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On The Outside Looking In

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The incredibly long journey to Belleville, New Jersey is pure hell on wheels. A very familiar song is playing softly in the background, and Gerard is singing along quietly under his breath. I narrow my eyes and mentally make a reminder to delete the song and any others by the same artist, from my iPod. I would sooner amputate my left leg without any aesthetic than admit to anyone that I had something in common with my traitorous deserting dick of a father. Much sooner.
“it`s a bit of a drive, Bandit.” He tells me, and I roll my eyes, trying my best to ignore him. I stare bitterly out of the car window, watching the familiar streets pass by me in one big rain soaked blur. “I thought it would give us a chance to have a nice talk, ya know, and catch up.”
Okay, here is a nice little catch up chat. Fuck off and die.
We drive for what seems like years down busy, seemingly never ending roads, the only noise breaking the gloomy silence I was determined to maintain at all times was the familiar music, and the occasionally, stupid questions Gerard asked me, for which he received no answers.
“You have to talk to me sometime you know.” he tells me as we wait in a long queue of traffic.
I scoff disgustedly. Wanna bet? I almost say it out loud, but thankfully manage to catch myself just in time.
I close my carefully painted, sleep craving eyes, hoping to discourage any further, annoying questions. After what seemed like forever and then some, the car grinds slowly to a halt outside a medium sized, relatively new looking house, situated in the middle of a fairly quiet neighbourhood. It was easily the most pleasant looking house around, most of the others looked worn and tired looking, one or two even had bricked up windows and all but this one had overgrown gardens with broken children’s play sets and footballs lying forgotten about amongst the flourishing weeds.
“A lot of our neighbours have moved away,” the flame haired man admits, getting out of the car. “A few years back this was a hotspot for crimes, break in, armed robbery, that sort of thing. People got fed up of it and moved away.”
I blink once, showing how little interest I had in this tale. Showing off his unbelievable stupidity, Gerard mistakes my boredom for concern. Dipshit.
“But it`s all alright now.” He reassures me as he grabs my overflowing with clothes suitcase from the boot, before slamming it shut. “In fact this is probably one of the most peaceful places in Jersey.”
Peaceful? Great. I hated peaceful. I wanted to scream.
“There`s even this really great area of woodlands about a ten, fifteen minute walk away from here. We often take the dog a walk their after school and work.” When he says this I have to bite back a crude remark about his new wife and child. Not because I didn`t want to hurt this feelings (not that he had any) but because I didn`t want to waste my breath. I hated to admit it, but the “we” part stung a little more than I would have liked.
“So this is it Bandit.” He gestures a tad overdramatically to the prison I was being forced to stay in against my will, number thirteen Cemetery Drive. “What do you think?”
I blink once again and say nothing, the look of disgust in my heavily made up hazel eyes more than capable of telling him my opinion of this shithole.
“So erm, welcome home Bee.” My red painted mouth sets into a grim line as I stare blankly.
Gerard laughs once a little awkwardly as he begins to make his way down the short path that led to the doorway.
“C`mon Bandit, they don`t bite.” He jokes, flashing me the lopsided smile I used to love, the one that always made me feel better as a little girl, even on the day I had fallen from that tree in the park and broken my arm. But it didn`t help anymore, in fact it made me feel even worse.
It was too bad that they didn`t bite, I think to myself, grinning a little manically, because I did.
I grudgingly follow him into the house, and into a large, tidy, brightly decorated kitchen, that was full of mouth watering food. The snowy white fridge freezer is crowded with rainbow magnetic letters that spell out “Welcome home, Bandit Lee.” Standing a little way away, shuffling her feet was a teenager girl, a few years younger than me and an adult woman, who was beaming at me.
“Bandit, this is Hozzie, well Hollie.” He points to the teenage girl, who smiles up at me shyly. Hozzie was dressed in a pair of baggy, deep pink jeans, a colourful band t shirt. She wore no shoes, but I could see a pair of black converse sitting in the corner, and she had on odd lime green and deep purple socks. She had perfectly straight shoulder length hair that was dyed cherry red, and blue eyes outlined with shocking pink eyeliner. She looked like an interesting sort of person, not that I was ever going to admit it.
“She is your half sister.”
It may have been my crazy, twisted imagination, but this kid actually looked happy to see me. Weird.
“And this is Tierney, my wife and Hollie`s mother.” She was dressed in a pencil skirt and black stilettos. Her medium length hair was blonde and had been coaxed back into a messy, but cute bun. She wore pretty, but practical makeup, and had warm, glittering eyes.
“It is very nice to finally meet you Bandit,” she smiles, a genuine looking smile that unnerved me greatly.
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