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Seerow arrives...

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It was just another day when they came.

I was with my poolmate when I looked up in the sky and saw something that definitely didn't belong there.

An oblong... thing descended from the sky.

It was the length of at least eight Wide-Top Trees placed end to end, and maybe a width of five Wide-Top Trees.

I cautiously approached it, moving relatively slowly (after all, I was in a clumsy Gedd body), but I had barely gone a few steps when my brother held me back.

"Do you really think it would be wise to do that?" he asked me seriously.

I hesitated. He was right, after all.

"You're right. We'll just wait here, see what happens."

The thing landed several meters away, while we hid behind a Wide-Top Tree, watching curiously.

Once the thing settled on the ground and most of the noise and light from its rear died down, an opening appeared on the side of it which was facing us.

It was bright from this thing's interior, but soon enough, as the figure emerged, I could make it out.

It stood on four legs. One, two, three, four. And although it was cropped by the portal, I could see the appendage from behind which some creatures use to balance themselves - a tail. But from the front of its body sprung a torso. Like with a Gedd, two arms came down from the top of the torso, connected by shoulders. I couldn't make out how many fingers each hand had, but it definitely looked to be more than what a Gedd had.

I found its head to be particularly peculiar. Its head was framed by two ears that looked almost like windswept plants. It had two eyes on either side of its face, on the upper third of its face. It then also had two additional eyes which were connected to the top of its head by sitting on... stalks? As I looked closer, I could see what passed for a nose; some space with three vertical slits which were nostrils. And in addition to all that, there was no mouth on the lower portion of its face.

Now I was really curious. It had no mouth, a part of the body which organisms typically use to consume nutrients, breathe and/or communicate. So how did it...?

The creature then ducked back inside, with a peculiar expression on its face which I somehow guessed might have been caused by discomfort. Judging by how it had trouble breathing after it was exposed to the air...

A moment or so later, it emerged again, this time donning some transparent thing on its nose. By some sort of band of the same material, it stayed attached to its head.

It looked down at the ground and was careful where it stepped. It had some kind of appendage in the place of feet - I think they're called hooves, since there is a creature which has something similar to that - and stepped out onto the ground, looking around with its four eyes.

As it exited the vessel fully, the end of its long, vine-like tail came into view. On the end of it was this considerably big blade. I was pretty sure it could slice right through the head of a Gedd completely in any conceivable way.

"What should we do?" Arklan whispered to me.

"Let's just see what happens," I whispered back to him.

The alien being walked around on the muddy ground, observing everything. Then, as though somehow silently summoned, another being appeared. It looked as though it was another member of this same species. This being appeared to be slimmer and weaker than its counterpart, including a smaller blade on its tail. Whereas the former had blue hairs with some tan, this thing had purple hairs with some gold.

The two of them kept looking at each other as though conversing, and yet I heard no sound whatsoever. Nor did they communicate using physical gestures (we Yeerks had something similar when using Gedd hosts who were so old that their vocal cords were so weak that they might as well be nonexistent).

After a moment or so, I noticed that the second alien was holding... something in its hands. It made small lights and strange sounds on small, regular intervals.

Not long after that, the first alien turned one of its upper eyes in our general direction. I felt a sense of dread in my Gedd body.

"I have a bad feeling about this," I muttered so low even I could barely hear it.

The alien walked towards us on its four legs, slowly and what was a non-threatening way. Arklan made to get away, but somehow I just knew that trying to escape would have been no good. I saw how the alien moved with such grace, and somehow, I could just imagine it moving faster than I could possibly hope to in any Gedd body.

I just stood there, balancing my host Gedd body against the Wide-Top Tree so I could use both my arms, just in case.

a voice echoed within my mind. I just stood there in shock. The alien was speaking to me - and I could hear his voice within my mind!

I wasn't familiar with the words of the language, yet somehow I understood them as if I knew the language my entire life.

the alien said.

I nearly fell over in shock from this little experience.

the alien continued.

The other alien was looking all around, observing everything she could see that was next to her. She even seemed so engrossed in her observations that I doubt she would have been surprised if a Long-Vine had suddenly come out of the ground and had struck her.

My brother muttered to me, "So, what do you suppose we do now?"

I looked him seriously and said, "I do not see why I cannot talk with this alien."

Turning back to the alien, I rumbled, "I am Arklan 256. The one standing next to me is Arklan 228."

he replied.

"And we are Yeerks."

That was a word I was not familiar with. "Technology?" I repeated, trying to follow how he said it in his own language, which proved to be almost impossible with my Gedd mouth.

After a moment of silence, he then told me,

After another moment of silence, I then replied, "I think I understand what you are saying."

The next moment, the other alien approached us, and was introduced by Seerow.

she said to us.

Well, that answered my then-forming question about how to differentiate between male and female Andalites. (Even though we Yeerks are gender-neutral, we understood about the difference in gender from the other animal species on our planet.)

Seerow told his mate. Turning back to us, Seerow said,

"Yes," I told him, "but only glimpses, because it often rains at night, and we must take shelter then. There are only two of them, which we call Rahin and Madra. On some nights, they can not be seen at all."

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