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The Rules

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Daniel confesses something to Darren on Hallowe'en

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"This is...Dan, you can't be serious..."
"Well, are you really that surprised," asked Dan, shifting a bit uncomfortably. "Surely you've noticed...I've always paid you a lot of
Darren studied him closely. Darren had once sort of been interested in Daniel that way. Shortly after they first met. And right after the divorce. But the feelings were primarily of intrigue. Of idle, and occasionally intense curiosity. There was nothing really that would
have driven him to actually try and act on his curiosity. Dan was...always had been his boss and his bandmate. And definitely into women. And being so intensely in the had started right from day one: other bandmates who just loved to gossip about everyone else at every opportunity. Privacy almost non-existent.
No. Darren had never really given it any serious thought. He had never calculated the possible upside, outweighing all the risks.
"Em..." Darren winced slightly. He felt awkward, because he was so surprised. So taken off guard. Dan was not in the habit of getting all that personal with him, and although Dan was always basically warm with him, Darren had long ago accepted and taken Dan's polite emotional distancing as part of Dan's ways. Ways that didn't change over time. Certain behaviors that would always be, like getting involved and engaged to a pretty girl. Dan was breaking the rules and Darren, as well as feeling...only marginally interested in Dan that
way, anyway, anymore...simply was not ready to hear his confession of interest. "Don't get me wrong,'ve probably heard that...I'm not just into women, and..." he hesitated briefly, looking somewhat lost, "I've always considered you an attractive mate, but..."
"But not in that way?" Dan finished off for him.
"It's just that - " Darren groped for words. There was no way that Darren wanted to be insensitive in what he said. Telling Dan that his feelings were not, or no longer the same...was not what he was prepared to do when he had agreed to meet Daniel for a friendly late night drink.
"Not in that way," Daniel repeated tensely.
"You're - " Then Darren began to laugh edgily. Dan panicked as Darren began to laugh, thinking that maybe Darren was making light of his feelings.
But Darren caught the look of pain and quickly sobered. "It's just that you're breaking the RULES, Dan!"
"The rules?" Dan looked at him in puzzlement.
"Yes, mate, the RULES!" Darren said, still searching for a way to explain to Dan that he could not, after so many years, put sex on the
table as an item between them so suddenly, as if proposing a new cure for a hangover.
"What rules?" Wasn't Darren interested in men? He was sure he was.
"The rules that say 'sex is off limits between me and Darren because he's my bandmate and I'm into women BIGTIME' And to prove it, I'm even engaged to a beautiful woman"
"Who made those rules?" asked Dan quizzically.
"You did, you dumb arse!" replied Darren, now pouting and looking up into Daniel's eyes, unconsciously, but seductively fluttering his eyelids at him.
Dan just about did a double-take. He wanted to take Darren right then and there. But the alluring singer he had spent most of his adult life with, had also had it drawn to his attention, just how large the chasm between them was. What to do??
"Em..." he stuttered with uncertainty..
"C'mon admit it!" demanded Darren almost petulantly.
Dan hesitated on the brink of an emotional abyss, wondering if this would forever jinx any chance of Darren's acceptance. "Okay, I admit it..."
Darren broke into a smile, and on seeing Darren's humor improve, Dan could not help himself and began to laugh, breaking the tension between them finally.
"I'm a real buggar aren't I? I made those shitty rules, and now I'm breaking them, expecting you to embrace this "new" person!"
"Yes, you fuck. I'm not just ready for this!" Darren blurted out unexpectedly, feeling anguished and catching himself from almost bursting into tears. He felt shocked and overwhelmed at the flood of emotions that had suddenly emerged from seemingly nowhere in him, threatening to burst out of him almost violently. He felt a hidden, rising rage surface inside of him. He had forgotten all the times he had yearned for more closeness with Dan at almost every level but had suppressed them as surely as all his other dark secrets. Until he barely knew anything in his life that meant anything to him, except public embracement. Just as Daniel had only accepted
public displays from him, he had learned to savor only that kind of attention from others that he could easily control and distance himself from at leisure. Not that he hadn't been very much like that before he met Dan, but since he met Dan, he had gotten only worse: Trusting nothing but adulation from afar. He realized in that moment that he both loved and hated Dan with an intensity that was truly frightening!
