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Hello, I Love You.

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Janis' first letter to Jim

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April 5, 1963. Dear Jim, I am such a fan of yours and I have had the honor of seeing you and your band live. You might not have noticed me, I'm rather short... Anyway, I decided to write you this letter to tell you that I supprt you despite what the press and alot of square people may say about your antics. I think you are very beautiful and want to and have tried to meet you but your roadies are too aggressive. I think that I have more of a chance of being struck by a meteor than getting a response from you. Afterall my letter is just a drop of rain in an ocean of letters from adoring fans... Thank you for the music and for speaking up for whimps like me who are too scared to use our own voices! Hugs and kisses, Janis O'Neal
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