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The Difference Between Love And Lust

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How Lena got knocked up. That's a really pleasant way of putting actually. Meh.

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So, this is a really quick one shot about what happened with Lena and Jared in that 'Sex Club'. Frank and Gee weren't the only ones to get some that night! It's kinda awful, and rushed 'cos I had about ten minutes each night to write it - skiing is exhausting!

Can't say when I'll update BitD, but probably won't be anytime soon, 'cos the next two days are gonna be spent drining across France, and then the week after that is tests, tests, testes.... Errr tests.

I know I've already said this, but incase you didn't read it, Lena is based on Taylore Momsen (don't ask where the name came from, like Phin, she's a character I've had going thorugh my head for a while) and Jared is based on Jared Leto. So yeah - in my opinion at least, they are two of the most attractive humans on the planet! Especially Jared - drools

Anyways, hope you enjoy this and had a great half term (assuming that you're on it at the moment that is).


The music was thrumming through the large room and lights were twisting across the floor, creating a strange, somehow seductive atmosphere. The bodies grinding against one another on the dancefloor, seeming to melt into one in the dark proved that the club's so called 'Sex Night' was a success. This wasn't exactly an unusual sight for a party filled with hormonal teens, but Lena still enjoyed watching the display.

She'd ended up coming with Kyle, just as friends though. Of the original group of friend's the blonde girl had had, he was the only one currently not enamourred with someone. Not that Lena minded - Lissa was a good friend, so her dating Bob didn't make things awkward, and Lee had been tripping over Amy for years before he actually asked her out. But it did make Lena feel like a bit of an unneeded side-on. A few years back, she'd have been arriving to the club with her three best mates, none of them caring what anyone else thought. Now it was just her; Kyle had gone off a while ago to chat up a few good looking girls he'd spotted.

Bob had seen her earlier, and him and Lissa had come over to Lena. The three of them had danced for a while, until it became clear that the couple wanted eachother all to themselves. The blonde girl had backed out before the entire situation became awkward. She knew niether of her friends would ask her to leave them alone, but that was only out of politeness.

Still, Lena didn't mind - she was happy enough people watching. Most of her friends from school were here, as well as a few people she recognises, but didn't neccessarily like. What was slightly depressing though, was the way that everyone seemed to have someone tonight. Admittedly, some pairing were just one night stands - driven by raging hormones, seductive music and too much to drink. They may regret it in the morning, but atleast they weren't lonely at moment.

Ok, Lena was lying to herself - she definitely wasn't happy. In fact, she was craving some human company. With the girl's obvious good looks, several boys, and even a couple of girl had come over and started to flirt with her. Somehow, it just didn't appeal to her though. She'd talked to those who approached her, laughed at their jokes, and even allowed herself to be pulled on to the dancefloor by a few.

But despite her short dress, darkly made up eyes, and fishnet tights that screamed for attention, she didn't feel comfortable with attention like that. Lena had never been any good at making friends, and was just a generally awkward person. Even if people wanted to talk to her, she found it difficult to make conversation and felt nervous around anyone out of her small group of friends. Of course, it would take one of them to bring her out of her shell.

After a good twenty minutes of solitude, the blonde girl was approached again. This time it was by a brown haired, blue eyed beauty who had fancied her since the two first met.

"Hey Lena." The girl jumped at the softly spoken words and feel of a cold hand on her bare shoulder. She turned to see Jared smiling down at her, two drinks clutched in the hand that wasn't resting on her shoulder.

"Hi, Jar'," She smiled back, accepting the glass that was held out to her. "Not pulled anyone yet?"

"Not yet." The boy leaned on the wall next to her, ignoring the edge in her voice. "There's someone I've got my eye on, but whether I'll make a move or not..." Jared shrugged. "What 'bout you? You're looking gorgeous as ever, so don't tell me everyone's been ignoring you."

"A few people have talked to me, but you know. I'm not really a social butterfly."

"Just feeling awkward?" The boy's smile turned seductive as he switched the charm on. "I can help you with that." The hand that was resting on Lena's shoulder trailed down her spine, making her shiver.

The girl came to her senses quickly though. Truefully, she'd found Jared attractive since the first time she'd met him, but as Lissa had predicted, once she'd got to know him a bit, the attraction had disappeared fast. Like her friend Bob, Lena couldn't stand people who slept around continually, and Jared, well, he was fucking someone different practically every other night. So Lena felt more than a little replused that he was coming on to her now.

