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Dear y'all

by warsweater 3 reviews

This is an update letter for anyone who remembers who I am

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Okay, hello. The past few months have been hell, I'll be honest. I've been doing a lot of pot as well as drinking more, which I know is dumb but I could care less. They're putting me on medication soon so I'm going to be a fucking robot which might mean I have no imagination or motivation to write, not that I'm bursting at the seems with it as it stands. Do any of you remember me at all? For a while there a few of you seemed pretty interested in my work. My uh laptop charger somehow (somehow being the operative word) broke and so I can only write on my iPod. Apologies, but that means anything I do will have MORE typos. Teenage kicks, my precious, poorly structured baby, will be what I'll aim to work on: I know how I'm going to end volume 2!! Yippee.
So please, give me another chance to fluff my way into your favourite stories.
L xx
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