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The Nickname

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In a three to one vote, the Founders of Hogwarts had decided that Godric needed a new nickname. But why? Blatantly implied GodricxSalazar, implied RowenaxHelga

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In a three to one vote, the Founders of Hogwarts had decided that Godric Gryffindor needed a new nickname.

"But I don't get it," Godric whined. "What's wrong with my nickname?"

"It's giving you a bigger ego than you had in the first place," Rowena snapped irritably. "Honestly Godric, how thick are you?"

He poked his tongue out at her. "That's just snobbish of you, Ro. Sal, you didn't have a problem with it last night," he appealed smirking.

Salazar blushed faintly and considered gagging his lover. "Godric/!" he hissed. "That is /not relevant!"

Godric poked his tongue out, and then turned hopefully to Helga. She shook her head. "Sorry dear, but I agree with Ro."

"All right, but why now? We've known each other for /years/, and you've called me that for almost all of them."

The other three traded a few glances, the battle of which Salazar lost.

"It was fine when it was just the four of us. But, well, last night..."

"I thought that wasn't relevant?" Godric asked innocently.

Salazar glared at him. "Before that, know, when we met the students for the first time."

" is that releva -"

Helga sighed impatiently and interrupted. "We can't let you introduce yourself to people, especially students, as God."

"It's giving you a superiority complex," Rowena added.

"Sorry love, you'll probably scare off the students..."

Godric pouted.

"...But I'll still use it in private," Salazar finished with a sly grin.

Helga sighed. "I didn't need to know that."

"Neither did I," Rowena agreed wryly.

Smirking, Godric dragged his unprotesting lover from the room. Salazar gave the women a jaunty wave with his free arm.

Rowena and Helga shared a long look.

"So Rowena," Helga began conversationally. "How are we going to cover their classes this morning?"

"I'm honestly not sure, Hel," Rowena sighed.

Helga frowned. "You know, it's possible that I need a different nickname as well."

"I didn't think of that...but I do have an idea on the class issue."


Rowena gave her a suggestive look. "How about we give the students the morning off?"
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