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draculoids attack!!!

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midnight and the other killjoys go and save mcr and thats where mcr turns into party poison,jetstar,kobra kid,and fun ghoul....

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at BL/Ind factory 1#:
Midnight's p.o.v

I gripped the steering wheel hoping this time it would be easier and faster. I turned to TerribleTeen who was admiring her rayguns and making sure she didnt forget any this time. Sonic sunrise was sent to go get the helicopter by TerribleTeen she said that we'd be suprised how many draculoids were in there and we needed a fast and easy way to escape. I turned to everyone who was in the car and turned on the walkie talkie leading to Radio harlequin and Sonic Sunrise. "so whas the plan?" i asked. i knew we were read for anything but what if this is one of our worst missions?
"uh mid we never have a plan?" Sonic Angel said
"yeah you guys just go and kick some draculoid ass and i help you guys escape" Sonic Sunrise spoke through the walkie talkie.
"are you sure that'll work this time? this isnt a regular mission this isn't only rescuing one person but four either someone is going to get hurt or worse we need to make a plan" i said.
"everything's going to be fine we've done this before its an easy get and go" Adrenaline Chaos shrugged.
" besides you guys have me if anything goes wrong" Cherry Candy smiled happily.

"i guess lets just get this over with" from a far i saw some workers and there was a booth tha had a striped pole blocking our way. i accelerated and broke the pole.i drifted and parked in their parking lot.the sirens blared and the worker was over the loudspeaker "tresspassers attention tresspassers have arrived all men in your positions" i sighed and ran out of the car and speed walked with my fellow killjoys praying to god we survive this. i took out my raygun and pulled on the safety trigger. i pulled on my black mask which had purple polka dots on them and walked through he glass door which had guards blocking them.we all shot at them Terribleteen was enjoying this mission because of all the violence going on. Sonic Angel was having a bit of trouble because she had all these guards surrounding her i ran over and blasted at them.
"Sonic i need you to squeeze through the vent and get them theyre on the third floor and surrounded by draculoids GO!" i ordered her.
she nodded and left shooting back at the guards following i backed her up but i felt a sharp pain on my leg and then on my right side. i yelped out in pain. i turned to see that a guard has stabbed me. blood started rushing and i got a hold of my side i could bearly walked but i limped. Ice Venom looked at me and i thought she was going to shoot at me but she really just blasted at the guard behind me. she smiled at me and left to defend the rest of us. then i thought wait Sonic Angel can defend herself but she almost got ghosted i have to go defend her! i looked at Cherry Candy and gave her the signal to follow me. she also smiled and we left.

Sonic Sunrise's p.o.v.
I left with Radio harlequin to go find the helicopter.I felt someone's eyes look at me but Radio was infront of me i turned around and no one was there.i couldve sworn i felt someone look at me. i gripped my whip. there was no way i was going to get ghosted.Radio turned to look at me
"found it"
"right there if we could power it up then we could have an easy escape"
i nodded and ran to the helicopter i smiled a bit and took out some spray paint hmmm...i raised an eyebrow and started tagging the BLI/nd helicopter. it said "killjoys were here muthafuckA!!! i couldnt stop smiling with satisfaction until radio gave me that look of hurry up. so i climbed in and flipped some switches. i sighed in relief when when i heard the helicopter come to life radio came in "whoo! it works!" but then one small problem it came to life it just need me to hotwire some cables ehh easy shit. i bent down and grabbed the wires and flicked them. didnt work "damn!" i growled. flicked them again nothing. "come on before i murder you,you piece of shit!" it mustve heard me because the third time it worked! i wiped my hands and radio looked at me.

Sonic Angel's p.o.v

i made it through the vent it wasnt that hard.i saw the guys but aleast 15 draculoids surrounded them. Ray saw me and was about to start scream but i pulled a finger to my lips and made sure he didnt scream he nodded and stayed quiet they were all tied up. i took a deep breath and took out my rayguns. Life or death situation man!!! i kicked the vent open and blasted atleast 10 of them. im going to die. then midnight and cherry candy ran in. they blasted the rest and i looked at them and laughed "heh i thought i was going to die" they laughed. "nope!" cherry said and placed her gun back in her holster.
"wait theres only two right her where's the other two?" midnight asked.
"right there" i pointed at gerard and mikey hanging on the pipes.
"oooh i can get them down" she said. i noticed her shirt was bloody and so was her leg.
"hey what happened to you?" i asked
"guard stabbed me twice" she said.her face was pale probably the loss of blood.
"no let me do it youre going to open your cut more"
"im fine" she said and she did a flip and grabbed a hold of the pipe.she climbed on it and gerard was happy to see someone rescue him "holy fuck" he gasped when she took off the duct tape "sorry" she whispered. she untied him and then mikey. midnight was never the one to have googly eyes to anyone but when i looked at her she was totally blushing. i poked Cherry and she said "i know thats weird" the guys hopped off and gerard helped midnight who couldnt exactly get off right. i untied frank and ray and we sighed "okay the guys go through the vent we defeat draculoids im pretty sure korse knows were here" i said
"are you sure we'll fit there?" frank said alittle worried\. i looked at the vent and sighed.
"fine come with us but take one of these" i handed him my raygun and midnight handed 2 of hers to mikey and gerard and cherry looked at her gun and sighed "fine here ray"gerard gave us a weird look "okay but um.. who are you guys?" midnight smiled and said "were killjoys and your going to be one too! im midnight,thats Cherry Candy, and thats Sonic Angel" we all got to know eachother but since we were in a hurry we ran. but hey maybe we didnt need to fight Ice Venom and everyone else kicked ass there was no draculoids or guards left alive. "whoa guys you kicked ass!" midnight said happily. "thank you " Terribleteen said huggin her guns. "alright guys lets go ive got the helicopter ready" the voice came from the walkie talkie. "time to go killjoys" Atomic Detonator said. we heard running and we ran out midnight's sister psychotic damnation just came and warned us "theyres a massive crowd of draculoids they saw me but couldnt catch me we have to go now!!!" we all ran out and hopped on the helicopter that Sonic Sunrise specialized it said "killjoys were here mothafuckas!" i laughed ad realize adrenaline chaos was still down there i could tell it was her by her black dyed hair with neon blue tips she was blasting at the draculoids and she ran towards us. but we were already rising "shit! sunrise go back down!" sunrise shook her head "i cant were already on autopilot" damn. but adrenaline was smart she hopped on diffrent cars and jumped her hands reaching foreward radio harlequin caught her and brought her back up.i sighed in relief we did it.

