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So Long and Goodnight

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She's currently trying to run toward us while shooting this asshole.
This is one of many ghostings we'll encounter in the Zones. This one is us (Midnight Vendetta, Ignorant Bliss, Bleedin Phoenix, Hidden Victory, and myself) versus about twenty Dracs. We're currently the most wanted Killjoys in the Californian Republic. For those of you who aren't following, let me explain. California isn't a state, and hasn't been since 2011. It's now covering the mass of land you once knew as the Continental U.S. because of BL/ind's takeover and the Great Fire of 2012, which turned this country into a desert wasteland. The fact that the most fertile place in the world was now a cropless Hell meant that we depended on BL/ind, even if we were rebels. We needed means of food and water, which they supplied for a price. The chemicals they pumped into their foods meant mind control. Killjoys are just rebels who use BL/ind's few safe products by supply of their Draculoid sponsors. Not all Dracs are bad, you see. It's like WWII, with Claus von Stauffenberg- that guy who tried to assassinate Hitler. As long as you're under the radar, no one will notice.
Vendetta starts running toward our barricade, trying to reach us. All of a sudden, BANG!!
Yep- she's dead.
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