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Oh, I'm there baby.

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A/N; WELL! I wrote you so smut because I felt it was only fair if I am finishing this story soon. ;D Hope you like it! R&R! xx

Gerard’s POV

LynZ called later that day too so she could talk to Bandit. Frank ignored me the whole day, which was actually pretty depressing. I wanted my Frankie and his adorable smile and perfect kisses. He just stayed in my room all day. I managed to get Bandit to bribe him to come down. He still ignored me, simply flopping on the sofa and staring blankly at the tv. He didn’t even glance at me. I gave Bandit her dinner, played tea party with her then got her to bed. As soon as she was asleep, I went to sit by Frank, who still hadn’t moved. I sighed and shuffled right up close to him, placing my hand on his knee. His gazed flickered down to my hand briefly before returning to the tv. I rested my head on his shoulder innocently as I slowly stroked his knee with my thumb. He still kept quiet so after a few minutes, my hand trailed up to thigh. He tensed slightly, letting out a shaky breath. I watched him as he tried to focus on the crappy adverts. Oh no, you aren’t fooling anyone Frank. I knew exactly how to get to him. Soon enough, I started at his neck; pressing feathery kisses to the sensitive skin. My hand trailed up to his crotch, palming him. His breath hitched in his throat, and he tensed again. I smirked and got the skin on his neck between my teeth, making him gasp. He whimpered quietly.
“Fuck you Gerard Arthur Way, fuck you.”
Frank groaned as I sucked on his neck. I pulled back, still rubbing him through his jeans. He tilted his head back and let his eyes flutter shut. I moved over to straddle him, making him jump and open his eyes.
“You can fuck me if you want Frankie… I would love it.”
I said, my voice dropping into a husky tone. Frank’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open slightly as if he was going to say something but simply couldn’t get the words out. I felt a slight pride rush through me. I, Gerard Way, had made Frank Iero speechless! Life goal almost completed. Now I just needed to finish what we had started earlier. Frank blinked a few times and snapped his mouth shut.
“No you wouldn’t. I’m no LynZ.”
He retorted, his bitter tone, taking me by surprise. I simply continued to rub him, a cheeky smirk on my lips.
“I know. You are better.”
I whispered, nibbling on his ear causing a gasp to slip his lips, soon followed by a soft groan. He lifted his hips up into my hand, gripping the fabric of the sofa.
“You are just saying that.”
He managed to say. I shook my head slowly, pulling my hand from his crotch. Disappointment coloured his features. I put my hands on his chest and pecked his lips.
“No. I’m not. I want you. I want to hear you moan my name. I want you to fuck me till I scream.”
The last part came out as a rather sexual growl, making Frank shudder beneath me. I suddenly felt myself being slammed down on the sofa, his lips crushing hungrily against mine in a wet sloppy frenzy. I kissed him back, running my tongue over his lower lip, begging for entry. He didn’t hesitate to part his lips and let his tongue meet mine, battling for dominance in his warm mouth as we kissed. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head, grinding down on me. I felt a rush of excitement and pleasure burn inside of me, making my crotch tingle. I broke the kiss, lifting his shirt over his head and chucking it carelessly on the floor as he continued to grind his crotch against mine. Our lips connected again, doing the same as last time. He grinded, a lot harder than before, making us moan in unison. Frank pulled away from the kiss and pulled off my shirt, throwing it next to his. He looked up to me, a smirk on his lips as he admired my bare chest and stomach, making me feel self-conscious. He leaned down and began to press soft kisses to my chest until his small lips latched over my right nipple, making me gasp. He rolled his tongue around the hardened bud, sucking on it before moving over to my left nipple and doing the same. Uncontrollable moans passed my lips as I closed my eyes and tangled my fingers in the younger man’s velvety dark locks. He pulled back and looked at me then his greeny russet eyes travelled down my body to the extremely uncomfortable bulge that was straining against my skinny jeans. He slowly rubbed me, making me whimper.
“Frankie, I want you.”
I whispered, yanking him down to my lips by his hair. He smirked, undoing my jeans and forcing them off as he kissed me. I pulled away from the kiss and forced Frank’s jeans off also, followed by his boxers, revealing his throbbing erection. He looked at me expectantly, clearly wanting to know if I approved. I definitely fucking approve. The guy was quite big; bigger than I thought. I wrapped my hand around him and slowly pumped him, earning a moan from him. I let go and he got the message I liked it. He tugged my boxers off, checking me out before pressing his tip against my entrance. Nerves filled me. I knew this was going to hurt. I braced myself for it as Frank lubricated both of us with his spit. He looked at me.
“You ready?”
He asked me, lifting my lower half up against him to make it easier. I nodded, terrified to speak.
“I don’t mean to hurt you. Sorry in advance beautiful.”
He said and without another word he pushed himself inside of me. I let out a yelp of pain, digging my nails into the back of his neck. He groaned and held my hips. He looked at me, waiting for my signal to continue. After the worst of the pain had gone, I nodded for him to continue. He smiled and thrusted into me slowly. He moaned and wrapped a hand around my erection, pumping me in time with his thrusts. He crushed his lips against mine, kissing me sloppily as we moaned. He started to speed up, going a lot deeper and harder with his hand pumping me like crazy yet still in perfect sync with his thrusts. I felt a sudden rush of immense pleasure as Frank hit a certain point inside me, a squeak of delight erupting from my lips. Frank smirked as he heard me.
“You like that baby? Does that feel good?”
He purred into my ear as I whimpered desperately and nodded.
“Want me to do it again?”
He asked, his voice dripping with lust. I dug my nails into the shorter man’s back.
I managed to whisper. He thrusted deep, hitting that same spot again and again. I ran my nails down his back, letting out a half scream of utter bliss.
“I… I c-can’t hold it Frankie… I’m close.”
I panted as my stomach tightened. He tilted his head back and moaned.
“Shit Gerard… Me too.”
He groaned shakily. A few more thrusts and jerks and I couldn’t stop it.
I screamed in ecstasy at I exploded over our stomachs, my nails running over his back again. Frank tilted his head back and moaned loudly.
“Fuck Gerard!”
He moaned, releasing inside of me. He collapsed ontop of me, our breath ragged and heavy. He smiled down at me and pecked my lips.
“I love you. That was… Amazing.”
He whispered.
“I love you too Frankie.”
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