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Chapter 3.

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Mikey and Ray.

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Gerard did finish that painting. It ended up being an abstract portrait of a man with black hair, a lip ring and big, brown eyes. He tried to convince himself it wasn't of Frank but who was he kidding? It blatantly was, even though you couldn't tell him apart from any else if you didn't know it was of him, Gerard managed to be pretty discreet.
He stayed up until about 5am trying to make it as perfect as Frank himself-he could never quite capture the curl of his fringe or the glint in his eyes-which is why he was pretty pissed when his doorbell rang at 10:30am the next day. 
He seriously considered just ignoring it but whoever it was, was fucking determined. After 5 minutes of near constant ringing, he dragged his ass out of bed and trudged through his unkempt apartment to the door, swinging it open to be greeted by a gust of bitter wind, glaring until he saw who was standing on his doorstep. 
It was Mikey.
'Mikes? What the fuck do you want?' he asked, voice slightly rough. Mikey smirked.
'Always the gentleman. I just came to see my big brother. I brought coffee.' Mikey waved a cup of Starbucks take out coffee at Gerard, making his green eyes light up as he smelt the sweet, familiar aroma.
Gerard stepped back to let Mikey in.
'Jesus Gee, did you have World War Three in here or something?' Mikey asked, moving a pile of comic books and drawings out of the way to sit on the worn black sofa. Gerard just grunted.
'Too early, coffee first, talk later,' Gerard replied, making grabbing motions at the coffee. Mikey snorted and passed it to him. Gerard took three big gulps and sighed, sitting next to Mikey.
'Morning,' he said. Mikey gave a lopsided smile.
'So, why'd you come round?' Gerard asked. Mikey just pulled his poker face on him but Gerard knew Mikey, he could see something spark in his hazel eyes.
'Mikey?' Mikey stayed silent, eyes boring into him. Gerard stared straight back into Mikey's shiny, earthy orbs, scrutinising every little spark of happiness, every swirling emotion, every glint of love and then it dawned on him.
'You've met someone, haven't you?' Gerard asked and Mikey smiled slightly.
'Whats his name?'
'Do I know him?'
'Wait, is it like, Pete Wentz? That guy that plays bass in that band?' 
Mikey nodded.
'Wow. Nice one Mikes,' Mikey's smile grew, 'Where'd you meet him?'
'His bands gig.'
'Are you officially a couple? Or are you just pathetically crushing on him?' 
'Please, that's your style. We're official now.'
'Thats cool Mikes, I'm happy for you, really.' And Gerard really was. He found himself smiling at Mikey as they sat, drinking their coffee in the warmth and comfort of Gerard's apartment, discussing whether Iron Maiden is better than Anthrax and agreeing to have another Star Wars marathon sometime soon. 
Until Mikey noticed the painting.
'Hey, who's that?' he asked, pointing at Gerard's painting of Frank. 
Gerard's eyes widened.
'No one, just some made up guy, that's all,' he replied, a little too quickly, trying to reach out and grab the painting. Mikey picked it up off the table before Gerard could steal it away and shot him a knowing look.
'Who are you stalking now?' Gerard hit him lightly on the arm as he studied the painting.
'I'm not stalking anyone, I met him at this coffee shop I went to last night.'
'Hang on, you went out? On your own?' Gerard nodded.
' reason?' Gerard nodded again.
'Jesus. Are you feeling ill?' Gerard hit Mikey lightly again.
'No, I just kinda...went out, I didn't really think about it,' Gerard sighed.
'Oh. That's cool, you should do that more often. He looks pretty rad,' Mikey replied, handing Gerard back the painting.
'Yeah, he is actually,' Gerard said, ducking his head and smiling to himself. Mikey made a little humming noise.
'You're smitten, aren't you?' Gerard looked up at his brother, eyes earnest, a little crooked smile playing on his lips, and shrugged. Mikey sighed and leant into his brother, resting his head on his shoulder.
'Just don't let him treat you like shit. And don't treat him like shit. Do you even have his number?' Gerard closed his eyes and muttered a 'fuck' under his breath. 
He hadn't asked Frank for his number. Yet, Frank hadn't asked him for his number. Maybe he wasn't interested? He did say he had to leave when he didn't really...but he looked sad when Gerard actually had to leave. Maybe he was interested? This shit was confusing. 
Gerard sighed and rested his headed on top of Mikey's, neither saying a word.
They sat there like that for a little while, thinking to themselves and soaking up each others presence.
Gerard spoke first.
'Don't let Pete treat you like shit either Mikes, you're better than that.' Mikey sighed deeply.
'I know Gee, I know.' 
Gerard lifted his head up and Mikey followed, flashing his brother a lopsided smile as Gerard smiled back.
'You should go back, you know,' Mikey said. Gerard's forehead creased a little in confusion.
'Go back where?' Mikey let out a breathy laugh.
'The coffee shop, you twit.' Gerard's face cleared with realisation as he smiled.
'Oh. I think I will, he said he'd be going back there some time today anyway, he knows the lady who owns it.'
'Well then, get your ass back down there later because I have to go,' Mikey said, standing up. Gerard looked a little sad.
'Okay,' he said, walking behind Mikey to the door, 'I'll see you soon bro, it was nice to see you.' He opened the door and hugged Mikey, enjoying the warm, comforting embrace of his skinny frame, before he stepped through the door and into the still biting wind.
'It was nice to see you too, Star Wars marathon soon, yeah?' Mikey asked. They both smiled their endearing, lopsided smiles at each other.
'Totally. Bye Mikes.'
'Bye Gee.'
Gerard had nearly closed the door when he heard Mikey call from down the path,
'By the way, Anthrax kick Iron Maidens ass!' Gerard laughed breathily, smiling to himself as he closed the door and went to get dressed.


