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Tortilla Chips; Not Just For Salsa

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The epic romance of Frank the tortilla chip, and Gerard the strawberry. Read it! You won't regret it :D

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Tortilla Chips; Not Just For Salsa.

Do you like strawberries? The red, juicy, sweet fruit? How about tortilla chips? Those are fantastic. What would happen if you put them together? What do you think would happen? Sometimes the oddest combinations make perfection. This here is a story of a strawberry named Gerard, and a lonely little tortilla chip, named Frank.

Frank and Gerard met one day, when Gerard's box and Frank's bag were both sitting on the counter. They talked for hours about how they wished they wouldn't get eaten and how they wanted to be human. Slowly, they began to fall in love with each other. But everybody told them it could never be. A tortilla chip and a strawberry simply couldn't be together. So their friends kept them apart, for their own good.

Mikey, the fruit fairy, ran into Gerard the strawberry one day. He couldn't help but notice how red the sad, whimpering fruit was. "Hello, sad strawberry." The fruit fairy said to him. The strawberry wasn't in the mood for people to pick on him, so he ignored the fairy. "I will grant you one wish, sad strawberry," The fruit fairy said, "And make your dream come true." Gerard the strawberry looked up at Mikey the fairy, having some hope in seeing Frank the tortilla chip again. "Oh yes Mrs. Fairy!" He squealed with excitement. The fairy coughed, "It's Mr. Fairy. he said with anger.

Gerard thought long and hard about his wish. He knew he only had one chance, and he wanted to get it right. He decided he needed some help with the decision, so he went to talk with his best friend, Ray. “Ray,” he said, “A fairy just told me she would grant me one wish. I want to be with Frank again, but I’m not sure how to word it.” Ray was the wisest strawberry in the box, and after thinking for quite a bit, finally said, “Wish that you and Frank could be together forever, with nothing in the way of your love.” Gerard was very happy with this wish, and told it to Mikey. Mikey nodded, clapped his hands twice, and said, “Abraca-FRUIT! Your wish is granted.”

After that, the fairy disappeared. Gerard waiting long hours and days to see his Prince Charming. Until one day, Bob the clown, picked him and his friends off of the shelf. As soon as they were placed into the buggy, Gerard quickly looked around him. As his eyes met the other side of the buggy, he sees something that makes him juicy with joy! A bag of tortilla chips! Then he saw something that horrified him. Hot and spicy salsa! Frank was going to be eaten by the clown! He tried to pry open his box, and Ray the strawberry helped, but it was no use. 

Frank the tortilla chip was panicking as well. He was going to be eaten, and he hadn’t gotten to see Gerard again! All his friends told him to calm down, there was no use worrying now that they were all going to be dead soon anyway. But Frank just couldn’t stop thinking about Gerard. He wanted nothing more than to talk with that strawberry again, but it seemed his last wish would not be granted.

After being placed on the grocery thingy, they get pulled through and end up in bags. The strawberry had given up, then he looks to his left. The tortilla chips! He was right next to them! The juicy excitement was getting bigger and larger, and about to burst with joy. Gerard yelled Frank's name, again and again. The chip must be stuck in between all of the other chips! He felt a sudden liftation of his bag. They were flying! Crash! They were back in the buggy. What to do now?

One of Frank’s friends near the outside of the chip bag heard Gerard’s yells and passes the message along to Frank. Frank manages to wiggle his way to the edge of the sea of chips and calls back to Gerard. “How are you?” Gerard asks. “Well, I’m about to be eaten, so not to good,” responded Frank. He could hear the strawberry laugh darkly before he replied with, “Well, at least we get to see each other one more time.” That thought did lift Frank’s spirits slightly. All the way to Bob’s house, the chip and the strawberry talked about things they wished they could do, and what they would have done if they were humans and lived outside of their bags and boxes.

When Bob the clown arrived home, he set all of us out on the table. Man that thing was cold! "Hey Bobbie Boo?" An elderly woman walked up the the clown. "Can we have some chips and salsa?" Bob the clown stroked his beard, thinking on whether Granny Grace should have the hot and spicy dip. Then he eyed the strawberries. "How about chips and strawberries, Granny Grace?" He questioned her, still stroking his beard. "Now Bobbio, that is just gross. Strawberries and tortilla chips should never be together!" She said to Bob the clown, making him frown. "If I eat one will you eat one, Granny Grace?" He said, stroking his leg hairs. She sat there and waited for him to eat it. First, Bob the clown takes Frank the tortilla chip, and lies him down on the table. Next, he gets the pack of strawberries out. He grabs the biggest, fattest, juiciest strawberry he sees, which happens to be Gerard. They will finally be together again!

Gerard was nearly jumping for joy when he saw Bob reaching for him. If he had to be eaten, he at least wanted to be with Frank! As Bob picked him up, he heard Frank squeak with happiness, and all the other strawberries cheered, happy to see their friend with the person he loved. When Bob placed Gerard on Frank, Gerard whispered to Frank, "I love you." Filled with joy, Frank said back, "I love you too." And that was when Bob ate them. As it turns out, it isn't all that bad being eaten. In fact, Frank and Gerard lived happily in Bob's stomach for many years, and they loved each other just as much as on the day they were eaten for all that time. 

bvbrocks: A/N Hello there! Is your mind blown right now by the epicness of this story? It should be. Please R&R! This story was really fun to write, and I want to know if you lot liked it or not! If you didn't, well sucks to be you,because I happen to love this story. SO THERE! Thanks for reading!

Grawr: A/N Hello guys! How are you on this amazing night? Bvbrocks is amazing. She is one of my closest friends online, and we were randomly talking about food, and this popped up! Ah, the mind of Grawr. Crazy as fuck right? If your wondering who wrote what, I wrote first paragraph and she wrote second and it goes on like that. Rate and Review if you want to make our night! Btw! If you liked bvbrocks writing in this, you should check out her story "Rebel Love Song" you know Black Veil Brides and My Chem together is extra sexiness! Have a good Valentines Day! Love you all!
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