"No, you can't." She snapped, spinning out of his grip. "I'm not some other clueless girl who's just gonna end up in your pants after a few sweet words and a drink. I know you Jared, and I don't want to be played."

"Maybe I don't want to play you."

Lena snorted. "Yeah, 'cos you don't say that to every girl. You're worse than Phin or Frank ever were - you make them fall for you, only to ditch them. You think you're a God with your never-failing charm and angel face. Well, you make me fucking sick Jar'd so just leave it, ok?"

Jared blinked in shock. The girl was right - between his looks and talk, he'd never been turned down. At least, not quite so bluntly. As the blonde girl turned on her six inch heels to walk away, he caught her wrist.

"No." Was all the boy said. "I'm not going to. I want you Lena; you're gorgeous and amazing and I don't want to play you. I'm not gonna let this go."

She stared up at him, thinking. She didn't believe a word Jared said - it was all to get in her pants. Lena didn't want to give him the satisfaction of achieving that. But then, she didn't want to spend the rest of the night on her own, and that's the way it was going at the moment. Plus, she knew Jared well enough to know he wouldn't shout about her spending the night with him, and it would be less awkward then with a complete stranger.

"Ok, whatever." Lena said finally, still not entirely sure why she was doing this. "Just tonight, ok?"

"That's all I want." Jared grinned in triumph. He'd meant what he said, he didn't intend on playing Lena, and was sure he could convince her to go further than 'just tonight'. Hell, she'd be the first girl friend he'd had in a while, but Lena was gorgeous, she was smart, she had attitude, and on the perfect side. She looked like a slut, but was a prude really, and she needed someone to instill some confidence into her. The boy was more than happy to do so.

Still holding the girl's wrist, he pulled her forward into a kiss. She drew back after a second though, and stood on tiptoes (as far as her high heeled shoes would allow her to at least) to whisper; "Why not just go back to yours and skip to the main event?"

Jared grinned, and slid his hand down so it was intertwined with hers. "Happily," he replied, and Lena began towing him to the door.

He had driven there, as he hadn't come with the intention of getting pissed. The girl recognised his car and headed towards it, still dragging Jared along with her. He unlocked the car and the two got in. Within what seemed like minutes, the couple had arrived outside his house, and were climbing out of the vehicle, up the stairs and into bed.

Sex was short, but passionate and wild. Although Lena may not be the most experienced of people, she was an animal in bed, and Jared had enough practice for the both of them. As limbs tangled, he sucked on the girl's pale neck, wanting to leave a mark to prove she was hers. Unfortuantely, she knew Jared well enough to guess his plan and fliped their connected bodies together to start riding him. He gasped at the felling, and Lena nearly laughed to see the usually cool, collected boy sweating and writhing under her. She was enjoying the feeling of being in control, and definitely didn't regret her descision.

The speed and heat meant that neither of them lasted very long before orgasming, Lena collapsing on top of Jared when she felt him cum inside her. She still wasnt done though - she mimicked his earlier actions, by sucking and nipping at the boy's neck, making sure that a hickey was well and truely formed before being satisfied with her work.

Then, she rolled off, and lay down next to him. Jared leaned over to wrap his arms around her and capture her mouth in one last kiss. This felt a little too imtimate for Lena, who had meant what she said earlier about this being a one night stand. For her, it had been about the sex and the company - she hadn't realised that Jared had also meant what he said when he promised that this wasn't just him playing her to get her into bed.

For once the rolls had beem reversed - it was usually him just wanting sex, and whatever unfortunate girl that had been silly enough to fall into his trap of smiles and sweet words to be completely enamoured.

When Lena woke the next morning, Jared was already awake. He was usually an early riser, but then, he usually just watched TV whilst waking for the girl to wake up. This time, he was staring at the girl though, amazed how someone who usually looked so fierce could appear so sweet when asleep.

"Mornin'," He whispered.

Lena blinked a few times, trying to get her bearings. When she remembered the previous night, a small smile crept over her face. It had been fun, and she didn't regret anything. Jared would keep it a secret, she had no doubt about that. She didn't need to worry about losing face because of his mouth - he slept with enough girls for last night to be nothing to brag about.

