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Chapter 22: Old salt

Gia hadn’t quite recovered from her bar-adventure yet, so the second she entered the Starbucks which surprisingly wasn’t packed with people as it usually was, she instantly felt relaxed. The familiar scent of hot coffee and muffins was heavenly, and she couldn’t wait to chuck down a cup of her usual vanilla Frappucchino with a chunk of whipped cream on top of it.

They ordered their coffees and settled down on one of the booths. Gerard had on his sunglasses in case of fan girls, but who was he trying to fool? As if a pair of sunglasses could disguise him enough to make him completely unrecognizable.

Gia had still been a bit hangoverish, but the coffee, that wonderful gift from the Gods, definitely helped. For a while the two of them chatted like a normal daughter and father would, and they carefully avoided the topics that they had been speaking of earlier. Gerard knew he was supposed to talk to her about what happened with Blake, about the drinking, and how she’d have to stop doing harm to herself. But Blake wasn’t mentioned, neither was alcohol. Instead they talked about TV, music, school, and other pleasant stuff. It was almost nice.

That is, until he was forced to bring up a less pleasant topic. Gerard knew that Lindsey would be ready to rip out his limbs and make stew out of them if he didn’t do what she wanted him to. This was one subject he couldn’t avoid.

“So, me and Lindsey were talking,” he started hesitantly. Gia looked at him curiously, but by the solemn look on his face she knew that’s would not be fun. “In order to make this work and for us to get along for longer than a few months at a time, we’re going to need a little bit help.”

Gia nodded cautiously. “Okay,” she replied, not knowing that to expect.

“She, I mean we thought that it would be good for you and I to see a therapist and maybe they’ll be able to help. What do you think?”

Gia could practically smell Lindsey’s influence in this. And while she did think it was a good idea, it somehow agitated her that it was Lindsey’s. Not that she had something against the woman - she didn’t - but Gia couldn’t really see how this had anything to do with her stepmom.

“Fine,” she sighed.

“Seriously? Just like that?” he asked, baffled by how easily she’d accepted.

“Yeah, why not. It’s worth a shot.”

They returned to their previous subject, both figuring that they had had enough of serious talks to last the day. While they were playfully arguing over which character of Sex and the City was better, Gia spotted something that caused her good mood to go down the drain in an instant.

“What is it?” Gerard asked when he noticed her smile disappear. She didn’t answer his question, so he turned to look at whatever it was she saw.

Her eyes were gazing at the counter, where a couple of people were placing their orders. At first he didn’t understand what was so wrong about that. They were just a group of young people, hanging out. But then one of them, a boy with dark hair, turned his head so that they saw his face. As an instant reaction to seeing that particularly irritating and unpleasant face, Gerard scowled.

“Lucas,” he growled and narrowed his eyes at his arch enemy. His dislike towards that boy had grown every day, even though he hadn’t even seen him for two years.

Gia nodded and looked away. There was no way she was talking about Lucas now, and especially not with her father. Nothing good could come of it. Her dad would go crazy, and Gia would get stressed out and she’d just end up asking Frank for another pack of cigarettes. It wasn’t good at all.

But soon Gerard realized that maybe just seeing Lucas wasn’t the only thing that was bothering her. It was the brunette, petite girl he had his arm around. He kissed the girl who giggled, and placed his hand on her butt. Gerard shivered at the thought that his daughter could've been the one this bastard was manhandling in such a vulgar manner. After all, getting rid of Lucas was one of the few good things that came out of Gia leaving Belleville two years ago.

But the look on Gia’s face was painful to see. As much as Gerard despised the boy, he knew that due to some horrible deformation in her brain, she liked him. How else could anyone find him tolerable?

“We can go, if you want,” Gerard suggested.

Gia didn’t answer, but nodded as she watched Lucas kiss the girl on the lips once more before she left, apparently to go to the bathroom. Gia didn’t want to see him like this. He wasn’t supposed to be happy. And if there’s one person she really didn’t want to see, it was the girl who made him happy.

Gia stood, grabbed her bag, flung it over her shoulder and headed towards the exit. Gerard picked up both of their coffees before following her. But before they got even half way through the room, Lucas spotted her. His eyes widened in clear shock. Gia however was determined to ignore the boy, and stormed towards the door. Before Gerard could follow her, Lucas beat him to it.

She knew he was at her tail, but she didn’t care. She also knew she had no reason to be upset about this. He had every right to have a girlfriend and grab a cup of coffee with her, but she couldn’t help but twist it into some horrible crime in her mind. They had slept together, and she knew it didn’t mean anything. She wasn’t even surprised that he hadn’t told his girlfriend. But still, they had history, so seeing him with someone else was difficult for her.

“Gia! Wait up!” he shouted after her, and she stopped walking. Not because she particularly wanted to talk to him, but because she was kind of curious of what he was going to say. She couldn’t think of a single thing they’d need to talk about.

“What?” she snapped at him.

Lucas opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He felt he needed to say something, but now that he actually had her attention, he didn’t know what it was he wanted to say.

“Umm... I...”

Gia shook her head and turned to leave, knowing that she was acting like a difficult bitch. After all, she was as much to blame as he was, perhaps even more. After all, she was the one who left, wasn’t she?

“I’m sorry!” he shouted, stopping her again.

“Lucas, don’t,” Gia pleaded. “There’s no need to make this any more difficult than it already is.”

“Lucas?” the brunette girl from the coffee shop called out as she approached them. She set a hand on his arm and looked at Gia, as if trying to determine who this strange blonde girl was and why she was giving her boyfriend these strange looks. The two girls eyed each other icily. “What’s going on?” the girl asked Lucas, with an obviously fake smile on her face. But it wasn’t the type of fake that’s used to hide something mean and unpleasant, no. To Gia’s irritation, the girl was just confused and wanted an explanation from her boyfriend who had suddenly disappeared while they were having coffee together. At first glance, she didn’t seem evil. Gia hated her even more.

Gia glanced at Lucas one more time. He wanted to talk and explain, get answers and give them. But he realized it was impossible. He was between three fires, his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, and the ex-girlfriend’s possibly homicidal father who was shooting daggers at him. Lucas did what anyone who was in his shoes would do. He ended up choosing the one he still had ties to.

Lucas’s fingers entwined with his girlfriend’s, and the two of them walked away. Completely forgetting about her father, Gia did the same and left, the curious Gerard following close behind.


A/N: Hello again. I hope you liked the chapter, even a little bit. It's okay of you didn't. However, I do have to mention a tiny noteworthy fact here. I don't have that much time to write anymore, I have these huge life-changing exams coming up and I have like... 20 books to study altogether, no kidding. Also I recently moved which, as I'm sure everyone moved away from their parents' house knows, is quite time consuming with all the responsibilities and whatnot. And to add to this list, I bought a new computer (this one powerful enough to run games unlike my old laptop that could hardly play a movie) which I'm afraid might bury me deeper into my already blossoming Skyrim addiction.
Now, there is no need to worry. This doesn't mean I won't write at all, because I will, it's just that if updates become slow, then there's a reason for it. I will be studying, cooking/cleaning or playing video games and pretending I'm a High Elf... Sigh. What is life?
But! I will try to get the new chapter out soon! I swear.
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