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I looked down through the vent hole, I saw him, my gaurdian, Party Poison, for whom i was named after....well kind of.

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Hello everybody ! Im kinda coming back! Here is my new story of my beloved killjoy, Poison Gas....

I looked down through the vent hole.I saw my guardian , Party poison whom i was named after....well kind of.

My names Poison Gas, I was found by Party in the desert when I was a toddler.He took me back to Killjoy HQ , where he and my other guardians named me. Poison Gas, because i had on all black and a gas mask when they found me. I was five.

14 years later im 19 . I was supposed to be on my own but I keep running into my own family. Fun Ghoul got dragged here last week . A few days after, some dracs carried in Jet Star and Kobra Kid. Now Party. Hell, I was expecting Show Pony to come rollin' in on those skates of his.

So much for being free as a bird, to pop in and out of BLI buildings. Now that theyre here I cant do what id been doing for a year now. Come into to a BLI building in the middle of the night , get as much information as i could then gas the place and go to the next.

You may be wondering how i never get caught . The answer is that I stay in the vents , and set up the timerthat , when set off , leak gas out into the building. Then in a few days ,when Im gone , every one will drop dead from the unknown over-exposure.

I was just about to set off the timers when I noticed Ghoul coming in.

I looked back down the vent hole. Party was strapped to a table. (A/A THERE IS NO DIRTY CONOTATION MENT HERE)

He was sound asleep. His bright red hair stuck to his face from the sweat. I noticed he looked paler than usual and thats hard for him to do.

Party suddenly twitched and sobbed. My heartbroke, seeing onee of the people who had cared for me so well , in such great pain.

The sobbing continued and I couldnt stand to look anymore. I crawled over to the room Kobra was in , praying he was doing better than party.

It seemed I was right. Kobra didnt have restraints, nor was he asleep.

Kobra was alone in the room , pacing back and forth. "Hey Snake Boy." I whispered. His head snapped up.Kobra Kid walked over to the vent hole and looked up. "Is that you Kiddo?" he asked me.

"Are theyre any cameras?" I asked him. Suddenly I felt like a little girl, and I wanted a hug from my big brother.Kobra looked around everywhere. Then , five minutes later, he motioned for me to come down.I unscrewed the top of the vent hole and hopped down. Kobra caught me and we strangled each other with hugs.

He put me down and looked me over. "You got taller." he chuckled, he was right . I was almost as tall as him.
"What are you doing here?"I asked.

Kobra looked down. "We were lookig for you......" he muttered. I was puzzled, why would they be looking for me?

Kobra looked up again. "Why? Whats wrong?" I asked him, concerned.

"We found out who your parents are...." he trailed off. My eyes bugged out of my head.

"What? Who?!" I asked.

"Your moms name is Victory Strike. Your dad...." he trailed off once more.

"Who is he?!" I asked nevously.

Kobra looked me dead in the eye. "He's Korse. Head of Better Living Industries."

yes no maybe so? i have the next chapter but if people dont R&R im not posting it :P sincerly TT
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