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“Are you going to do this properly?” Brendon smirked as I folded my arms at being told I was doing the lap dance wrong. “It would help if you had no clothes on.” I retorted, but only loud enough for him to hear, and he started laughing. “Get lost Bren, you’re not funny.” I said, playfully smacking his shoulder as I did so. “Am I going to have to demonstrate with Ryan again?” he said, which earned him another smack. “What are you planning to demonstrate on Ryan?” asked Luna, coming into the room. There was no way she’d heard that from the entrance hall of the venue. “Never you mind!” Brendon snapped, and Lindsay rolled her eyes. “Look, idiots, we’re meant to be professionals…” “Well, why did they employ you then?” asked Luna, cutting her off. “And if you can’t take it seriously, then I suggest you…” She trailed off as Panic!’s manager, Lewis Archer came into the room. “oh, umm.. Mr Archer… I didn’t see you there...” she said, and ran off back to the dressing room, probably to put some more Doritos on her face. “Well, what aren’t you doing properly again Mel?” he said to me, and I stuck my tongue out at him. “She’s rubbish at lap dances!” exclaimed Jon, and everyone laughed, including me. “Oh dear. There’s always one!” Lewis commented, and said, “Guys are you ready for sound check? The show is in an hour, and we don’t want to start late… About that lap dance… Just make it up.” I nodded, and pulled a face at Brendon, which I knew that he knew meant ‘be scared, be very scared’.

Since Kirsty and I had just had our make-up done, we decided to go and see what Luna and May were up to. “Hey guys,” May said as we approached. “Nice make-up,” Luna smirked, and continued to unpack the pack of t-shirts she was cutting at furiously with her teeth. “That’s rich, coming for someone who’s got bits of plastic all over her face!” said Kirsty, and I giggled. “So, what have you two got to wear tonight?” asked May, knowing she’d be so glad she wouldn’t have to wear it! “Well, I don’t know yet. Lindsay won’t show anyone their costumes!” Just then, a voice echoed over the venues speakers. “Can Kirsty Ross and Melody Fox please come to dressing room?” It was obviously Lindsay; I could hear the sluttiness in her voice.
“Come on, we’d better go, or she’ll be ripping our heads off.” I said, and Kirsty nodded in agreement. “Yeah, stranger things have happened!” she said, throwing a cautious look at Luna.

When we got back to the dressing room, Lindsay was so annoyed at us. “Where have you been, oh my god, someone might have seen your make up? Oh my god, don’t run off like that again, oh my god.”
“Chill, Lindsay, we were at the merch stall with Luna and May.” I said, and Kirsty said, “Yeah, relax, Tango.” That really threw Lindsay over the edge. “Oh for gods sake, you two are so immature. Oh, by the way, Melanie, I’m doing your solo tonight, because you seemed totally incapable earlier.” “It’s Melody, and no, you’re not. Lewis told me I could improvise.” I said, feeling totally irritated at her. “So what. I’m in charge.” she said, angrily. “Um… Mel, go get ready, I need a chat with Lindsay.” said Kirsty, and I obliged.

Kirsty’s POV:
“Lindsay, seriously, you’re never gonna have Brendon. It’s never gonna work between you.” I said, and she scowled. “It’s not Brendon that I want.” I frowned, “Well. What do you want then?” I asked. “I want all of you to die!” she screeched, and flew at me. “Ow! LINDSAY! GET OFF MY HAIR!! JEEZ!!” I screamed, and pushed her away. I could feel the fire building up inside me, but I knew I couldn’t set the building on fire, because all my friends were inside it, and I couldn’t be sure they’d all get out. I ran out of the room, and dunked my head in a sink of cold water, with Lindsay’s screeching still ringing in my ears.

Melody’s POV:
I could hear loads of screaming. I was so tempted to go in there and find out what was happening. “What’s going on?” Luna said, suddenly appearing. “Is Kirsty in there?” She asked, and I nodded. “Oh shit.” she said, and ran into the room. I sighed, and wondered what was going on.
About 15 minutes later, they emerged, Kirsty looking paler than she did with her make up on, and Luna looking reasonably relaxed. There was no sign of Lindsay.
“Okay, you have some serious explaining to do!” I said, and beckoned them to follow me to Panic!’s bus. I knew no one was on there, because they were busy sound checking. “Sit.” I said to Luna and Kirsty, and they sat down, without another sound. “Well?” I said, and they looked at each other in desperation. “Umm…” “Well… I…” “I don’t really know how…” “MELODY?” I heard Brendon yell. Luna and Kirsty sighed in relief, and I said, “You’re gonna tell me. You may not want to, but one day soon, you’re gonna tell me.” I said, and stormed after the sound of Brendon’s voice.
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