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Did you know I'm utterly insane?

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Jared the psycho kidnaps Shannon's girlfriend and all hell breaks loose. Loosely based on the film Fight Club. Rated for language and what will happen in future chapters.

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[A/N I do not own any of the characters, this is purely just for anyone that wants to read it, enjoy :D]

Amy was home alone. Her boyfriend she lived with, Shannon, was out with his brother and her close friend, Jared. Peering out the windows at the stormy grey clouds sceptically, she wandered round the house in one of Shannon's big t shirts and a pair of comfy shorts, undecided on what she should with this rare time she had by herself. Maybe watch a movie she thought, order a pizza and eat all of the Cookie dough ice cream in the freezer. She had spent most of the day sleeping, working away all of the tiredness that had built up from the sleepless nights of being on tour with Shannon.
She had snuggled up on the sofa with her best friends Ben and Jerry with the opening scenes of X-Men: First class playing when the doorbell rang. She groaned and got up to answer it.
“What?!” she threw the door open “oh, Jared! What are you doing here? I thought you were with Shannon” Jared stepped through the door and closed it behind him, turning away from Amy.
“I was.”
“well, what do you want? I've got a film on”
“Are you alone?” Jared asked, still not looking at her.
“Yeah... why?”
Jared stood still for a moment, then turned and in one swift movement he had pressed her against the wall and pulled out a gun.
“You're going to come with me” he growled at her. Shocked, Amy looked back and forth from his tired, bloodshot eyes hidden behind dark glasses to the gun currently pointed at her forehead.
“WOAH What?” she whispered. “WHY?!”
“Because I said so. Now, I'll tell you what's going to happen-”
“I'm not scared of you Jared”
“you talk again and I’ll blow your brains out”
Amy gulped.
“Now. You are going to come out to the car with me. You will not make any kind of contact with anyone. You will not try to get away from me. Not unless you want to be dead. I will kill everyone you know. Don’t test me. I will.” Jared opened the door and pushed Amy through. She did exactly as she had been told; Jared followed her down the path, pointing her over to his car.
Amy stopped to look back at her and Shannon's house unhappily. She had no idea what was happening, or whether she would even be back. Jared opened the door of the car and she got in and sat nervously on the seat, looking up at Jared scared. He pushed her violently onto the floor of the car and started to tie her wrists together. Amy groaned from the shock and pain of having her head smacked against the floor. When he was done, Jared made sure the child-lock on the door was on and walked calmly round to the driver's seat.
After about half an hours drive, Jared addressed Amy.
“You can talk now, by the way. But don't try anything funny” his glaring eyes bore into her through the reflection of the mirror. “Oh, and you only get 3 questions”
Amy thought carefully for a moment.
“W-where are you taking me?”
“Good question! I am taking you to a nice place called White Park on the edge of nowhere in particular. The house has a lovely view over the empty deserted run-down neighbourhood and it's virtually impossible to find your way to anywhere if you don't know where you are”
“Well, why?”
“Did you know, I'm utterly insane?” Jared beamed at her psychotically.
“You need help” Amy muttered. Suddenly, the car stopped. Amy was thrown against the seat. “SHIT!” she groaned as her head hit the handle of the car door. The door behind her was thrown open and she fell out onto the road. She could finally see the alien land she was in: the road was a dusty red and covered in the kind of rocks that would puncture your tires if you weren’t careful. The tall pine trees either side of the road cast a dark shadow over everything she could see. But most of this was hidden behind the dark figure that stood above her.
“Yes, I do need help. But NO ONE can help” Jared kneeled down on the floor by her head and snarled in her face, his arms either side of her head. “All the professionals, they've tried. Tried but not succeeded. I need this, to hurt you. To hurt Shannon. Shannon. The cunt. He's always understood me, but not since he moved out with you.. You ruined it. You need to pay”
“Jared... Why do this? We can just ta-”
“TALK?! AHAHAHA! I've spent the past 2 years talking to people, and where has it got me?! Nowhere. Either I tie you to a tree here and leave you to die, or you will do exactly as I say”Jared leant down so close to her face that she could taste his breath.
“Get in the car”
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