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A Secret I Cannot Hide

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*Frerard Oneshot* Gerard has a secret he can no longer keep from Frank.

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Your probably sick of me with the oneshots xD
But sure :3


Gerard felt the tears stinging his eyes, he amde one of the biggest mistakes of his life and he wanted to get it cleared, he knew he would probably lose Frankie but he knew that he might forgive and forget. He took a deep breath and knocked on Frank's door and waited patiently for him to open. Frank was singing along to Smashing Pumpkins in his room when Gerard arrived. The house was empty. Frank turned the volume down and hurried down the stairs, knowing it was Gerard.
"GERARD!" Frank exclaimed, hugging Gerard tightly, smiling brightly.Gerard felt a pang of guilt wash over him, his LOYAL boyfriend was as happy as ever to see him and he was about to break his heart.
"Hey, Frankie," He whispered loud enough for Frank to hear, the guilt had taken over him and that was only how loud Gerard's voice could go.
"What's wrong?" Frank asked brightly, pulling away and staring into Gerard's guilt-stricken eyes. "Here, come in, Gee." Frank led him to the livingroom, tugging him gently by his arm. They sat down on the lush sofa. "So?" Frank asked, taking Gerard's hand in both of his and staring up lovingly at him.
Gerard took another deep breath as Frank's soft hands took hold of his and looked deep into Frank's eyes
"Frankie i" Gerard then put his head down low.
"Gee, whatever it is you need to get off your chest, just tell me and I'll listen," Frank smiled at Gee. Gerard looked up and saw how happy Frank was and lookedback down again.
"I love you, y'know," Frank lifted Gee's chin up and kissed him gently and tenderly, sure to show how much he loved him.
Gerard just wanted to go back in time and undo what he did, he knew it was a horrible mistake, but somehow he done it and had regretted it. Frank's eyes were full of love and he knew in a few moments they would be replaced with hate, pain and heartbreak.
"Frankie, i love you too, i love you as if you were the last person on earth, your the one that i want to grow old with, the one i want to be with,t here is noone else for me other than you and i want you to remember that when i tell you this, noone could ever replace you in my heart, but im scared that when i tell you this i will lose you, and i cant loose you Frank, you mean the entire world to me" Gerard said letting a few tears go. Frank started to tear up slightly, losing the bright expression he once had.
"Gee, just tell me, trust me," Frank whispered as loud as he could. Gerard pulled Frank into an intense hug, knowing that that would be the last time he hugged Frank for a long time, if not, forever.
"Frank..." Gerard started. Gerard pulled Frank close to him, not wanting to let him go, "Frank, i made a mistake" Gerard whispered.
"What was the mistake?" Frank asked, hugging him back tightly. "You can tell me, please, just tell me."
"Frank, i cheated on you" Gerard said not breaking eye contact with the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, he knew that this is the end of everything, this is the end of their relationship this is the end of everything that could have been. Frank just sat there. He didn't say anything, he didn't show any emotion in his face, the only sign that he had heard it was the tears rolling down his face. He was still. Muted, shocked, lonely, completely unable to do anything.
"Frankie please say something" Gerard said, the tears were also running down his face.
Frank showed no co-operation.
"Frankie" Gerard said holding Frank's hands
"Don't touch me," Frank said with no emotion. "Go away."
Gerard instantly felt his heart beginng to break those were the 2 words that he did not want to hear. "Frankie, i love you!" He said through tears
"Leave me alone," Frank replied.
"please" Gerard said "I don't want to be with anyone else other than you" He added looking into Frank's eyes for some sort of emotion.
"You should have thought about that before you stuck it somewhere else, then," Frank retorted, showing anger in his face.
"Frankie, i wasn't thinking and i regret what i did" Gerard said the sadness and pain was wrapped around each and every word.
"Who was it? Huh? Who did you do the dirt on me with?" Frank asked angrily, standing up, hitting the wall with his arms in frustration. He leaned against the wall and began to cry heavily eyeliner running.
"It is not important who it was with! it is in the past!" Gerard said standing up and trying to comfort Frank.
"Get off me!" Frank shouted, pushing Gerard away from him. He didn't want to touch him after knowing that he had slept with someone else. "It does matter! Who was it? Was it Ray? Or Bert? Was it Dahvie?" Frank asked. "When was it? How long has it been since you did it?!" Gerard flinched with every word. He had never ever seen Frank this angry or hurt by anyone.
Gerard looked into Frank's eyes as suspected they were full of pain, hurt, heartbreak and anger.
"Frank it was last week and the last time i seen him was 2 days ago" Gerard did not want to tell Frank who it was it would just crush him completly.
"A WEEK?! A FUCKING WEEK?! I've been with you for a week and we've kissed and hugged and all that shit and you've had someone elses germs and hands all over you?! WHO WAS IT?!" Frank screamed. Gerard felt weak and knew that Frank had to know who he was with, who he said i love you too, who he said he wanted to be with worst part who he said that he would always love no matter what.
"Frank, it was Bert" Gerard whispered.
"LEEEEEAVE!" Frank screamed at the top of his lungs and flung himself at Gerard and hit him as hard as he could manage, even though it was still really weak.
Gerard cried and tried to protect himself. Frank fell to the hard wood floor and curled up into a ball and cried and cried.

Frank POV :

How could he do this to me? How?! I thought he loved me! I thought out of every option for a relationship I had. he was the only one that would never, EVER, hurt me or lie to me or CHEAT on me! I trusted him with my life, I loved him completely, more than ANYTHING in the entire universe. But the apple of my eye goes and does this to me after all we've been through and how tough or lives have been, we were there for eachother, we did everything together, went to shows and concerts, changed our subjects and timetables just so we could be together, and he sleeps with another guy! And worst of all, BERT! That SCUMBAG layed his hands on my Gerard! Bert, out of all people, is the filthiest, dirtiest, most disgusting thing I've ever laid my eyes on and I regret ever meeting him. Gee knew this but out of everyone he could sleep with, it's Bert?! If it was Ray or Dahvie or Billie or even Jayy, I might have forgiven him, but when it's Bert, forgiveness just doesn't come to mind.

- Noone POV -

"Frankie, please can you forgive me" Gerard finally brought up the courage to ask, even though he already knew the answer, Gerard knew that Frank had hated Bert since day 1, not even day 1 since second 1 so forgivness would be a miracle for him. Frank just continued to cry in his little ball, not wanting to know the outside world anymore.
"Leave. Now." He managed to choke out, he knew that if Gerard did this once with him it was more than likely to happen again.
Gerard cried, he knew there was no forgiveness so without another word he ran home and cried into his pillow but instead of sleeping Gerard knew one thing that would stop him from crying, he got out of his bed and over to his drawer and lifted out the rusty razor and watched the blood spill

Then darkness came over him.
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