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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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"After you and I escaped from Heaven some odd years ago, you still want to kiss his ass?”

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A/N Oh, Happy Valentines Day, my lovelies. I just had to upload it on today. Love you guys. Read and enjoy. :3

It has been a couple of days since Frank had talked with Gerard in the garden, and Frank has to say that they have been a damn good couple of days. Mikey thanks Frank any chance he got for lightening Gerard's mood and Ray happily told him that Mikey's scars haven't been bothering him. Bob told him that Gerard was out of his room more, which was nice for a change. Whether it was talking to everyone else or out in the garden or still following him, Frank was just happy to hear that Gerard has been getting better. He smiles when he sees the demon-angel crouching down and enjoying the flowers, letting small brown rabbits nuzzle his hands. Or just simply sitting on the couch in the living room scribbling furiously in his sketchpads; it made Frank smile so hard that his cheeks hurt.

Frank yawned wide and scratched his sides as he shuffled down the long hallways, woken up once again by Bob's delicious cooking. He smacked his lips once, twice, before his lips broke into a huge smile. Last night, he and Gerard had discussed bands and hobbies they liked to do. It wasn't anything special, but being in Gerard's presence felt so good.

Frank made it halfway down the hallway before he heard the familiar heartbeat and soft breathing. Slowing to a stop, Frank turned around, his smile diminishing a small amount. He thought he and Gerard had gotten past the following-Frank-around-everywhere phase and were now acquaintances; he can't imagine why Gerard would be hiding again. When Frank had turned fully around he saw that Gerard was standing out in plain sight, dressed in a batman shirt and baggy sweatpants, arms wrapped around himself and looking longingly after Frank, like he saw some kind of puppy being abandoned—Frank would never abandon a puppy.

“Uh, good morning Gerard. Did you sleep well?” Frank gave him a small smile.

Gerard nodded, “Yeah.”

“Is something wrong?” Frank noticed the man biting his bottom lip, something he did a lot, and hugging himself tighter.

“No... I just saw you walking and I wanted to say good morning,” He murmured then nodded again to confirm it.

“Uh... well, I'm walking down to breakfast, you wanna come with? You have to be--”

“Yes!” Gerard blurted. Frank jumped slightly. Gerard realized his outburst and ducked his head; Frank could hear his heart beating a mile a minute. “I mean, if you don't mind?” Looking up through his black locks.

“No, of course not.” Frank waved him over, and Gerard came scurrying forward, only to stop next to Frank, who smiled up at him. “Alright then, let's get walkin'.”


When they both came down to breakfast Bob, Ray, and Mikey were a little surprised to see Gerard up so early and walking next to Frank. He had ducked his head when he saw that everyone, who wasn't Frank, staring at him with wide eyes and mouth slightly agape.

Gerard stayed quiet while they ate, just listening to what they others had to talk about. He was staring at Frank, but the shorter didn't seem to notice, he just kept waving his hands away, talking about bands and politics and how fucked up the government was. He accidentally spit chewed up toast on Bob's arm. Bob would have choked the little vampire if it hadn't been for Gerard giving him a look of alarm, the blond backed off, grumbling, as he wiped the chewed up bits off his arm. Frank gave a grateful smile to Gerard, and the demon-angel has never felt so helpful; he smiled back, wide and happy. Mikey watched the exchange, quietly smiling to himself.

Now Frank and Gerard were seated in the living room on opposite couches. Frank fiddled with his guitar; he hadn't played her in a while because he had been so busy chasing after Gerard, that he simply forgot how good it felt to finger over the frets again. Gerard had his feet propped up on the coffee table, using his knees as an easel as he sketched furiously. He kept flickering his gaze from his sketchpad to Frank, catching Frank eying him with curiosity then ducking his head.

Frank gave him a strange, curious look, watching Gerard focus intently on the sketch. Frank giggled to himself when he saw Gerard's tongue slowly poke through his lips and his dark eyebrows slowly draw together—whatever he was drawing must be really important.

“What are you drawing?” Frank suddenly asked.

Gerard looked up from his sketchpad, “N-Nothing.”

“You look really focused on your drawing... can I see it?”

“U-Um...” Gerard was blushing now, curling his fingers around the edges tight.

