondering. My dad had always smoked but he was trying to quit and he didn’t want me to, but he also didn’t want me drinking and taking drugs and yet I already did so I figured one couldn’t hurt. I stared at her eyes and I wondered. I was sure she could see right through me “Sure” I sighed defeated. Reaching forwards to grab it but she pulled it back into her mouth, lit it quickly, and giggled softly

“You don’t. Do you? You don’t have to try and be cool around me and to be honest smoking isn’t cool it’s disgusting but I’ve been smoking since I was 7 years old so you know it’s kinda hard for me to quit” she smiled and blew the tobacco smoke out of her pursed lips.

“You’ve been smoking since the age of 7?!” I asked shocked
“What were your parents like?!”
“My parents were murdered in front of me when I was 6”
“Oh my god I’m so sorry”
“Don’t pity me” she said severally her eyes turned cold.

“I-Sorry” I said simply hanging my head so my hair fell in front of my face. I fucked up perhaps the one person who liked me back. A few tears escaped from my lids. I closed them shut, not letting anymore escape.

I heard her throw the fag onto the pavement and walk over to me. She lifted my chin up slowly with her index finger, she smiled softly and whispered, “Don’t cry” and softly brushed her thumb underneath my eyes wiping the tears away.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front of the club, she waved to the bouncers who nodded curtly. She laughed and pulled me into her red Ferrari; sitting in the passenger’s seat, I flicked through her CD collection and was happy to see it had similar CDs to mine. She pulled on some vans over her bare feet and started the engine.

“So what’s your name gorgeous?” she questioned
“Bandit. What’s yours?”
“Apollonia. Are you Bandit Lee Way?!”
“Erm…yeah” I said uneasily
“As in the daughter of Gerard Way; the lead of singer of the best band ever to walk this earth?!”
I nodded in response. She saw that the mention of my dad made me uncomfortable so she dropped it.

Not bothering with insignificant things such as seatbelts, she pressed her van-clad foot down on the accelerator and sped down the street, turning several corners until she reached a grand building.

She pulled the sports car in the driveway and stopped the engine. Pulling the kegs out of the ignition, she stepped out of the car and opened my door for me. I giggled and took her hand, which was outstretched and stepped out of the car. Through a door, we kicked off our shoes and entered her house

It was beautiful, the walls were painted black with paintings and signed posters lining the walls evenly, the carpet was soft and dark red, a black chandelier hung from the black elaborate ceiling.

Shutting the door behind us, I did not notice her creep behind me, until her strong arms wrapped themselves around my thin waist.

Her head rested onto my neck and started to kiss it along with my jawline, I closed my eyes in pleasure and I felt her hands trail down my abdomen and slipped inside my tight leather trousers and my lacy thong, her fingers then poked into my entrance causing me to gasp in surprise. Apollonia giggled and continued to kiss my jawline whilst her finger was massaging my entrance then as suddenly as it enters her finger retracted and a little mewl escaped from my lips and she laughed.
“You’ll get more in a second” she whispered softly in my ear then turned me around sharply crushing out lips together. I kissed back passionately tangling my hands in her soft hair deepening the kiss.

We parted after a couple of minutes of intense kissing then she dragged me up to her room, it was beautiful like the rest of the house, you couldn’t even see the walls with all the posters and drawings that covered it.

She pushed me onto the king sized bed, the dark duvet felt soft on my skin. I looked to see she was removing her short tank top to reveal her elegant black lacy bra, which displayed her voluminous breasts. She then seductively laid at the foot of the bed and crawled slowly towards me, my chest rose slowly, my teeth bit my lower lip with want as she smiled, letting all her hair hang to one side, sliding her pink pointed tongue along her bottom lip.

She crawled slowly and seductively until she reached my face, she hung a couple of millimetres away from my lips. I could feel her soft nicotine filled breath on my face. After a couple of seconds of her hanging torturing me, I raised my head and connected our lips together.

