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Early Phone Calls

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Rated for language, I guess. Mikey gets a phone call who could it be?

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A/N: I'm soooooooooooooooooo sorry that I havent updated and those of you who wanted to know what I found out forget about it it was something my friend told me and I believed it. Anyyy way I havent been able to get on teh computer here lately but I'm on it now. Now read the story since half of you didn't read this anyway :)

Gee's POV

"Mikey get your fat ass out off bed now!" I yelled up the stairs, going back to my small cup of coffee that waited on the table. We were going to drive by Frank's house to pck him up. I was suprised his girlfriend wasn't going too. This time I walked straight up to his room opened the door and put my face close to his ear "MIKEY" I yelled in his ear. He jumped up and landed on the floor with a loud thud. "Your gonna be late!"
"Since when do you care if we're late?"
"C'mon!" I pulled him up off the floor and drug him down the stairs."How much coffee did you drink?"
"Umm thre or four cups, I think"
Mikey just let out an annoyed sigh "Gee, my clothes are upstairs,in my room"
"Oh well hurry up." he walked out of the room slower than necessary.
Once again I was left to let m mind wonder. I started wondering if Frank and Alix would ever meet, and if Ray was alive. I wondered what had happened to Bob and if they were still after us. Faintly in the background I heard my phone vibrate, but I really didn't care.

Third Person POV (cus I can)

The girl quickly went to her small, white sleeping area. They had an exam today, the first she'd ever had since she'd came. She had to tell them about it she quickly grabbed her small phone and texted a quick message

They will exam me to see if I am taking the pills
They're planning something get ready, if I pass
the exam I will give you more details.

She quickly sent the message and went to make sure nothing suspicious was in her room. she hid the phone and took one of her few short lasting pills and prepared herself. Right before the pill took affect she had a feeling she sent the message to the wrong person.

Gee's POV
Finallly Mikey came down I grabbed stuffed my phone in my bag.
"I'm driving" Mikey said grabbing the keys
"No, your too young"
"I have a permit"
"But you have to drive with an adult" I said grtabbing the keys from him
"Your an adult" he whined
"I'm still in school I don't count and didnt you get your permit in Jersey? I don't I don't think it would work in Cali,"
It had taken me a while to realise it but we had made it to California from New Jersey, that train we were on was fucking fast and we had enough money with us to get some food, but thats not the point.
Mikey pouted then handed me the keys and walked to the car.


As we were driving I noticed the fuel light start to blink. I sighed and pulled over. As soon as the car stoped Mikey's phone went off. I looked at him and saw his eyes light up.

Mikey's POV

As we pulled up to a gas station my phone went off. Who would call this early? I looked down at the phone and saw who was calling

7:30 A.M.

I felt my heart skip a beat. I quickly looked at Gee "I'm gonna go outside." He noded and I got out and answered the phone.
"Where are you I miss you so much!"
"I can't tell you right now, I'm not even supposed to be calling, they can track phones"
"So your alive?"
"If I were dead would I be calling you?"
"N-no" I felt tears start to form.
"Gee and I are alive too, so why can't you come live with us?"
"Because I have to hide."
"I love you."
"love you too." I knew from how he sounded that he was about to cry.
"D-Don't cry!"
"Mike-" he stopped as I heard what sounded like a video game going on
"SHIT," I heard Ray curse loudly then the buzzing sound of an ended call. I tried to choke back my tears as I turned toward the small car that had been filled up with gas as I was talking to Ray. I got in and saw Gee reading a text. Who sent that I said seeing his conused expression. "I don't know..." he replied before starting the the car and heading towards Frank's house. The whole time I tried not to cry, but I failed. I knew Ray was out there but why couldnt he come seee us? Was he still in New Jersey? Did he even like us anymore?

A/N: Sorry this chapter is short... I lost the notebook that had this chapter in it so I had to wing it hope it isnt to horrible... reviews would make me a very,very, very, happy person. If I get at least two I'll post another chapter! I need suggestions on killjoy names! I need at least four girl killjoy names, (the ones i see fit will be used)
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