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5- Powerless

by FairytaleFiction

Some smut. Isabella and Frank touch.

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"Am I your newest conquest?" I asked, referring to Mikey's earlier words.

Frank paused, running his fingers along my jawline. "Do you want to be?"

The question should have been easily answerable but at the moment... It wasn't.

(End Of Recap)


Frank didn't wait for an answer. Instead he pressed his soft lips against mine. I could feel the indent of his lip ring as I pressed back against his lips, loving the contact.

Everything about Frank was new. He made me feel... different, and I loved every second of it. I could barely breath as Frank captured my bottom lip between his teeth. He bit down gently, sending a shock of pleasure through my entire body.

"Just tell me when." Frank whispered against my ear, licking along the curve. Everywhere his lips went pleasure followed. "And I'll stop, just like that." He assured me.

"Mhm." I mumbled, letting him know that I understood. Could I ask him to stop though? It felt so damn good.

Frank's hands traveled up my shirt, bringing the fabric up and then I felt cool air wash over my stomach as the shirt was thrown to the ground. After some rustling Frank brought my hands to his chest, allowing me to feel that he was shirtless as well.

After moving my fingers along his chest I sighed heavily and dropped each hand to my side, giving up. "What's wrong?" Frank immediately asked.

"I don't know what to do." I admitted.

Frank laughed, "You don't have to do anything Love. Just let me..." He leaned forward, placing a well aimed kiss upon my lips, "Kiss you." He paused, licking my earlobe once again, "Lick you." Then as he ran his finger along the curve of my jaw his next whispered words sent a shock of desire through my body, "Touch you."

Frank's fingers found the back of my bra and he expertly unclasped it, making it fall to the floor with our shirts. I jumped in surprise as Frank's hand caressed my back, guiding me to a laying position.

I almost giggled as Frank's fingers lightly traced shapes upon my stomach. The sensation was so... innocent but with Frank it just wasn't innocent at all. "God, you're so fucking beautiful." Frank whispered, his lips meeting mine once again.

With those words past his lips I could barely think. Everything was a blur. A pleasurable blur yet still a blur.

Frank's fingers against my skin. His lips sucking and kissing every inch of my body... His sweet whispers coiling through my ears, warming my heart. This is what I'd missed out on. This is what teenage girls dreamt of. That one moment with someone who makes you feel like you matter... That one someone that makes your heart beat just a little faster.

And... It was Frank that made my heart beat against my chest with a passion I'd never felt before. It was Frank.

"N-no, wait." I cried out, pressing my hands against Frank's firm chest.

Frank paused in mid-kiss, pulling his wonderful lips away from my skin. I instantly hated myself for asking him to stop but I couldn't let Frank be the one that mattered. He was my only friend. How could I ruin that by pretending that he had feelings for me? I couldn't fool myself in to thinking I meant more than an afternoon hangout to him.

"You okay?" Frank finally asked, his breath coming out ragged.

"Y-yeah. What time is it?" I asked, wanting to change the subject. I felt so exposed suddenly. Where were my clothes? I didn't particularly feel like feeling Frank's floor to find my clothing. That would definitely just add to the humiliation of asking him to stop.

"3:10. We should get going." Frank muttered, sounding disappointed.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, closing my useless eyes. For the first time ever I actually felt disabled while with Frank and it... It stung.

"For?" Frank asked, brushing my hair away from my face as I sat up next to him on his bed.

"Disappointing you." I replied, biting my lip.

Frank's lips pressed against mine once again. It was sweet and simple. Just one little peck. Then he pulled away. "You didn't disappoint me Bella. Don't think that you did because that would be the disappointment. I never want to see a frown upon your lips. They are so much more fucking kissable when you smile."

What could I do? Of course I smiled. Every word spoken by Frank Iero made me smile. Once my lips pulled upwards in to a smile Frank kissed me again. This time it was longer, filled with passion. I felt his tongue slide against my teeth, begging for entry.

Unfortunately I pulled away, regretting it as I spoke. "I have to get home." I knew I'd regret it much more if I were late today.

"Fuck." Frank whispered.

"What?" I asked, worried.

"I got... side tracked." Frank admitted. "I never put your clothes in the dryer."

I shrugged, "I'll just wear them wet. I can always say that I fell in to a fountain."

"Has that actually happened before?" Frank asked, a hint of amusement in his tone.

I laughed, shaking my head. "No, but there is a first time for everything."

"So true." Frank agreed, standing up.


(Frank's POV)

"Comfortable?" I asked, stepping outside.

The cold air blew past Bella, causing her to shiver. I pulled my jacket off immediately. "Here, wear this."

Bella quickly pulled my jacket around her. "Thanks. It's fine. I just- I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure I'm going to make your car wet."

I laughed at the remark. "I'm not worried about it." I assured her.

Once Bella was inside I went around to my side of the car, thinking of everything that had happened. I never expected to get so far with her... It was like each kiss broke past a guard she had up and for a second... For a second I truly felt in tune with her but it was like whatever she'd let slip she immediately built right back up.

There was more to her than a beautiful smile. I'd just have to find out what.

The car ride felt slow. The silence built up between us. Each time I opened my mouth to speak I immediately decided against it. What if she wanted the silence? Also... Since when did I get so damn worrisome around a girl?

We had gone past friendship but we weren't at any other stages so it left me confused. I hated confusion. I hated not knowing how Bella felt.

Once my car pulled to a stop she opened the door without a word. "Wait, Bella!" I called out a little too loudly, causing her to pause.

"Yeah?" She softly asked.

"Here's your phone and wallet." I said, pulling the items from my pocket. "Remember? I didn't want to wash them." She reached out and I placed the items in her hand, watching as her hand curled around the items to keep them in place.

"Thanks Frank." Was her response. It felt dead though. She sounded completely emotionless. What had happened?


(This is really short. I'm sorry! I just wasn't sure about the slight smut part. It wasn't that intense yet it was still pretty hard for me to write. I'm not really all that talented with smut, though I don't mind attempting to write it.)
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