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my first Brallon tale

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So i wanted to write a Brallon and well this is what I came up with

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The door bursts open and there’s sudden sun in my eyes.
“Wakey Wakey rise and shine!” Spencer chirps
“Dude! Close the curtains!” I mumble
“Nope get your lazy butt out of bed”
I lay on my front and stick my butt in the air. “Happy now?”
Spencer grabs my ankles and I’m suddenly sliding down the bed. I grab for the posts at the end of the bed before I end up on the floor. Spencer keeps tugging at my feet but I stay clinging. I can feel him losing grip. He moves his hands above my ankles and tugs harder before falling backwards onto his ass with my pants in his hand.
I face plant the bed. “Give me my pants”
“Nope. Up. Now!”
“Dude! Do you like seeing my naked butt?”
“Not really but if you don’t get out of bed I’ll take a photo and post it to the thousands of girls online who do enjoy your naked butt now get out of bed or I’m getting my phone out”
“Fine!” I say finally defeated because if I know Spencer Smith I know he’ll do it. How else do you think that picture of Pete got onto the web?
“Good and don’t take too long we gotta meet Dallon and Ian”
“Have you met them before?”
“Yeah once, briefly. They seem good guys but for us to get panic! Back on the road you gotta meet them too”
“Fine. You can go now and leave me to get ready in peace”
“Sure but if you’re not done in ten minutes I’m coming back in and taking you with me no matter how much you’re wearing” He walks off with a little smile and shuts the door behind him.
I slowly crawl out of bed and get dressed though I really don’t feel like making an effort. I tug on a pair of jeans and a slightly crumpled shirt before I wash my face and brush my teeth. Ugh. My hair’s a mess and it requires some gel to tame it. I clutter around looking for the gel and after a minute or two I give up and just leave my bed head.

Later at a local coffee house
“Hey guys. Dallon, Ian this is Brendon. Brendon, Dallon and Ian” Spencer says pointing accordingly
“Hi” says the shorter of the two
“Sup” says the taller. Brendon carefully eyes him up and down. Wow he’s much taller than the other guy Brendon thinks to himself.
They start chatting over coffees and start to get to know each other more and everyone begins to feel more at ease with each other.
“Fancy coming back to mine” Dallon asks

At Dallon’s
“So who wants what to drink?”
“coke” says Spencer
“and me” agrees Ian
“You too Brendon?”
“Ok four cokes coming up… Brendon can you give me a hand?”
Brendon thinks to himself “A hand? To bring four cans of coke in?” but he goes with him anyway
Dallon gets everything out whilst Brendon just stands there.
“So Spencer tells me you’re the singer?”
“And you play guitar?”
“Yeah and a few other things too like drums”
“haha you’re practically a one man band”
“That’s me.”
Dallon sets Brendon to getting ice whilst he cuts lemons and pours the coke into glasses and unbeknown to Brendon but Dallon is checking out his bum and unbeknown to Dallon but Spencer is in the doorway and can see him clearly checking Brendon out.
They head out and Spencer stops Dallon after Brendon passes.
“You were just checking him out!”
Dallon blushes and mumbles “was not”
“You so were! Admit it you like Brendon?!”
“Ok fine but can you blame me? He’s gorgeous and has one heck of an ass!”
“You wouldn’t be the first guy Brendon’s turned gay but be careful how you approach this. Ryan broke his heart and that’s why he left which broke his heart even more.”
“Oh. Poor boy but in time I’ll help him forget”
“Just be careful with him. He’s fragile enough as it is I can’t deal with another broken hearted Brendon. He’s only just recovering.”
“I promise I won’t push it or hurt him”
“You’d best not Dallon because I may be peaceful but after Ryan I promised I would kick the ass of the next guy who hurt him”
“Ok read you loud and clear. I hurt him I get ass kicked”
They head into the living room and throughout the night they start adding vodka to the coke and speeches become slurred. Brendon and Dallon end up in the kitchen alone again.
“I like you Dallon… You’re…you’re awesome!”
“How much have you had Bren?”
“come on you’re clearly drunk”
“Am not.” As he says this he trips and falls into Dallon’s arms
“Whoopsies. Come on B, let’s sit you down”
“I’m fine” Brendon says straightening himself out.
“Well ok but you are a little bit drunk”
“I’m not. Really”
“Ok. I believe you”
“I’ll prove it to you”
“You don’t have to”
“I want to. Now shush! Would a drunk guy do this…?” he says as he wraps his arms around Dallon’s waist and kisses him deeply. Dallon’s tongue begins to tingle but he’s not sure whether that’s alcohol or the passion from Brendon’s kiss
“Bren…” Dallon says pulling away from him.
“Don’t. Dallon I really like you.”
“And I like you too but…”
“So what are you waiting for? Kiss me”
“You’re drunk”
“About as drunk as you. You can’t deny it Dallon, it might be too soon but it feels right doesn’t it?”
“Yeah. It does”
“Good so less talking more kissing!”
Dallon tries to distract him “Isn’t there a fall out boy song like that?”
“No you’re thinking of a little less sixteen candles a little more fuck me” Brendon pauses and grins really big
“No Brendon we can’t. I don’t want you getting hurt. We’re too drunk. You don’t know what you want… why are you smiling like that?”
“Like what?”
“Well it’s kinda creepy but cute. We’re not having sex Brendon! It’s too soon”
“Fine but I warn you… I can be pretty persuasive and I know you want it too… I saw you checking me out earlier”
“I… I didn’t think you knew”
“Well I do and I know you feel the same so let’s just get on with it”
“Promise me something first?”
“Promise me you’re not too drunk. Promise me you love me and promise me you won’t get hurt”
“I promise I’m not drunk I’ve sobered quite a bit now. I promise I love you and I promise I won’t get hurt just as long as you don’t hurt me”
“I promise”
“It’s a deal then. Now come on”
Dallon leads him into his room and lays Brendon down on his bed. He starts kissing Brendon again and they begin to undress each other. Dallon starts nipping at Brendon’s skin causing him to moan a little.
“shush you! The others will hear. They’re only a few hundred feet away.”
“oh well. Who cares?”
They carry on and as things build up they both increase the volume. Brendon flips Dallon over so he’s now on top and enters him slowly rocking up a rhythm. They’re both so close to coming and both so aware of how noisy this is gonna be. What will they tell Spencer and Ian? Right now they only care about each other. They both finish and fall asleep in each others arms. Spencer and Ian crept out ages ago and this is the first time in a long time that Brendon has truly been happy and gone to bed with a smile on his face.
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