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Valentine's Day

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We all know the awkward moment on Valentine's day when you have a special friend and you got them something but you're not sure if they got you something. Yeah......

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My heart was racing as I made my way to my locker. Taped to it was a rose and a note.

I blushed and pulled them both off, the sticky tape ripping off the cold metal door. The note was closed with a red heart sticker.

Carefully, I broke the sticker and opened the note. It wasn't from Frankie, though.

Gee, please forgive me. I never meant to hurt you. Please, Gee. I still love you. - Marshall

Anger coursed through me as I grabbed the corners of the note to rip it up. But I just couldn't do it.

I sighed and stuck it into my binder, keeping the stem of the long rose in my hand just as Mikey bounced up. “What's that?” he asked, looking at it. “Oh. For Frank?” he smelled it slightly. “Mmmm I love roses!”

“Uh yeah. I just got it, actually...” I let the end of my sentence drift off as I turned the rose in my hand.

“Its really pretty. I'm sure he'll love it.” he murmured, his eyes holding a strange sparkle.

“What's with you?” I asked as he smiled stupidly. He opened his bag and about thirty roses fell out of it and onto the floor. “Wow.....”

Yeah. They're from girls and guys.” he said, gathering them up.”Frankie has quite a few as well.” he said in close to a warning voice.

“Oh.” I blushed, twisting the rose around again. “Do you think I'll get any m-” I broke off as I nearly said more.

“Maybe. Them send the m by grade and name.” he shrugged. Well, that explains why he and Frankie have their roses already.

I'd sent at least fifteen to Frankie, spending thirty dollars in roses alone. But did he get me any?

My cheeks burned even more. I stood next to my locker, frozen, as my mind turned into a whirlwind of thoughts.

The bell for seventh hour rang, sending kids scattering everywhere. This was the class I had Frankie in. I couldn't wait.

I'd planned to give the rose to him out in the hall when he got here, but he was already in the class room, bouncing in his lab seat. I bit my lip and internally cursed myself.

Fuck fuck to the motherfucking fuck!!! I walked in calmly and sat in my seat next to him, smiling as he jumped onto my lap.

“Thank you for all the roses, Gee.” he purred and kissed me, his hands on my shoulders. When he pulled away, I gave him the rose in my hand.

He beamed and climbed off of me as the teacher came back from her – on record – bathroom break she takes between every class. About half way into why watersheds are emptied but are never empty -fun fun- there was a knock on the door. “Come in!” Mrs. Burdock yelled at the door as she sat down.

“Rori......Sarah.......Jason.......Gavin....” the four girls handed out single roses. “Um, Gerard?” I raised my hand.

I bit my lip. All four of them brought handful after handful of roses and sat them on my desk. My cheeks burned as they made their third round and left.

Frankie picked up a rose out of my pile and playfully read the note, shaking his hand like an old man in anger. There was a person from the school newspaper who came in after the girls had exited and took my picture.

“Congrats. You got the most roses in the whole school.” she murmured, making my face go even redder as I stared at the mound in shock as she took the picture. I was counting them with my eyes. There had to be at least a hundred here!

Frankie's hand found my knee under the table, making me look at him. He leaned forward and, hiding behind the huge pile of red and green, he kissed me softly. “One rose for every month I've loved you.” he murmured softly.

“So you sent them all?” I asked, staring at the pile. He laughed.

“I sent most. I can't claim about five of them though.” he shrugged. “But I sent you around....” he though “A hundred or so.” my eyes bugged.

“Why?” I nearly shouted. He shrugged and kissed me again.

“Why not?” we jumped apart as the bell rage, ending school.

“There is NO way I'll be able to carry all of these.” I groaned, trying to bunch them up into my arms. Frankie beamed and handed me a few clear, large cones flowers go in.

We spent at least ten minutes getting them all into the cones and my arms. That's right.

Mikey ain't got nothin on me. I was in love.

For all you lovers and loners alike, hope you enjoyed my sweet little oneshot about our favorite couple, Frankie and Gee. FRERARD FOR EVER!!!! Got the idea in my fourth hour as I got roses from random people I didn't even know!

Yeah. Not to mention on my way to my seventh hour I got called hot by more random guys O.O Anyways........ My Valentine's day has been good and bad. I got roses then lost my favorite button.

It's a pineapple with a mustache TT~TT So I'm really sad about that.

Naka went great! Except that I got car sick all over myself right when we got to the hotel. Other than that, it was perfect! I hugged Pedobear!!!!!

Oh, and for those of you who trust my every word, check out Take One Productions. The Improv. Group, not the ones who make your movies for you. They were at Naka and are funny AS HELL!!!!!!

And now, I'm gonna get off and eat something, cause I'm a hungry motherfucker who needs FOOD!!!

Hugs and Blinds,

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