Removing my tight fitting top in one swift movement, our lips only parting for a second as the fabric went over my head. I then wrapped my arms around her back, feeling her vertebrate poking through her skin I walked my fingers down her spine until I reached the back of her bra and unhooked it; she parted our lips with a small ‘pop’ as she shrugged the straps off of her pale, slender shoulders.

She then lifted my torso in the air so she could unhook my bra, our lip meshed together as she did so. She then lowered her zip of her shorts very slowly until they were fully down and ripped them off, her breasts bounced slightly as she did, I took off my leather trousers with quite some difficultly since they stuck to my thin legs like glue.

She laughed at my struggle, stupid trousers! She then lent forward and helped me slide them off. She then lowered herself until she reached my crotch and pulled down my lacy thong off with her teeth. She smiled and spread my legs wide so they were either side of her and pressed her lips to mine before laying herself on my torso and slide down, her arse in the air and her back tattoo of black angel wings contracting.

When she reached my crotch she slide her right index finger into my entrance causing me to moan and buck my lips up, she then removed her finger and replaced it with her pink, pointed tongue, swirling her it around.

My hips bucked up and she removed her tongue, and slid back up my body, to connect our lips together, she raised her head and smiled then flipped us round so I was on top. “Show me what you’ve got kitty cat” she smirked

I smiled and crushed our lips together, tugging on her silver lip ring, hearing it clink between my teeth. I raised our torsos in the air, so we were sitting. I then started to kiss her jawline, and her neck, leaving love bites and hickeys and I kissed along her collar bone, which protruded out of her pallid skin along with her other bones.

I rested my hands on her breasts and squeezed them softly, causing her to moan loudly, tilting her head back. Gasping for air as I squeezed tighter. Her long, sharp nails dug into my back, scratching with lust.

I raised me head and connected our lips once more then flickered my eyes to the clock she had on a bedside table, the time was displayed in angry red numbers telling me to get home soon!

“I’m sorry” I say scrabbling off the bed “I have to go!”
“And where do you have to go?” questions Apollonia as she pins me back down on the bed, her thighs either side of me
“Home, I promised my dad I wouldn’t be home to late”
“It’s not late it’s early!” she says dismissively “Anyway I’m not finished with you” she lowers down and kisses my collar bone, but I push her away
“I’m sorry but my dad is going to kill me! For one I’ve drank, two, I’ve taken drugs, and three I’ve had unprotected sex with a complete stranger! And four, it’s half past 2 in the morning!”
“Okay, fair enough” she sighs releasing my arms and letting me crawl off the bed, and put on my clothes again.

“I’ll drive you home,” she says after I’m finished getting dressed. I turn to see she is also dressed. I nod grateful
“Thanks” I say and she nods leading me to her Ferrari and turning the keys in the ignition.

The drive to my house was silent, only broken by her asking directions and me guiding her. When we reached my house, I saw no lights on, that’s a good sign! I was about to get out of the car, when I felt her hand on my wrist and I turned to face her, she connected our lips for a second then pressed a small piece of paper in my hand, before releasing my hand, I mumbled a thanks and exited the sports car.

I crept into my house slowly and quietly, and tip toed up the stairs, I was about to go into my room when the light was flicked on. I froze and turned slowly, to see my parents in their pyjamas, their arms folded obviously waiting for an explanation. “No offence Bandit but you look like you’ve just had sex” says my mum sternly. Oh shit
“Er…I can explain!”
“Who did you go home with?” My dad asks sternly
“Er…I came home on my own?” I said hopefully
“Oh really? Then why Bandit didn’t you come home in your car and your car isn’t here? And why did we see you kiss a girl who was hardly wearing any clothes who was driving that car?”
"And what is that piece of paper in your hand?"

I opened it to see her phone number was scribbled on it in messy handwriting and underneath it it read "Call me next time you wanna good time ;)"

Oh, crap!
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