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4- She Lives In A Fairytale

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The clock struck twelve.

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The next morning came quickly. I felt as if I hadn't gotten any sleep. My thoughts simply went to the kiss I'd shared with Frank and my father's words. -What kind of boy wants to be with a blind girl?-

I wondered numbly if Frank would even show up to pick me up for school. Maybe it was all a huge joke that I just didn't understand. "You can't do this." I whispered to myself. "You can't let yourself get down again." I couldn't. Last time I became depressed... I almost took my own life.

As the thoughts began to build I'd finally found the strength to stop myself from attempting anything stupid. This time around would be different. This time I wouldn't let myself feel like that. This time... Well, this time I would be strong. People could hate me. People could make fun of me. My father could hit me... I wouldn't let it bring me down. I wasn't that girl anymore.

Slowly as I stretched my legs I realized I hadn't changed nor had I showered. I'd still look like a mess. I felt next to my bedside table, feeling the time. I had five minutes to be downstairs, just to see if Frank would show up.

I made it downstairs, pausing at the door. My parents weren't home but... could I really handle Frank not showing up? Despite any show of being strong I really wasn't. I was just like every other girl. Rejection hurt. I breathed out, pulling the door open.

The voice I'd thought of all night greeted my ears, making me jump in shock. "I was just about to knock." Frank said.

"Oh." I said, caught off guard.

"You-" Frank giggled, "Going to school like that?"

"I forgot to shower last night and I slept in late." I admitted, biting my lip.

"And I'm guessing being caught at home instead of at school would be a bad thing?" Frank asked.

"Yeah." I admitted. "Let's just go get this day over with."

"Oh! So there is a little bit of despair underneath all that cheer!" Frank said, laughing again.

"I guess." I bit my lip harder.

"Let's go to my house. You can shower there." Frank said, "As for clothes... my mom probably has something. She's about your size, I think." He sounded slightly confused. "If not then I can just wash your clothes the old fashioned way and throw them in the dryer."

I smiled at his attempt to make today a little better for me. "Thanks."

Together we walked to his car. I stopped as Frank grabbed my wrist. He opened the door for me but then stopped me in place, "There's something..." I felt a little pressure around my eye and winced as he tried to wipe what he must have thought was cookie batter away.

"Ow." I pushed him away, "Don't do that."

"What happened?" Frank's tone had gotten serious, losing all of it's previous joy.

"I don't know?" I formed the statement as a question, wondering what he was seeing.

"You have a bruise. It wasn't there when I dropped you off last night." Frank said, sounding suspicious.

"Oh." I smiled, pretending nothing bad had happened. "I'm not really used to the new house yet." I admitted, making myself sound stupid on purpose. "I walked in to a wall on my way to my bedroom."

"Were you running?" Frank asked, doubting my explanation.

"Um, no." I said. "Are we going or what?"

"Come on Bella, don't lie to me." Frank begged. "It takes a lot of speed to walk in to a wall and get a bruise like that."

"Have you tried it before or something?" I asked, testing him.

"No, but I could. Just to prove you wrong." Frank replied.

"I'm a klutz sometimes Frank. I'm sorry, it's a terrible side effect of not seeing things that are right in front of my face. It's not the first bruise I've gotten and it certainly won't be the last." Just let it go! Why'd he have to be such a good guy?

"Sorry." Frank mumbled, "Fine, let's go." But he still didn't sound completely convinced.


(Frank's POV)

I was sitting on the couch in the living room when I heard Isabella call my name, "Frank!" She didn't sound panicked but that didn't stop me from rushing to the bathroom door.

"I'm right here." I told her, wondering what she needed. It really didn't matter. Whatever it was; I'd help her.

Isabella laughed, "Can you tell me if it's all out? I think chocolate chips melted in my hair over night."

I laughed as well, "Okay, I'm coming in."

I opened the bathroom door, feeling my heart thud as I reached for the curtain which kept Isabella's body hidden from my view. What was wrong with me? I'd seen plenty of naked girls. "Is it okay if I open the curtain now?" I asked, pausing.

Isabella responded in a cheery tone, "Sure."

She was standing under the water, letting it run through her hair. I watched as beads of water ran down her pale, toned body. I couldn't help but stare and found myself extremely grateful that she couldn't see me basically drooling over her. "So, is it all out?" She asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

"I don't know. Let me check." I said, hoping my voice came out normal.

I ran my fingers through Isabella's hair, brushing out a little more flour. "I'm going to wash it again. It does seem to be... blended in with your hair." I admitted. "I'm sorry. I didn't expect it to be such a pain for you."

Isabella laughed, "I liked it though so don't apologize."

I poured a small amount of conditioner on to my hand before working it through her hair, washing out the ingredients we'd been using to make cookies. "That feels good." Isabella commented.

"Having your hair washed?" I asked.

"By you, yeah." Isabella replied.

I smiled, "Would you like me to get your back as well?"

"I'd love that." Isabella responded, relaxing at my touch.

"So, why aren't you nervous?" I asked, curious. Most girls freaked out at the idea of a guy seeing them naked. Isabella wasn't even trying to cover her body. Everything was within view... She was beautiful but... so calm about the entire situation.

"About missing more classes?" Isabella asked.

"About being naked in front of me." I replied.

"You said you'd already slept with girls before." Isabella responded, carelessly.


