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The broken, the beaten, the damned.

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Painfully short. Fucking depressing so far. I would suggest you read it, even if you didnt audition. There are no MCR members, its just inspired by there music. This is just the introductory chapte...

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Raven studied the crow intently, as she sat on the stiff park bench.

The crow was picking wickedly at a flattened rabbit, who had the fortune of meeting a car. The coolness of the metal bench beneath her ran goosebumps up and down her pale thighs. The crow was greedy - or more likely, desperate.

As were most, nowadays.

Raven contemplated about the people who were surrounding her. Right about now, a slow, sickly moving car would be picking up a hopeless wanderer, trying to spread a taste of love into the desolate world.

Spreading love, by spreading her legs. 

Working, and lurking on the forgotten streets, ending her day with nothing but her and her dope. The stale hope penetrating through the air; sickening, and unwelcome.

The boy in her class today, who their teacher had wrongly accused of being an insolent teenager. Did the teacher know the truth? That his two gay uncles - whom he had walked to Washington from Mexico with - had just been deported?

What about her own, morbid self.

Did her teacher even stop to realize that things were more than they seemed? That her students existence held more than fifth period english class? No. In fact, the thought had most likely never crossed her simple, one-track mind.

Her teacher simply had no idea.

No idea, that the night before was only another number in a long, growing list of failed suicide attempts. Of lonely nights, and empty days. The raw, tender, and bloody skin under her coating of bracelets knew the truth. They knew the pain. They cared. So did the razor - that wicked, clean razor. They knew. They cared. They helped.

She was the worlds pain.

She was the loneliness festering into the burrows of your twisted soul.

She was the forgotten.

The broken.

The beaten.

The damned.

She was the greedy crow, silently picking at others pain - others loss - in exchange for a break of her own suffocating misery.

OKAY. I know that was short, it's just an introduction to Raven.
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