Frank continued to stare dreamily ahead, leaning on the counter of his little bookshop.
His honey brown eyes were glazed over as the afternoon sun shone on them through the shop windows.
He jolted slightly and stood upright.
'Wha-Gerard? What? Where am I?'
Ray jumped up and sat on the counter as Frank finally awoke from his daydream.
'Gerard? Who's Gerard?' questioned Ray. Frank blushed. 
'Oh. Erm, no one. Did I say Ger-never mind, what are you doing here, dude?'
Ray snorted.
'Just came by to see you, hardly see you these days, what have you been up to? And by the way, you did say Gerard.' Ray smirked as Frank blushed.
'Oh, well that's not important. I know dude, feels like forever, I'm just so fucking busy with this place and all, you know? What have you been up to?'
'Oh you know, the usual, keeping busy with the shop and all.'
'Cool, cool. How's Bob?'
'Okay Frank, cut the shit, we can talk about Bob later. Who's Gerard?'
Frank blushed, again.
'See, you blush every time someone says his name! Who is he dude?' Frank sighed.
'Seriously, he's no one.' Ray laughed lightly and hopped down off the counter, standing next to Frank.
'Frank Iero, I know you, don't ever forget that. You can't hide anything from me. So, who's Gerard?'
Frank sighed again and avoided Ray's eyes, looking anywhere other than into them, stomach fluttering slightly. He didn't want to have to explain his pathetic crush to Ray.
'Frank?' Ray asked placing a hand gently on Franks shoulder.
'He's this guy, he-I, I think I like him.'
Frank looked up into Rays dark brown, caring eyes. Ray smiled at him.
'Why is that so bad?' Ray asked. Frank looked down again.
'I only met him once, last night at the coffee shop. I doubt I'll see him again.'
'Well, if you really want to see him again, he might go back to the coffee shop? You never know.' Frank smiled slightly, his stomach jolting lightly at the thought of running into Gerard again.
'Yeah, maybe he will, I-hey, I never said I wanted to see him again,' Frank said, frowning slightly and pouting up at Ray, who just laughed.
'Please, you never get shy about telling me about someone you like. He must be pretty damn awesome.' Frank looked at Ray, bubbles of hope forming in his chest, making him to smile like an idiot. Ray smiled back.
'So anyway, how's Bob?'

Frank shut the doors to the bookshop, double and triple checking it was locked, before placing the keys in his pocket and walking towards his car. He climbed in and absentmindedly began to drive towards the coffee shop.
The closer he got, the more his stomach would churn at the thought of seeing Gerard again, despite how many times he told himself it was stupid and that Gerard wouldn't be there, he still had a spark of hope in his soft brown eyes.
Frank pulled up to the shop and got out of the car, getting caught up in the wind and muttering to himself about how cold it was. He began walking towards the warm, familiar building. Just as he was about to enter, someone exited and that was how Frank smacked straight into Gerard Way, again.
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