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"Jasmine!" Frank screamed "Don't you hurt her!"

Distracted by his screaming, Jasmine looked up. This was all Cameron needed. She leaped to her feet and ran as fast as her little legs would carry her. Jasmine turned back to look at her. She pulled the triger. BANG. The bullet smashed into a plant pot. Cameron continued running.

Frank moved across the glass as steadily as he could "Jasmine! Leave her alone!"

BANG. Another plant pot was smashed.

BANG. Jasmine shot the green house door by mistake.

Cameron hid behind a large plant pot. Frank stood right above Jasmine and screamed "I'm up here!"

Jasmine looked up at him and aimed her gun at him. As she was about to scream, Frank smashed the torch into the green house roof. The glass smashed to pieces and Frank started falling into the green house. Jasmine shrieked as Frank crashed into her and then everything went silent.

Cameron looked up from behind her plant pot. Oh god. Was Frankie dead too? Slowly, Cameron walked over in case Frank was dead but Jasmine wasn't. Forgetting to be scared for a moment, Cameron ran over and shook Frank's arm. She couldn't bare this. She'd already lost Gerard. She couldn't lose Frank too.

As Cameron started to cry, Frank's eyes fluttered open. He sat up slowly and looked at Cameron who was sobbing hysterically. At least Jasmine hadn't hurt her. She'd been so brave this entire time. Frank had so much respect for her right now.

Realising he couldn't stay there much longer, Frank took the gun out of Jasmine's hand. He was pretty certain that she was dead now anyway. He tucked the gun into his jeans then lifted Cameron up. He carried her through the kitchen, out of the house and through the snow. As he carried her, he saw the police finally showing up. He'd called them ages ago. Now that all the action was over, they'd finally showed up. 'Useless...' Frank thought. Then he focused his attention on Cameron "It's okay Baby... It's okay..." He soothed though Cameron couldn't hear him. He kissed her on the cheek.

One policeman walked into the house and spotted Gerard's dead body on the floor "Send the others in!" He said to the guy behind him "Was this the guy on the phone?"

"I dunno." The other police officer said, going inside "This is a big place. There were toys outside. They must have children."

"We'd better start searching the house then."

They stayed downstairs for the moment. Of course they went out into the green house and discovered all the broken glass from where Frank had smashed through the ceiling to save Cameron... But Jasmine wasn't there.

Outside, Frank stood shivering in the cold with Cameron still in his arms. He decided to put her down so bent over for about a second. Suddenly he heard a loud growl behind him. Frank dropped Cameron and whipped round. It was Jasmine! He reached for his gun but Jasmine swiped at him with a knife. The gun fell to the ground, Frank fell over and Jasmine fell after him. The two of them rolled down the hill and onto the frozen over pond. Frank's head hit the ice hard and for a sickening moment he blacked out. Luckily he got his senses back but Jasmine had crawled on top of him by this point.

Cameron sat up and watched them fighting on the lake. She needed to help. But how? By the time she ran to the house to get the police, the fight would be over and Frank would most likely be dead. Besides, they probably don't speak Sign Language anyway.

Frank kicked Jasmine off her and Jasmine hit the ice. While she was off him, he tried to crawl away but couldn't. Jasmine grabbed his leg and pulled herself back on top of him. Cameron started to feel sick. What could she do? What could she do? What could she do? That was when, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the gun.

Jasmine plunged the knife into Frank's leg. Frank screamed in pain and tried again to kick her off of him but it didn't work. Meanwhile, Cameron slid down the hill until she had her hands on the gun. Shaking, she held it out in front of her and pulled the trigger. The force of it shot her backwards onto her bum and she sat in the snow, dazzled.

She didn't hit anybody. Cameron didn't know how to feel about this. On one hand, she was glad she hadn't murdered anybody but on the other, she hadn't saved Frank. But her shot did have some impact.

The bullet went through the ice, creating a huge hole. It then started cracking in an awkward circle around Frank and Jasmine. Frank was too busy fighting for his life to notice and Jasmine was too busy trying to kill him to notice. Before they knew what was happening, they both fell into the freezing cold pond.

Once under water, Frank took this advantage. He kicked Jasmine hard in the face and forced himself up to the top. But instead of pulling himself out of the pond, Frank felt nothing but ice. Where was the hole? He moved his hands around until finally he found the edge. He pulled himself up and gasped for breath.

As he was about to pull himself out, Jasmine grabbed his shoulder and pulled herself up. She took a deep breath and tried to stab at Frank. But the two of them went back under the water. Jasmine had her arms round Frank and managed to stab him in the side. Frank screamed. He started elbowing her in an attempt to get her off him. All it did was make her sink down a little more.

Cameron looked at the hole in the water. She had caused that. Had she made things better or worse? Either way... She took a delicate step onto the ice. Then another. And another. Closer and closer to the hole in the pond.

Frank continued elbowing Jasmine until finally he elbowed her as hard as he could right in her face. This shocked Jasmine and caused her to let go of him and just float there. Frank didn't waste a moment. He swam as fast as he could to the hole in the pond and grabbed the side, gasping for breath.

He pulled himself half out and saw Cameron standing on the ice "Go back!" He croaked, making shooing gestures "It's too dangerous! Go back!"

Cameron went back to the snow as fast as she could. She hadn't been too comfortable being on the ice anyway.

Frank was almost completely out when suddenly something grabbed his foot. It was Jasmine. He gasped and tried harder to pull himself out. But Jasmine wanted to get out too. She kept hold of Frank's foot and pulled herself out, pulling him back a little in the process. Frank turned to look at her "Please." Jasmine begged "Don't let me die Daddy." But she was holding the knife right behind her back, ready to stab him if given the chance.

There was a shocked silence. Had she actually just had the nerve to call him Daddy? "I'm not," Frank shouted "Your fucking Mommy!"

Frank pulled his leg forward then kicked it back as hard as he could, smashing his foot right into Jasmines neck. Jasmine's neck snapped and she fell back into the pond, completely powerless.

Taking deep breathes, Frank scrambled across the ice and lifted Cameron up. "It's okay Honey, it's okay..." He whispered, holding her close. As quickly as he could, he went to go find the police.

[A/N - I'm about to write the alternative ending. Hopefully it'll be updated in about half-an-hour? :) Hope you enjoyed it! :D
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