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It was fine in the beginning...What happened to the small bond between Lady and Dante?

Category: Devil May Cry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Dante, Lady - Published: 2006-06-26 - Updated: 2006-06-27 - 514 words - Complete


I'll be coming home
just to be alone
cause I know you're not there
and I know that you don't care
I can hardly wait to leave this place

Why I even asked her is she wanted to stay at my apartment is beyond me. I was so stupid. At first, everything was fine. We kept on good terms. We took care of the place and didn't make a bloody mess every time we got pissed off at each other.
Then, it all changed. Every morning, we would fight before we left to go in our separate directions to work everyday. Every night, I would come home early. Lady would come home late, always in a bitchy mood. Who could blame her? No one likes to work late. So, I do all I can to put her in a good mood so she won't beat the shit outta me once she walks in the door. Sometimes it would be so quiet, it would be like she's not even here even if she is.

No matter how hard I try
You're never satisfied
This is not a home
I think I'm better off alone
You always disappear
Even when you're here
This is not my home
I think I'm better off alone
Home, this house is not a home

But once she walks through the doorway, it's like being in Hell all over again. No mater what I do, Lady is never satisfied. I don't think it's because she's in a bad mood and is mad at me for not doing enough around here. I think Lady just hates me. She never gives me any gratitude for the stuff that I actually did. So I've decided to get back at her. It's not one of my best ideas of payback but it's the only way I can put up with her complaining about everything.

By the time you come home
I'm already stoned
You turn off the TV
And you scream at me
I can hardly wait
till you get off my case

I'm sitting on the couch, half asleep and feeling like I'm dead. The TV is on. I hear the lock click. She's home... The door opens and in walks Lady. She stands in front of the TV and turns it off. I can barely see her but I could feel the anger she was throwing in my face. She started screaming at me over something...I can barely remember what happened that day.
But that was when my last nerve snapped. I couldn't take it anymore. I fought back. When Lady started yelling, I started yelling. I couldn't stand her anymore...but I had nowhere else to go. Neither did her. What was I supposed to do?

No matter how hard I try
you're never satisfied
this is not a home
I think I'm better off alone
You always disappear
even when you're here
This is not my home
I think I'm better off alone
Home, this is not a home

This house is not a home
I'm better off alone
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