"Morn' Jar'd." She yawned, and stretched her thin, still naked body. When the girl realised that she still wasn't wearing anything, a blush crept up over her cheeks, but she thought the embaressment down - after last night, there wouldn't be any part of her Jared hadn't seen.

As though he was reading her mind, he chuckled and ran a hand down her body. The blush just spread and Lena twitched out of his grip. the boy found it amazing that she was so self concious actually; she really was beautiful, and it wasn't as though she had anything to be embaressed about.

"You enjoy last night?" Jared whispered.

"Uhuh." Lena blinked her large blue eyes, the small smile turning into a smirk. "It was good actually." She glanced at the clock mounted on the wall - it was about eleven in the morning. Time to get going.

The girl rolled out of bed, and began hunting around the room for her clothes. She didn't actually remember taking them off last night, but common sense told her enough to know that she must have shed them somewhere between the car and Jared's bed. She just hoped they were still in his room - or it could be very embaressing.

"What are you doing?" The boy asked, sitting up to look at her. A small frown was on his other wise perfect face, and his bright blue eyes were large with confusion. "Don't go."

Lena rolled her eyes - of course he was trying to turn last night into something more; Jared was a whore and he didn't like losing girls.

"I meant what I said, ok?" She said, pulling her pants on. "Last night, was nothing - it was a one night stand and I am not going to be the next oh-so-obsessed girl that fell under your spell!"

The boy frowned even further. "And I meant what I said; I don't wanna just play you."

"Then why are you trying to stop me leaving?" Lena snapped.

"'Cos I don't want this to be some one night stand either that happened because you were bored!"

"Great." The blonde girl rolled her eyes again. "So it's ok for you to fuck girls meaninglessly, but not for them to fuck you?"

"What? I don't mean that at all Lena!"

"So what did you mean?" She clearly didn't believe him.

"I meant that... I want to see you again. Not to play you, or to fuck you, or any shit like that. I want you."

"What? As a girlfriend?" Lena scoffed. She was nearly fully dressed now, just hunting around for the short leather jacket she'd been wearing last night, but now had mysteriously disappeared. "We all know that you can't stand any girl, guy or anything in between for any longer than a few days!"

"Well, you're the exception." Jared said simply, crawling forward down the bed so he was sitting only a foot away from where the girl was still searching for her jacket.

"Really?" She snorted. "Why don't I believe that?"

"Then let me prove it to you." He said softly. Lena looked at him with those words.

"How?" Her interest had sparked, even if it was simply because this was a side to Jared she hadn't seen before.

"We won't tell anyone." He insisted, his charm on full now, desperate to get what he wanted. "I'll see you again, and again and again. We won't even fuck if you don't want! But I want you - to be my girlfriend or something. I wanna turn this into something."

"But it isn't anything." Lena's voice was equally soft, and she was still now, listening to Jared, even if she didn't entirely believe him.

"Then let's make it."

"You are so corny."

"I know." He smirked. "But it works!" The last part was meant as a joke, but it snapped the girl back to her senses.

"And that is why nothing would ever work between us!" She snapped, straightening up again. "No matter what you say, I'm still just a game to you, and guess what? I don't wanna be played."

Forgetting about her jacket, Lena turned and walked out of Jared's room, leaving him slightly confused over where he'd gone wrong. Because the girl wasn't right - no matter what his usual motices were, the boy had no intention of playing with her, fucking with her and then dropping her. As already said, he'd fancied her from day one. just never acted on it until now. But seeing her last night, looking like a lonely Goddess, he'd decided to break his mold completely, and actually try and have a relationship with her.

Unfortunately, he'd chosen a girl that knew him too well and was convinced that he was a whore through and through. But Jared didn't care - he'd prove to Lena he could be more then that, and they'd make something together.

Of course, what he didn't know was that he'd already, completely unintentionally made something with her. Something that no teenage girl wanted, but many got inflicted with due to carelessness. In the heat and lust of the previous night, the two teens had definitely been careless, and a small spark of life was growing inside Lena even now. Even if she didn't want anything to do with Jared, there was now a part of her that was connected to him, and it was something she wasn't even aware of.

Like? Yes? No? Sorry for any grammatical/spelling mistakes, as I said, I've had virtually no time to write this, and definitely no time to check it through! Hopefully, it's not too illegible!

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