Dr.D's office
gerard's p.o.v

i knew what was going on i had everything on the radio. i jus couldnt believe it was true though. we were now here in an office and i saw a man with a bandana on his forehead and some dark sunglasses look at me next to him was a blonde woman with a pink helmet and next to her was a guy with a helmet an half tanktop with 'noise " spelled on it and some white tights with blue polka dots.'alright im Dr.D and you are?" the man with the bandana spoke "gerard way,mikey way,ray toro,and frank iero" spoke the girl with the corset on the laptop.dr.d smirked "okay gerard your a killjoy now you all are so midnight, Ice venom,psychotic damnation,and adrenaline chaos will take care of making you one of us alright have fun" the blonde lady smiled at all of us and called us "newbies" i followed the girl with pitch black hair and purple tips and smiled she was hot. "okay girls what should they wear?" said the one with milk chocolate hair in a ponytail. "hmmm"said the girl with purple tips she was looking in the closet that had posters covering them. "hey mid he should wear that blue jacket that has white and red stripes and those pale blue jeans!" the one with white blonde hair said.she was really pretty too."yeah perfect but he cant keep his hair like that its too plain i mean it looks hot but he'll look hotter in red like really bright red" midnight i think thats her name was pointing at me and ice venom was agreeing."okay so what about mikey?" midnight asked grabbing the clothes and handing them to me "hope these fit hun oh and take these boots" she smiled. "um he can wear that yellow tee-shirt with the little thunderbolt thingies and some black skinny's with those boots and his hair will be blonde! oh and he can use your goodluck helmet midnight!" psychotic replied. midnight grabbed the clothes and handed them to mikey with a grin "here you go babe try these on for size" my brother blushed at the "babe" part.
"frank's next!" midnight replied in a sing songy voice."yes i am...babes" frank winked at midnight and ice venom. ice giggled and so did midnight.psychotic rolled her eyes and said "his hair will be left alone and he can wear...that vest jacket with the black andyellow midsleeve with the rip skinny's and the combat boots! he can have my sunglasses i dont use them anymore" midnight followed psychotic's instructions and handed franks clothes "thank you babes especially you " he winked at psychotic. she raised and eyebrow and smiled."and finally the frotastic ray toro!!" midnight laughed "black skinny's,leather jacket,black tee and boots done!!" ice replied without looking up from her nails. midnight smiled and grabbed the clothing "here ya go ray!" "thank you" in the next 15 minutes we tried out the clothes and felt awesome. "here" midnight came up to me and handed me a yellow mask. "it was my brother's i want you to have it" i smiled and put it on 'how do i look?" i laughed "sexy!" she giggled."here mikey"she handed him the yellow helmet with goodluck on it. "thanks" he smiled. she touched his face and handed ray a kind of halloweenish mask full mask "niiice one that reflects on my birthday thanks" she nodded and gave ray the sunglasses and another helmet. "thanks midnight" she smiled and said "okay time for hair dye boys"

20 min later
"holy shit this looks awesome!" i said. "ha im a blonde" mikey said as he ruffled his hair."time for names" psychotic said. "i aready came up with some with midnight" said icr venom damn she was fast. "gerard yours is Party Poison, mikey yours is Kobra Kid, ray yours is JetStar and frank your delightful name that describes you is FunGhoul" Icw venom said with a smirk. hmmm cool names. now we were killjoys.
"Dr.D!! and killjoys look at our master pieces!!!!" they all rushed in and smiled "wow you guys did awesome what theyre killjoy names?" the girl Sonic Angel said smiling. "im Party Poison" i said happily. "im FunGhoul" said frank "JetStar's the name" said ray. "Kobra Kid" said mikey. everybody cheered and we laughed.

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