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Young and loaded!

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"So, girls, as I quite like to be orgonised, I got your room done for you too... I'm sorry you have to share a room, but there isn't too much space, I don't have time to clean a large house..." Said Tierney, walking the girls up the stairs, talking a left down the hall... and, then she opened the door, and let the girls into their new room.
"Woah... WOW! THIS IS AWESOME! THANKS, AUNT TIERNEY!" Said Arrow, a she hugged Tierney.
"Please, call me Tee!" Tierney laughed, hugging back.
"This really is great, Tee!!" Poison giggled, hugging Tee too.
The room was split down the middle, but police 'do not cross' tape, on half was painted black and white checkers, and had "Poison" spray painted on the biggest bit of wall, it had clearly been done by a profecional. There was a single bed, it had black sheets, with little sliver stars embroidered on. Above the bed, was a bookshelf, painted florescent green. Along the white frame of the bed was little star shaped, green fairy lights. On the bed sat a large, pale grey and white husky. The bed was littered with alsorts of pillows, red and black checkered ones, ones in the shape of candy bars, and one large on in the shape of a silver key.
There was a little black nightstand, with the draws filled with art supplies.
On the other side of the room, it was painted with loads of random swirls of colour, with "Arrow" spray painted on the largest wall, in the same design that "Posion" was on the other wall. In the middle of that side of the room, there was also a single bed, the sheets were covered with a toadstool pattern. On the bed there was a large yellow duck as well as load of pillows, shaped as candy bars, and fruit, but in the middle there was a giant pillow, shaped as a lock, in a identical shade of silver as Poison's key. Wound round the bright yellow bed frame was little 'chilli peppers' shaped fairy lights. Above the bed was a book shelf, painted purple. Next to the bed, was a identical night stand to Poison's, but blue. It was also filled with art supplies.
Each girl had a matching vintage-style phone on the nightstand, and a orange sterio.
At the end of each bed, against the wall, there was matching red-with-gold-stars design wardrobe.
"How did you know what we liked, Tee?" Asked Arrow looking bewildered at Tee's knowledge of their style.
"Facebook, dear, facebook" Tee replied, tapping her nose in a knowing way.
"Come on, guys, i wanna show you round Boston! Next stop... Ice cream!" Tee giggled.
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