Just before he could attempt to give an answer the door to the living room creaked open. Mikey stood in the doorway with his hand holding the door open, “Hey Gerard, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Gerard nodded his head furiously, but then stopped and hoped he wasn't offending Frank somehow—one glance over to the smaller man showed that he was fine, but a little curious; he had his head tipped to the side. Gerard stood from the couch, straightened his clothes, and stooped over to set his sketch pad down. He paused, thinking maybe he shouldn't(he wasn't sure if Frank was the type of person to respect someone's private property), and tucked the sketchpad under his arm. Mikey ushered him over, threw a reassuring smile to Frank, and closed the door behind Gerard.

Before Gerard knew what was going on his sketchpad was snatched out of his hands by Mikey.

“Hey!” Gerard protested, “Give it back!”

Mikey danced away from Gerard and inspected the nearly-finished sketch. He smirked, “Is this Frank?”
The sketch so far had Frank sitting on the couch fingering around on his guitar. Mikey could see the intensity on Frank's face and the man's fingers a blur on the paper.


Mikey nodded with a smirk, “Okay. Come, walk with me, I gotta talk to you.” He began walking down the long hallway and Gerard had no choice but to follow; he had this sinking feeling in his gut that he wasn't going to like this “talk”.

The two walked out to the garden—Mikey made sure to walk to the very edges of the garden because of Frank's acute hearing. Mikey gave Gerard's sketchpad back and had kept silent the whole way. Gerard wasn't sure whether to like the silence or hate it. Mikey wasn't interrogating him, but that doesn't mean he wasn't thinking of what questions to bombard him with. And by the time they were on the border line of the garden and the forest Gerard was anxious and secretly begging his younger brother to say something.

Mikey slowed to a stop, turning on Gerard and staring him down with this all-knowing look in those honey brown eyes. Mikey's face was wiped clear of any emotions, so Gerard couldn't get a hint on what was going on in his mind. Those honey brown orbs stared Gerard down, looking into his soul, reading him like some kind of open book.

Gerard couldn't take it, “Mikey!”


“Stop staring at me like that.”

“Like what?” Mikey tried not to smile.

“Like you know something that I don't! You said you had to talk to me, right? Well what is it?” Gerard demanded, putting his hands on hips—something he hasn't done in a long, long time(since they were kids) and Mikey couldn't help break his solemn expression. Mikey cracked a smile. “What?!”

“Do you like Frank?”

Gerard's eyes widened, “W-What?”

“I said 'Do. You. Like. Frank'?” Mikey leaned in close until their noses bumped together.

Gerard took a step backwards. “Well yeah, he's a really nice guy, I think. He has a great taste in music.”

“Not like that. You know what I mean.” Mikey rolled his eyes.

Gerard stared at him again, “Uh...”

“We know you do.”

Gerard quirked an eyebrow, “What makes you think I do, not that I'm saying I do.”

“The fact that you have been stalking him for the first month he's been living with us, and you still do.” Mikey pointed out.

“I was curious...” Well, it wasn't a lie. He wanted to know what kind of character Frank was.

“Bullshit.” Mikey scoffed.

“That is not bullshit Mikey. I was curious, I didn't know him.” Gerard snapped back.

“Then why are you sketching him?” Mikey gestured to the sketchpad still in Gerard's hands.

Gerard rolled his eyes, “It's not like I haven't sketched you guys before.”

Mikey opened his mouth for a comeback, but shut it again. Yeah, he'd give Gerard that. Gerard sketched him and Ray together before. Ray was in his wolf form lying across Mikey's lap while the wizard tenderly scratched behind his ears. Mikey really liked that sketch; he had it pinned up on his wall, along with the other ones Gerard did of him.

Gerard ran a free hand through his messy hair, “Besides, it wouldn't be right for him to like him anyway...”

Mikey narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean?”

“It's kind of a sin.”

Mikey stared at him for a moment completely thrown off guard. He couldn't believe his brother would say something like that. A sin? A SIN? “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Gerard hesitated before slowly shaking his head 'no'.

“So let me get this straight, Gerard, let me try to wrap my fucking head around this.” He breathed, glaring at his brother, “You think it's a sin to like another guy?”

“It says in the Bible...”

