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The Heart Wants What The Heart Desires

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*Waycest one shot* Gerard loves his SISTER Mikayla, Mikayla loves her brother Gerard, will they admit their feelings?

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Yeah Mikey is a girl in this oneshot x)

I wanted to give Waycest a go so lemme know if it is good or not :3

I made this one a one shot because it was my first attempt xD

and i was bored


Mikayla :

"You knwo that i could use somebody! Someone like you!" Kings of Leon sang from the stereo. I was getting ready for the day and i had just finished straightening my hair and fixing my glasses and of course pulling on my grey beanie hat and applying my eyeliner, i was wearing my Misfits top and jeans and old black tattered converse that i adored because they were my first pair. Smiling and turning off the radio i jumped up and ran downstairs.
"Morning honey sleep well?" My mum smiled frying eggs.
"Slept very well" I smiled.
"Do me a favour and go and wake up your brother please Mikayla?" My mum said
"Sure" I took a quick sip of my mum's coffee and trotted over to the basement door. For a while now i have had this strange feeling when i am around Gerard, he was my brother but these feelings were not normal when you go and see your brother, he always somehow gave me butterflies which i find strange. I coughed and opened the door breathing in the usual smell of coffee, cigarettes, paint and freshly sharpened pencils. I then desended the steps looking over the banister and seeing Gerard lying on his stomach snoring lightly, i smiled a little and my heart did backflips as i noticed he was not wearing a top, was it strange thinking of your brother in this way? I walked over and looked at him, his black hair was tangled and messy, his mouth was open his eyes were closed resting peacefully, his body moved up and down in time of his breathing.
"Such a beautiful soul" I muttered to myself. I then poked his back, stirring him a little, i poked harder.
"Gerard" I said.
"Huh" He muttered, i poked him again longer and harder. Then i slapped his head.
"MIKAYLA!" He shouted.
"Hee hee, that always wakes you" I smiled. He sat up and i swear my heart skipped a beat. I smiled again and he rubbed his eyes.

Gerard :

She is smiling that fucking adorable smile again. This is why i never get mad at her when she gets sent down to waken me from an enjoyable sleep. She gives the most innocent and lovable faces alive, she is my sister i know but she was adorably cute and somthing drawed me to her, i dont now what it was but i didn't care, i loved her in a different way but i could never admit that to her, she would find it creepy i know she would then she wouldn't even look at me, but when i looked over at her, her eyes were full of love and i think it was time i told her.
"Can you pass me my top please Mikayla?" I said stretching and yawning, she didn't move she just stared at me.
"Kayla?" I asked, then i snapped my fingers in front of her face and she jumped a little and a small blush played on her face
"Wh-what?" She said her eyes wide.
"Hand me over my shirt" I smiled. Her face was beetroot but i pretended to not notice and she handed me the Black Flag top just thrown to the ground unloved. But i did love that top. SHe handed it to me and sat back down again.
"Sleep well?" She asked changing the subject
"Very well actually, what about you?" I then leaned against the headboard so i was right beside her.
"It was a good sleep" She smiled
"Any dreams?" I asked
"No" Then she looked at me straight in the face making eye contact with me. I don't know how long we sat just looking into eachothers eyes then i just leant in and so did she and our lips met for the first time, They were warm, moist and well taken care of, i then pulled her in closer and she wrapped her arms around my waist. I then let my tongue tease the bottom of her lip, she gladly opened and are tongues caressed eachother, the sweetness of coffee was in her mouth and then her n=hands went under my shirt touching my torso. Then it went down to my zipper and i could feel a bulge slowly rise. I put my hand up under her top and began to massage her soft breasts. I then lay her down on my bed and then went on top of her. She broke away and looked at me smiling, my hand was still up under her top not that she cared anyway.
"Mikayla?" I said
"Yeah Gerard?" She replied
"I Love You" I said. She froze for aminute processing the words,t hat i have been begging to tell her.
"Gerard" She smiled
"Yes?" I smiled back
"I love you too" She said. I smiled from ear to ear and kissed her again biting her bottom lip, she laughed and kissed me harder taking my top off and throwing it to the ground, my cock was getting painfully hard and she knew it, her nipples were getting harder aswell. I pulled off her top and found her bra strap and unhooked it throwing it to the ground, then removed my lips from hers and put her nipple into my mouth, teasing her and playing with it.
"Oh my god" She moaned as her nipples erected.
"You like that?" I smiled. She nodded and played with my hair. I then moved back up and bit her neck, sucking like a vampire and leaving a love mark.
"Your mine now" I said to her.
"Noone elses" She said. This was a different side to her, she was usually awkard and always palying her Misfits CD's or drinking coffee but this was a completly different Mikayla, a different sidce to my sister that i never knew was there. I then crashed my lips with hers forcing my tongue down her throat and then she undid my belt and took off my jeans, she had already taken her converse off so i pulled down her jeans leaving her in her underwear.
"Your so beautiful Mikayla" I said sitting up and looking at her body. She blushed and then started to play with my boxer trim with her teeth, amking me EVEN harder.
"Mikayla" I gasped Then she began to pull them down using her teeth. They dropped to the floor and she began to stroke my painfully hard cock.
"Dont tease me Mikayla" I gasped.
"Heh heh" She smiled. I pushed her down onto the bed and pulled her panties off and grabbed a condom from my drawer and slipping it on.
"You ready?" I asked her.
"Fuck me Gee" She smiled and opened her legs and then i got to work. She was mine now and noone elses.

Fuck it if she was my sister. She loved me and i loved her and noone was going to change it.
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