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The Best Fucking Day Ever!

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Ehem, sorry for the uncalled for use of caps lock, I am just so fucking happy right now. Which to be fair is a very welcome change for me. First off I would like to apologise for this pointless note having nothing to do with the amazing band that is MCR. Secondly I am sorry for not updating yesterday; I was a little bit busy.
It was so amazing! I New Found Glory was amazing. I seriously hadn’t screamed that much in ages, probably since I was a hyper little five year old. I was upset that Sum 41 had to pull out (feel better, mate) but The Blackout were really awesome too. I never really was a massive fan of theirs, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and my ears have been opened.
And last night was special for another reason. Although just being there was special enough. I went with my friends and boyfriend and during NFG`s Kiss Me he kissed me and told me that he loved me. He admitted it was kinda cheesy, but I was just freaking out. It was the first time he ever told me that in a more than friends’ way so I was pretty damn happy. I honestly haven`t stopped smiling all day. I was probably even smiling in my sleep last night.
I can`t even say what the best bit of the night was, the music, meeting really interesting, new people or getting to meet the bands afterwards. I might try to get some of the pictures up here if my shitty camera decides to work.
So yeah, a very pointless boring note. I just had to tell someone about how happy I am, ya know. Just a quick question because I`m super nosy, did anyone else go to one of the shows? I don`t think there are many Brits on this site, but you never know. If you didn`t, you really missed out on one hell of a concert.
Million hugs and kisses guys and I`m going to try to get back on the updating schedule now. Keep on rocking.
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