“Fuck the Bible!” Mikey hissed.

“It's just that God wouldn't--”

“Wouldn't what? Like it? Smile upon it? Well you know what, he can go fuck himself. He didn't give two shits that you and I were getting beat up everyday, that you were fucking miserable and I was hurting just as bad because you were in tears, and you still want to be on his good side? After you and I escaped from Heaven some odd years ago, you still want to kiss his ass?” Mikey fumed. “That's bullshit.”

“It just says that lying with another man isn't right, I just don't...”

Mikey took a step back, his breathing uneven. He didn't want to be within striking distance of his brother; he would never hit his brother, he loved him, but this religious shit he was spewing out was rubbing Mikey the wrong way. The last time someone talked like this to Mikey was when Ray and Mikey were walking down the street, minding their own business when some religious prick came up to them. Started saying they were going to hell for what they were doing and shit like that, and they should repent now. Ray didn't take to much offense, but Mikey was ready to rip the guy's head off. If Ray hadn't been there that guy would have been six feet under.

“Then what do you think of Ray and I, Gerard? Do you think we should go to hell?” The slender man seethed.

“No Mikey! Never.” Gerard took a step toward his brother, but Mikey took a step back shaking his head, “I just... I don't know Mikey, I just...” He stuttered.

Mikey growled at him, “So you think it would be better if you go out, find yourself some nice girl, marry her, knock her up, and live a lie—be in a relationship that is just a lie—to please God?” Mikey's voice was like acid, “That's just fucking stupid. You wouldn't be happy, but you'd do it just to please God?”

Gerard didn't answer. He looked down at his feet and bit his lip.

Mikey shook his head and threw his hands up, “Unbelievable, Gerard. After all this, you still want to kiss up to him.”

Gerard didn't have an answer; he really didn't know why he still cared, he really didn't know.

Mikey glared at the top of his older brother's head, before turning around to see Ray coming down the path, looking everywhere before he spotted the two on the edges of the forest. He slowed down. Taking in the sight of Gerard's head down and his shoulders hunched and Mikey's red face and furious expression, the werewolf could tell an argument had broken out. Over what, he didn't know yet, and wouldn't know until Mikey would calm down and tell him.

When Ray finally reached them he stood a distance away, not sure if he should leave. He came to get Mikey to see if he wanted to go to the music store with him to pick up a few things, but he knew he was going to have to go another day; the tension in the air made Ray's neck hair stand on end.

“Is something wrong?” Ray couldn't help but ask.

Mikey quickly went forward and grabbed Ray's hand and tugged him towards the house, “No.” Throwing a glare over his shoulder to Gerard, who still had his shoulders hunched and his head low, “We were just talking.”

Ray gave him a confused stare, but Mikey just tugged him away from his brother. Ray cast a glance back over his shoulder to see Gerard was watching them go now, distressed and confused. With a yank, Ray snapped his head back to the front and was trying to keep up with his boyfriend.


Where ever Mikey and Gerard went to was well out his hearing range, which was a good move—Frank tend to be a little nosy about conversations. Bob had came down from his room to join Frank and even drummed along to Frank's strumming on the coffee table. And after five minutes the two had this really awesome beat going until someone slammed the door, making Bob drop his drum sticks and Frank stop.

“Shit,” Bob reached to get them until he heard Ray.

“Mikey? Mikey, tell me what's wrong.”

“Fucking. Gerard.” Mikey answered and the two of them headed to the stairs.

Bob stayed still and Frank glanced at Bob, who was following the sounds of their footsteps above head. Another door slammed when Bob finally met Frank's eyes. Bob shook his head and grabbed his sticks from the ground, “That didn't sound good.”

“No it didn't.” Frank put his guitar aside. “Should we do something about it?”

Bob drummed his fingers on his chin, thinking, “I wouldn't. Leave them alone, they will reconcile, they always do.”

Frank bit his lip but nodded, glancing up to the ceiling, before looking back over to Bob; the blond too was looking up at the ceiling again, clearly curious. Bob looked over to Frank then pushed himself off the couch, “Let's go down to the basement and jam out a little bit, yeah?”

“Uh,” Frank could hear Gerard shuffling in and taking the stairs slowly; he shook his head, “Yeah, okay.”
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