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Train Stations & Disregarded Coffee

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Frank's about to meet the love of his life... but is he going to stick around to meet him? (Talks of suicide, but kinda fluffy really)

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I've been part of FicWad for months... and have been debating writing anything or not. I used to write for and did a lot of Janto(Torchwood) so... why not give Frerard a go? I'm gonna start off with a oneshot before getting into massive story. So here goes...

The cold February wind twisted through the air, making victims out of the people stupid enough to not dress up warmly. The glum, grey sky shook and groaned, before letting out a shower of raindrops and icy flakes. Whilst most people rushed for cover from the frozen pellets, Frank Iero did not. Currently having a face-off with the chewing-gum speckled pavement, eyes glazed over and body slumped, he couldn't care less about the rain that continued to soak his favourite Misift's hoodie.

The train station was empty, except for the occasional coffee buyer and the man reading the newspaper. The 20 year old Frank, soaked to the bone and unmoving as he stared across at the tracks a train would soon tear across, was oblivious to everything. His angelic face showed no emotion, yet swirled in somewhere with green and hazel flecks, his eyes showed a great amount of just one feeling.



Gerard Way had had the day from hell and now, all he wanted was a damn strong coffee. Up since 3am, Gerard raced to finish his final ideas for a new cartoon, only to have it rejected from the Network and humiliated by them at the same time.

"I'll show them." He thought bitterly, kicking an empty can across the cracked tarmac. "24's still young. I'll be massive. They'll be begging me to draw for their stupid network then." As he stepped out of the sheltered part of the station, he was met with a huge gust of wind and a shower of rain. Gerard sighed. "Who am I kidding? Me? Massive? I'll be lucky to get a job in a fucking supermarket". The man shook the water from his badly dyed black hair, and continued his journey to the coffee stall that stood in the middle of the station, and the huge storm.


Frank shrunk into his hoodie, shivering and cursing to himself. At some point he'd snapped himself out of his trance, but his eyes stayed permanently glued to the metal rails on the ground in front of him. Volts of electricity passing through them at incredible speeds... enough to kill you at one touch, that's if the train barrelling down them doesn't kill you first.

A million thoughts were doing somersaults in Frank's mind before he came to one final decision. He had had enough.


Gerard sipped the top of his scalding hot coffee and sighed happily. "The rain can pour all it wants, as long as I have coffee" He thought to himself as he checked the train timetable.

That's when he saw him. A small figure with black and red hair, drenched in rain with silent tears falling down his cheeks as he stared straight ahead. Gerard briefly wondered why someone so hot would have any reason to be crying, but his thoughts were interrupted when the figure rose from his seat and took a deep breath, his eyes fixated on the tracks. Gerard's eyes widened as he realised what was going through the boys mind. The boy wiped his eyes on his sleeves, unaware Gerard was watching him through shocked eyes, and took a step forward, before setting into a jog.

Gerard dropped his coffee, disregarding it completely and sprinting towards the running boy. The world flew past Gerard as he ran, thinking about nothing else but the boy that was about to take his own life.
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