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The Corner of First and Amistad

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Warning: this isn't really a My Chem story. There is no Skrillex category and so I'm posting it in here. I'm sorry. This is a Skrillmau5. Sonny's life is shattered due to finding out the truth from...

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Sonny's (called Donnie by his friends) Point of View

The day my life shattered was like any other...or at least it started that way.

I woke up and before my eyes were open I had earbuds in and was listening to U2's Numb. I got into and out of the kitchen swiftly and, with a slice of toast, was out the door. I had plans for today and wasn't going to be late. I had even got dressed before I went to sleep. My Geometry homework was even done! Sort of...

A little envolope with Joel printed across it in my typical scrawl went straight into the mailbox. Joel's my pen pal. Yeah...I know, ha ha ha. Yes, sixteen with a pen pal. 

 We've been writing since I was eight.

It was a required assignment. He turned put to be cool. 'Nuff said.

Anyway, my friend Erin and I were going to walk to Starbucks.  At four fifty-ish! Yeah...we have no life. Point is, we had this EPIC plan to harass them into  giving us free coffee. Each of us had two coupons each, enough in theory for me to get 150% off and her to get 150% off. And 150% percent would mean they would pay us.

We met at the nearest thing to the two of us. The gas station. I had left early, and therefore was early and got to walk though the aisles as if I had a reason to be there. The sales clerc, Arnold (he had a name tag), never blinks. I spend hours on end inventing reasons why, but Erin always says that he thinks it's a sign of weakness and that he doesn't want his fear of me to show. Now, everytime I go, I buy a lighter, just to try and freak him out. So I pace through every aisle as if it's needed, then carefully select a bag of Fritos (which is great for starting fires), a bag of sour gummi-worms (my addiction), and (as always) a lighter. While checking out, Arnold fails to blink. Damn he's good...

As he finished loading everything into a plastic bag, I spyed Erin trodding towards the doors. With someone. 

"I'm sorry Donnie!" Erin said exasperatedly, throwing her hands skyward as she walked in. "He found out. Quick! Hide in the freezer!" Before I could so much as turn, he bursts through the doors. 

"YOU AREN'T GOING WITHOUT ME MORTAL!" Gus shouted, almost causing Arnold to blink. He continued to wave a whisk around like a lunatic. "I WILL GO WITH YOU! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!"

"GUS! CALM the FUCK down!" Erin shouted. "Comic Con. Is NOT. In town." Gus put his hands (one still holding that whisk) on his hips. 

"That's what you said that last time." Two years ago Gus was left behind for Comic Con. Because he was in the hospital with sixteen broken bones and pneumonia. They had to sedate him because he tried to crawl out of bed to sneak into our trunk.

"Dude get over it. You were in a full-body cast." I replied. He rolled his eyes and mumbled something unintelligible like a crazy. "We're just going to get free coffee."

"Oh..." he said. "I want in."

"You can't! You're one strike away from-" Not this again...

"I don't care. It's just-"

"No." Erin cut in."

"You two suck. Don't you expect a piece of my cake, 'cause I am NOT gonna give you one!" he exclaimed as he stormed out, arms flailing.

"Love you Gus!" I called after him. Apparently he heard too, 'cause he turned around and flipped me off just before he disappeared from sight. "Poor guy..."

"Yeah, I told him it was a bad idea to try to pretend that he was schizophrenic at the mall...maybe if he hadn't he wouldn't be on probation..." Erin and I headed towards Starbucks.

Fifteen minutes of tomfoolery later...

"Okay Mister, that comes to $5.57." I took out my coupons and slid them towards her. "Um, which one would you like to use?" the girl behind the counter asked. I shook my head and smiled. 

"No. Both."

"Mister, you can only use one at a time..." she said, smile faltering.

"It doesn't say so on the coupon." I said as if I'd never heard of such an idea. 

"May I see please?" she politely asked.

"Of course!"

"Hmmm...well I must assure you it's Starbucks policy." she said in a voice one would use to speak to children and the mentally incompetent.

"What if the mothership finds out??" I asked, whispering. She looked thourghly shocked.

"Umm...I'll have to...make them brownies?"

"THEY'LL EAT YOUR BRAINS!!!" I screamed, startling her.

"Oh-um-I better not d-do that then. He-here's your c-coffee!" she said with a nervous smile and a stutter.

"Can I please get a coffee for my friend too? She has coupons too." I say politely with a friendly smile.

"Here y-you go, don't worry about the c-coupons!"

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want you to get in trouble..."

"No it's f-fine!" Wow. She was shaking.

"Okay. Have a nice day!"

"You too..."

School passed in a blur of friends and laughter. During lunch we managed to get three forks stuck in the ceiling. May I just say, Gus is a genius. Four hours later we were all chilling in an empty playground. Erin was hanging upside down from the bar the swings were suspended from. 

"Sooooooooooooo booooorreed." Erin groaned. Suddenly Gus fell off the tree branch he was on.

"Dude are you okay?!" I asked. As he slowly sat up.

"I have an idea!" he screamed, frightening the nearby birds. "We need to go to Heinen's!" and with that we were off to the fancy schmancy grocery store. We walked in silence, each caught up in our own thoughts.   Mine were stuck on Joel.

His voice...the sound of his demo that he sent to me, his clever wit and interesting sarcasm...maybe I could call him sometime? I wondered over his voice...all the possible sounds and blends of pitch. The only time I had heard his voice was in the demo, and that was clearly edited. 

"Earth to DONNIE!" Erin said as she waved a hand in front if my face.


"You're mumbling and spacing out again."


"No's just freaky."


"Donnie IT'S FINE."

"'Kay." I said with a small smile. "So, what did I miss?"

"Gus is treating us all to a game of gummi-darts." Erin said with a  smirk.


  Within ten minutes we were throwing gummi-worms that we licked at cereal boxes in Heinen's. 

"BULL'S EYE!!!!" Gus hollered as he landed one between Tony the Tiger's eyes. "KILL SHOT! Beat that bitch!" I licked a gummi, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and chucked the gummy-worm forward.

"OHHHHHH!" I heard Erin call out from next to me. "He beat you ass Gus!" I opened my eyes to find I had landed one straight on his heart. 

"Um, excuse me. You th-three can't do th-that here..." a nervous looking kid said shakily. He was clearly terrified.

"We'll pay for the gummi-worms." Gus said as he took another one from the bag and swallowed it whole.

"P-Please proceed to the r-register...?"

"Sure...yeah, as soon as I get him his goddamn prize." he grumbled. We ended up narrowly escaping a call to security. But that night, everything changed.
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