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"Come on lets go to the concert!" My friend Caitlyn shouted at me from the bottom of the stairs.
"Wait a minute!" I shouted applying my eyeliner.
"Well if you want to get front row you better move your fucking ass!" Caitlyn was very impatient but i loved her, we became obsessed with MCR at the exact same time and have been best friends ever since.
"Alright!" I smooth my MCR shirt and run down stairs.
"WE ARE GOING TO THE CONCERT!" Caitlyn screamed getting into my dad's car.
"Which album?" My dad asked looking at us.
"Revenge" Caitlyn said
"No Bullets" I said
"Revenge" Caitlyn gave me a deathglare.
"Fine ill put on Black Parade" My dad said
"I love your dad" Caitlyn smiled.
"No i have a headache and i dont want to be annoyed by all the fucking screaming!" My dad said putting the disc into the player. The End then filled our ears and me and Caitlyn sang along
"You might wake up and notice your someone your not!" I shouted. We then pulled into the arena and me and Caitlyn bolted out of the car and went straight over to the Merchandise, Caitlyn bought a Black Parade mug and 4 keyrings and a jacket and i bought basically everything from Shirts to CD's to mugs, to keychains, to posters.
"Okay its going to start soon come on!" I grabbed Caitlyn's arm and dragged her into the concert where we managed to get front row.
"FRONT ROW AT MCR!" Me and Caitlyn screamed.
"I KNOW!" A girl around the same age as us shouted beside us.
"EPIC!" I shouted jumping up and down. Then sudently the lights dimmed and screams uproared from the crowd, my arms were shaking from excitement and Caitlyn was punching my arm. Then the start of Mama began to play and Frank Iero ran out on tot he stage followed by Mikey Way, Ray Toro and of course no other than Gerard Way himself, Caitlyn was in love with Mikey and i just loved Gerard.
"MIIIIIIIIKKKEEEEYYY!" Caitlyn shouted. Then Mikey looked over at her and smiled.
"OH MY FUCKING FRANK IERO MIKEY SMILED AT ME, SASHA, HE SMILED AT ME!" Caitlyn screamed. Then Gerard began to sing Mama. Looking straight into the crowd not making any eyecontact until he looked down at me. My heart stopped and i couldn't move, he smiled and winked and i just smiled back singing along with him.
"YOU SHOULD HAVE RAISED THAT BABY GIRL" He sang. Me and Caitlyn also had backstage passes for when the show was over. Gerard kept looking at me every so often when he was close to my side of the stage. Then after finishing Helena he began to sing Demolition Lovers this time keeping FULL eyecontact, my heart was racing, my body frozen, Caitlyn was too mesmorized my Mikey and i felt so awesome. I knew that others were looking at me with healousy engulfing their eyes but it wasn't my fault. He smiled at me at the end and the concert ended.
"LETS GO" I dragged Caitlyn backstage where other fans were.
"BOB!" A randomer shouted
"BOBBERTA!" Another one shouted
"GERALDINE!" Another
"So true!" Caitlyn laughed too. Thne the band appeared and everyone smiled and waved shouting hi, not screaming but just shouting hi like a normal person. They seen everyone then me and Caitlyn were last to approach them.
"HI MIKEY!" Caitlyn shouted smiling.
"Cait, dont scare him" I said.
"Hello" Mikey smiled at Caitlyn.
"Im Caitlyn!" Caitlyn smiled. Mikey walked over to her and pulled her into a hug.
"She is going to be hyper for a while" I smiled.
"So whats your name?" Gerard asked. I felt my heart bgin to race.
"Sasha" I smiled.
"Sasha" He paused. "I like it" He smiled again. I looked down and me and Caitlyn both got autographs.
"Sasha, whats your number, maybe we could get together some time for coffee?" Gerard asked. My eyes grew wide and Caitlyn's mouth gaped.
"Sure here" I wrote it down and handed it to him.
"Awesome so ill see you later sometime?" He smiled. I nodded and i left the arena with caitlyn smiling widely liek the chesire cat.

Thanks :D
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