Dan saw the rush of emotion that seemed to surge through Darren, and had gained control of him, and felt both relieved and frightened at
the same time. Obviously Darren was not ndifferent. But he knew that there was deep resentment there. Darren was now wearing his "I'm going to tear this hotel room to shreds" look, and perhaps even darker.
"I don't mean to upset you, mate..." said Dan with heartfelt sincerity.
"Too late. You're way past that," he growled.
"Do you want me to leave?" Dan asked, doubtful as to whether he should now remain to become caught in the stormy display which might now unfold, in the wake of Darren's dark clouds.
The question itself, caused a wash of dark fury to pass over Darren's brow. "In a pig's eye!" he spat.
"O-kay..." answered Dan, feeling even more confused. "Do you...want to talk more about it?"
A wave of shock ran through Dan as he suddenly felt Darren's warm legs lock hard around his knee, trapping him tightly from moving at all.
It knocked away any inclination for him to say anything more.
"Em..." said Dan, almost afraid to look into Darren's eyes and face what awaited him. But eventually he did, lifting his face up to look at him.
Darren's blue eyes blazed hotly back at him, owlishly staring deep into Dan's soul.
"So...where do you want to take this now?" asked Darren with an edge in his voice that caused erotic shivers down Dan's spine. Dan first panicked, then blushed and felt his body burst into a blaze of lustful heat.
"Anywhere you want," Dan replied, huskiness deepening his already very strained voice.
"Let's go then!" said Darren. Where his normally childlike expression would have greeted Dan, there were now unfamiliar, dark lines of desire drawn upon Darren's face. His eyes seemed to glow with a red tinge in the dimly lit room, like a jack o'lantern's. As Dan glanced back to reach for the man's hand, he noted the smallest trace of a smile on his expression as well. He sighed inwardly to himself.
Why had he thought Darren would say "no"? He knew he knew Darren's feelings like an open book. He knew Darren had always had it for
him...or did he?
It didn't matter. He just finally found that point of honesty that said, "I want him! That's all. Never mind that it's illogical, or
wrong, or not what I planned. I just fucking want him - like nothing I've ever wanted before!"
/And now I've got learn to love him right, and hang on to him!/
Then Dan experience a private epiphany, discovering within himself, what had held him back all this time: he had not been sure once he finally had Darren, if he could hang on to him. But it had gotten so that the alternative of not even trying, had finally now somehow become worse. Made even more poignant by his long, pre-nuptial engagement. He turned around to face Darren, once they were out on the dark street.
"I want you like nothing and no one else, Darren!" whispered Dan, and drew the dark haired, pale-skinned man's body into his arms tenderly, and initiated a warm, melting kiss. To his surprise, Darren pulled away and stuck his tongue out him challengingly.
"Trick or treat!" he yelled.
"What?" replied Dan, quite stunned.
"C'mon! TRICK or TREAT? What's it going to be?" said Darren.
"Um...I don't have a treat, so I guess it's gonna have to be - "
"TRICK!" yelled Darren triumphantly. He ran back to Dan, threw his arms around him and as Dan went to embrace him reflexively, Darren
pulled his zipper down.
"Hey!" yelled Dan in protest. "That's not nice!"
Darren brought his lips to Dan's and ever so gently began to caress his crotch at the same time.
"I think it's very nice..." Darren murmured sweetly in his ear. "In fact, I think t's the best trick I've played yet..." he said, in a voice coated with passionate and want. "I admit though, that I did change the rules a little..."
Dan had already closed his eyes,and begun moaning in response to Darren's warm, enclosing hand. He was beginning to feel very lucky. Until he remembered that they both still stood out in the open on a public sidewalk. His eyes flew open. "Gotta a broom for us, so we can fly away too?" Daniel asked anxiously.
"Anything's possible on Hallowe'en, Jonesy!" Darren hinted wickedly, winking at him. He began leading him away by the hand, and hand in
hand they soon disappeared into the spooky blackness of the windy street together.
On the most hallowed of October nights.
~ ~ ~
The End
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