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Chapter 3

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and we add another charcter to the story..

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By the time Gerard and I got back to school, it was almost over. I found no need to go inside so I found no harm just hanging around outside of school for a bit. Gerard on the other hand, disappeared somewhere into the school. I didn’t expect him to hang around me any longer anyways. We had been together all day. Why would he still want to be around me anyways? I walked over to a nearby tree a little out of the way and leaned against it.

Being alone finally gave me a chance to think about things. I wondered if Gerard liked me, as a friend that is. I would have to admit that Gerard was good looking but I don’t even know him hardly. I scanned over our conversations that day and remembered Mikey, Gerard’s twin. His fraternal twin at that. I wondered what Mikey looked like, since they weren’t identical. I wondered if they were similar and if Mikey had a personality like Gerard. Mikey was apparently in most of our classes so I would obviously be seeing what he looked like soon.

The final bell rang and students slowly started leaving the building. I realized that was thinking too much about Gerard and that I had more important things I needed to worry about, like Linda. I was going to be in so much trouble. I nearly started shaking right then just thinking about it.

I had never acted that way before to her, or like that in general. To sum it up, I was a total ass. Linda was generally a good mother but, I don’t think she quite understood the pressure of high school these days. She had allowed me to transfer schools but she didn’t particularly like my old school in the first place. Plus, she had been wanting to move ever since my dad left us. She is probably just as happy as I was to move.

I looked around and found that everyone was outside now. The school courtyard was full of students. There were nerds, cheerleaders, the ‘normal’ kids, the outcasts, bullies, and my least favorite, the jocks. I cringed at my painful memories. Somehow, out of all the people chatting and running around, I saw that familiar shaggy, raven black head of hair.

It was Gerard. I wanted to say hi, but I would seem like a pest. I needed to seem independent. Not some clingy new kid. But I didn’t know anybody else except him and I didn’t like the looks other people were giving me. I tried to straighten up and not seem so uncomfortable. It was natural for everyone to talk about a kid that is new to school.

As I watched Gerard I noticed how everyone slightly stepped out of his way as he walked. It made me wonder what kind of reputation this guy had. I mean, not everyone would step out of the way for people if they didn’t have a sort of reputation and normally, it was the bad kind.

I looked closer and noticed there was two guys walking by him. One slightly taller had brown hair and was skinny. That one walked slightly behind him, hands I his pockets lazily. The other one was almost right next the Gerard. He was about the same height and had blonde hair. He seemed to be a confident person. I could just tell by the way he walked. I could tell all three held on to the same reputation a Gerard. Especially the blonde.

I shook my head and tried to rid my brain of Gerard. I bit my lip while I pondered if I should go home just yet. I didn’t know if I should considering Linda would be waiting for me.

After a little while I pushed myself forward ready to start my journey home. Just about everyone had dispersed from school grounds so I figured I wouldn’t get paid attention to. Not that I should be worrying about getting paid attention. I couldn’t be afraid anymore. I had now need to be anyways. I had to keep reminding myself, no one knows me.

I was only a few yards from the tree when I heard someone yelling. I wasn’t quite sure why or who exactly it was to, so I kept walking. I hadn’t talked to anyone except Gerard and that girl from the office anyways so, I didn’t expect it person to be taking any notice to me. ‘What if I dropped something?‘ The ever constant doubt clouded my mind for possible reason to fail at this ‘new me’.

But it kept getting louder, which meant whoever it was, was in fact talking to me. And they were trying to catch up to me. I slowed down trying not to make to person not have to run so fast, if he was indeed talking to me.

Suddenly, I felt a light had on my shoulder. Instinctively, I jerked my body away from the touch and yelled, “Get the fuck off me!” During the motion I ended up facing the boy. He was a little taller than me, no surprise there, he had short black hair, brown eyes and was wearing a grey hoodie with the hood halfway over his head. Even with my absurd reaction, he was still smiling.

“Hi.” was all he said. I didn’t reply to him. I stood my ground eyed him, waiting for him to explain himself. “I’m Pete. Pete Wentz.” he, now known as Pete, added after he noticed I wasn’t going to greet him back.

“Hey..” I finally trailed off. I scratched the back of my neck. “So, umm.. What do you want? I kind of need to leave so..” I made a hand gesture signaling for him to hurry up. I had become somewhat more confident in my façade and it wasn’t to hard to put up around this Pete guy.

“Well I’ll walk with you then!” He smiled again and I just rolled my eyes. Pete was a little too chipper for my liking. I turned on my heel and started walking anyways. I didn’t think I would be able to get rid of him either way. “Frank, is it?”

I looked at him funny because I hadn’t informed him of his name. “Oh, I just figured you were the new kid.. Which you are, right?” I nodded. “Good.. But you weren’t at school today.” Pete stated matter-of-factly. I cocked an eyebrow at him. He smiled knowingly.

“I saw you and Gerard walking out of the school together.” he added a minute later. “Are you guys like, together or something? I haven’t seen you before about he may have been hiding you for all I know. Gerard’s relationships are never public, you just never seen him with his boyfriends..”

I had long stopped dead in my tracks. “W-wait. Gerard is gay?” I finally spit out. It took me awhile to put together my words. Pete had stopped too but was un-phased by my reaction or the words he just told me.

“Well, he hasn’t official said anything..” Pete dragged out ‘official’ to add emphasis. “But I have a feeling that he is. He may be tough and stuff, but my gay-dar is excellent.” Pete gave me smile showing his pride. “And I guess that answers my question about you two being an item.. To bad, you would make a cute couple.”

I felt myself starting to blush so I turned around and started walking again, walking a little faster than before. I couldn’t just go around blushing. Blushing isn’t exactly macho the last time I checked.

“Hey, wait up!” Pete jogged up next to me. “So, where we going, Frank?” Pete seemed to have a pep in his step that kind of annoyed me. I didn’t understand how someone could be so happy in high school.

“We? I, am going home. I don’t know about you.” I retorted and sped up. I, admittedly, did feel bad for being so mean to this innocent stranger. It just had to be done though.

“I’m just being friendly, why are you rejecting me? You don’t even know me yet..” I could almost feel the hurt in his voice. Pete had stopped trying to catch up to me and just stood there watching me walk. I stopped walking, but hadn’t looked back to him.

I naturally felt bad. He was just being nice and I acted like a total jerk. I didn’t want to break down my tough exterior I had been putting up all day. I felt horrible and didn’t want to be so mean, but I couldn’t let down now. I decided to do what I knew what would be mean, but I couldn’t ruin my barrier. I just walked away without looking back.

A/N: yeah i know frank is being a total ass but.. he has to i guess and i'm the author and i choose what he does. sorry this update seemed a little short to me:/ please R&R!
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