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6 months before the story begins, we see the pain that brought Anyaseta to the pain she's in now

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A young blonde girl of approximately 15 ran through a network of weaving stone hallways as quickly as she could, her long blonde hair streaming out behind her as she raced towards her destination. Her long legs practically flew through the air, propelling her forward with amazing speed. She had to get to the front gate in time; she couldn’t imagine the consequence of not getting there in time.
Soon the gate was in reach and she started screaming.
“Wait! Stop! Don’t leave! Wait!” her voice carried to the gate easily, piercing through the silence and causing the bustle at the gate to pause temporarily.
She pushed herself to run faster and started to breathe heavily under the strain. She reached the gate and was met with cold, blank, lifeless expressions. They didn’t care about anything but getting their jobs done, and the girl knew that.
“Why? Answer me that question. Why are you stupid enough to go there?”
The boy she directed the question at refused to look up and meet her piercing blue eyes. If he did, he knew he wouldn’t be able to leave.
“I don’t want to be stuck here anymore.” He lied smoothly, causing the girl’s heart to wrench.
“They will not hesitate to kill you! They want us both dead! You’ll die!” she whispered, trying not to let him hear the tremor in her voice.
“It’s better than being stuck here with you.”
The girl gasped in pain. Her best friend would rather die than be near her. Fine then, let him go.
“I wish you a safe journey, Scalabur. I just hope you do not regret this decision.”
She turned away quickly and coldly, walking off as quickly as she could without actually fleeing. Scalabur finally looked up, his green eyes welling with tears.
“Good Bye Anyaseta. Don’t forget me, please don’t forget me.” He whispered, staring after the blonde’s retreating form.
And he left, forever changing not only his life, but hers as well.
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