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Snow Covered Trees

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FRERARD. Snow covered tree perfect. Warning: Valentine's day inspired. (some people don't like Valentine's day) My first one shot. My first frerard as well.

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It's short. D; Don't kill me.

The snow covered trees were beautiful. Almost perfect. Reminded me of someone. I came to this setting whenever I needed some time to think. I thought the weather was nice, but it seemes to be distracting me from my thoughts. I took out a folded pice of paper, i had it locked away in the depths of my pocket, storing it, saving it for whenever I needed.

I had met my dear Frank in 2nd grade. Became the best friends since the first day he transfered to my school. He had written me a note. A valentine's note. He couldn't afford some store-bought cards so he wrote it down. "Gerd, I love you. Will you b my valentine?" A heart was drawn next to 'valentine'. I smiled, remembering back at the time. Blushing as he gave me the card and rushing out of the classroom, eager to get home. I opened the card, 'Gerd, I love you. Will you b my valentine?' I smiled, the same big grin of mine. I folded it and tucked it in my pocket, I felt proud, as if I had acomplished something. I climbed the bus and sat in a random seat, Everything was not so important to me anymore. The only thing I thought was about being Franks' Valentine. What I didn't notice is that he was sat next to me, holding my hand, and I hadn't noticed until he whispered in my ear, "Will you..?"

I laughed, "Gerd! He actually spelled my name 'Gerd'!'' Someone brushed my hair, I froze. "Oh Gerd, you're so cute when you're so excited and happy." That voice, I recognised it. I turned, there he was, kneeling down next to me, looking me straight in the eyes. My dear Frank. "You've kept that through all this time?" he said, looking at the paper. I blushed, "Yeah." He sat next to me, "Ahh it's that day again. When Roses, balloons, and teddy bears are passed around. Don't you miss the old times? When Valentine Cards would be the only thing that would be given and recieved, maybe a chocolate or two, too?" I smiled at him, "Yeah, those were certainly the best." He sighed again, "It's that day again," he repeated, "When Gerard over here misses school just because. C'mon Gerard, you have to have a reason for not showing up to school on this very day every year." He picked at his slkeleton gloves. He was right, I did have a reason, I just didn't want to tell him. "Girl troubles?" his voice squeaked. I shook my head. "It's complicated, Frank." I started closing my 'card'. "C'mon, we've been friends for about 9 years already. And just to let you know, my ass is freezing." I packed the note and stood up, leaving my dear Frankie on the floor. I extended my arm, he took it, and I pulled him up. He didn't release my hand. I blushed. I was sure I looked like a tomato!

"So Gerard, it's that day again.." I looked at him, our hands still in each. "Will you be my Valentine?" I looked at his eyes, his beautiful, gleaming eyes. I looked over to my side, this was perfect, just like the snow covered trees. "Oh wait." He said as he grabbed at his pocket, "Forgot to give you something." In his hand was a folded peice of paper. I took it reluctantly. It read. 'Gerd I love you. Will you b my valentine?" The handwriting was a bit more clearer now. The heart wasn't so different now. I smirked," You never could draw a heart, could you?" He giggled, I took it as a no. "Oh and another thing," He said, once again reaching into his pocket. I looked at the trees once more, this truly was perfect, I felt him hold my other hand. "I forgot to give you your kiss, too." I was waiting for a chocolate kiss, but then I realised that both his hands were in mine which only meant one thing. I looked at his eyes, glowing this time. His face slowly reaching towards mine, I could feel his breath crawl across my skin, then at last, our lips collided. One kiss was all we had. He did only mention one kiss. "Just like the snow covered trees, beautiful." I whispered. I'm guessing he heard because he whispered an "I know" back.

"It's that day again," he said, releasing my hands and wrapping his arms around my waist, "when love is in the air."

As I said, snow covered tree perfect.

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