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Crash and Burn

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So, Frank has a memory that is too much to cope with. Can a trembling Gerard save him? FRERARD. Its good I promise, I can't write summaries! READ! R&R!!

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(Franks POV)

I drove down the road. I had to get out, get away. I couldn't stay there anymore. I couldn't stay anymore. Not with all the memories that haunted me. I looked at the road ahead of me then slammed down on the brakes. SHIT! A kid stood in the middle of the road, shaking violently. I turned off the engine then opened the door and quietly walked over to the trembling boy.
"Um... excuse me are you ok?" I asked quietly. The boy looked at me and whimpered, mumbling something then going to walk away, which resulted in him tripping and faceplanting the floor. "Oh crap!" I knelt beside the boy and helped him to sit up. He looked back at me and shivered.
"Wh-what are y-you doing?" He mumbled.
"Well I'm not leaving you here to get run over." I pulled my jacket off and slung it around the other boy's shoulders.
"W-who are you?" The boy asked quietly.
"I'm Frank, and you are?"
"That's a beautiful name, Gerard." I helped him up and walked him to the car.
"W-wait! M-my mom told m-me not to g-go in strangers cars! I-I have to leave!" He tried to run but fell on his ankle.
"Hey, don't worry I won't hurt you I promise. I don't do bad things to people I never will." He looked at me wide eyed.
"Yes. I promise." I held out my hand and he took it gently.
"Th-thank you..." he mumbled.
"Come on, Gerard. Lets get you home." He nodded and stumbled to the passenger seat.
"M-my house is b-back that way..."
"Ok then lets get going." I jumped into the drivers seat and turned the engine back on. The heaters turned on and blasted out warmth. I must seem like such a fucking child catcher right now. Poor kid he must be terrified! I turned to look at Gerard and saw that he was fast asleep already.

(Time Lapse)

I sighed, driving back to where I hated so much. Gerard muttered something I couldn't quite catch then opened his eyes slightly to look at me.
"Hey sleepy head." I smirked.
"Where are we?" He questioned.
"In Jersey, you were fasto I didn't really want to wake you up." I replied simply.
"Good guess, we are close to my house, its just down there now-" he stopped speaking and I looked at him.
"Frank... oh fuck... stop the car now." I pulled over and Gerard got out, running to a crowd of people. I get out from the other side and followed him in.
"Gerard wha-"
"Fuck. MIKEY!!" I heard a muffled scream back then grabbed Gerard's wrist. He looked at me wide eyed and I shook my head.
"No Gerard stay here. What does 'Mikey' look like?"
"He's my baby brother, he has glasses and light brown straight hair, its like kinda long and he has converse with unicorns over them."
"Long story."
"Ok, stay here by the car, if it gets stolen I'm dead shit. I'll get Mikey for you."
"But you littler than me you'll get battered!"
"Don't doubt the height, Gerard." I ran forward into the crowd, using my small body to get around people, my mohawk flicking everywhere.

(Mikeys POV)

They were everywhere. I struggled, trying to get the people away. Why did they have to be so strong?!
"Please... please stop..." I cried out, trying to break free. Hands grabbed at me, ripping my clothes. Someone pushed me down to the ground and started punching at me. I mumbled again, then I saw someone pull out a gun.
"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM!" An unfamiliar voice shouted. A kid, around Gerards age, stood out beside me. He also had a gun. He walked up to the chav with the gun and twisted his arm round his back, making it snap and the gun fall onto the ground. He picked it up and glared from person to person, 'till they scurried off.
"Oh fuck are you okay?" The boy knelt beside me, tucking the guns in a bag. I nodded silently as the boy helped me up and pretty much carried me away, to a car. I mumbled a thanks, then saw Gerard sat on the car bonet.
"MIKEY!" I ran towards me and picked me up, hugging me then looking at the boy.
"Ah fuck Gerard! You left a mark on the car!"
"I did?"
"Yes! I'm fucking dead!"

(Time Lapse) (Franks POV)

I had taken gerard and Mikey home, and they had offered for me to stay the night. I was exhausted, so I agreed. I was on a camp bed in Gerard's room. It was suprisingly comfy.
I was in a room, handcuffed to a bed. I screamed out, but my voice was hoarse and I couldn't make a noise. Hands grasped me, tugging at my clothing carelessy. Someone straddled me and smirked.
"This is going to hurt a little Frankie."

(Gerards POV)

I looked at Frank. He looked terrified. Surely nothing could scare him?
"Frank?" I asked timidly, crawling down to the camp bed beside him. He mumbled something, still consumed with sleep.
"Please... get off... please don't... don't hurt me... NO PLEASE STOP IT!" He let out a loud scream, opening his eyes wide and panting. He was covered in sweat.
"Frank..." He looked at me wide eyed.
"Help me... please..."

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