"So, you've already seen plenty of girls naked before. What makes me any different from them? It's not like I have any alien parts. Everything should be fairly similiar." She responded, wrinkling her nose. "I'd hope. Well there, now you've gone and made me nervous!" She joked, grinning.

I laughed, nervous as well. "Not every girl is the same." I choked out, unsure as to how I'd explain that to her. "But... no, don't be nervous." I pleaded, not wanting to be banned from seeing her body again.

Isabella laughed, "Okay, I guess." I began lathering her back with soap, washing her already clean skin.

Once I was done I wished I had more to do. Instead I dropped the soap and made sure she was rinsed off, "I'll grab you a towel."

"When does your mom come home?" She asked, seemingly randomly.

"Not until 5:30."

"So, after school?" She asked.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Do they call and say you skipped if you missed the whole day?" Isabella inquired.

"Nope, only if you skip after you're accounted for." Did she want to skip again?

"Did you want to go to school today?" She asked.

"Not really. I'd much rather stay at home with you..." I trailed a finger down her back, feeling her shiver.

"I- I wasn't proposing sex." Isabella said, sounding nervous.

"Neither was I." I laughed. "You have to stop thinking that I'm such a pervert." I informed her, "Though we could at least lay in bed and hang out. It's a comfortable place to be."

"I'm down for that." Isabella said.

I grinned, wrapping a towel around her body. "Good."

I kept stealing glances at Isabella as she dried off while I put her clothing in the washing machine, "So, what time do I have to have you home by?"

"3:30." She said, sighing heavily.

"Plans with the family?" I asked.

"I guess." She replied.

"Do you have a cell phone?" I asked, not wanting to lose contact with her once 3:30 hit.

"Yeah. Should be in my pants."

I laughed, "Great thing to tell me as I'm about to throw them in to the washing machine." I informed her, checking her pockets. I placed her wallet and phone on the dryer as I threw her pants in, starting the machine.

"Sorry, didn't think about it." Isabella said, color staining her cheeks.

"I just wanted to put my number in. I- bad question but, can you text?"

"Yeah." Isabella smiled, "I have a program for it. I'll text you later tonight."

"Good, I'll hold you to it." I replied, leading her from the bathroom after I'd put my phone number in her cell phone. "Now, let's get you some clothes!" I preferred her naked though.

Damn teenage hormones.


(Isabella's POV)

"These are your mom's clothes?" I asked, biting my lip.

They felt... different from my usual clothing, which I knew despite being unable to see it, was fairly conservative for my age. My mother picked out my clothing so it was to be expected that my clothing didn't match that of my peers. Currently I was wearing a pair of shorts which wouldn't even be allowed at school... I'd think. They were much too short! And the shirt! It felt like it tied where my breasts were, revealing cleavage.

Frank laughed, "Okay, so they don't belong to my mom..." he admitted.

"Frank!" I yelled his name, "Whose clothing am I wearing?"

Frank was still laughing as he answered, "Amy's old clothing. She left it here. I offered to give it back but she didn't want it. Guess it's yours now."

"This- this isn't very PG." I said, wrinkling my nose.

"Well, you look like a normal teenager."

I bit my lip, "Does your mom have make up?"

"Of course. What girl doesn't?" Frank asked, pausing. "You don't, do you?" Then he cursed softly, under his breath.

I laughed, "I don't. Wanna apply some? Make me pretty." I pleaded, wanting to look... like other girls, despite how wrong it felt. Just this once, while in Frank's house. What would the harm be?

"You're already pretty." Frank responded, making me smile.

"Humor me, please?" I asked.

"Okay." Frank faked an accent suddenly, "But I'm no fashionista."

I laughed, "You're an artist. Think of me as your project. Free rein."

I could hear the smile in Frank's voice as he agreed, "Okay."

It turned out that I didn't like being 'made pretty' very much. There was a lot of poking around the eyes, which made me uncomfortable. "How do I look?" I asked, extremely grateful to be done with the act.

"Fucking hot." Frank replied, shamelessly.

I felt a warm heat spread across my cheeks, "Really?" I asked, surprised with the reaction.

"Do you not believe me?" Frank asked.

"Well, I just..." I trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"We could always get someone else's opinion." Frank stated.

"I don't think I want to go to school like this!" I said, horrified with the idea.

Frank laughed, "Oh come on, it'll be fun."

"You think it'll be fun because teachers will probably see me and think I've changed in to a major slut at your hand."

Frank laughed, "True but we will know that's a lie so what's the problem?"

I felt a smile tug at my lips as I nodded, "Okay... fine. Let's go."

I heard Frank's keys jingle, "Come on love. Let's blow some minds." Love. Him calling me that sent tingles up my spine as I walked beside him, conscious of each step I took because the shorts seemed to ride up a little more each time.


(Frank's POV)

"I try not to think of what might happen, when your reality, it finally cuts through..." I smiled as I listened to Isabella sing to a Paramore song which was currently blasting through my speakers. I slowly turned the song down, wanting to hear Isabella's voice instead.

Much to my dislike she immediately stopped singing, "Keep going." I commented, wanting to hear her.

Isabella shook her head, blushing again. I frowned but turned the music back up, listening to the original artist instead. It wasn't working for me so I changed the song, hoping to bait her in to singing again. It didn't happen and unfortunately I was pulling in to a parking spot at the school moments later.

"Ready to make everyone here jealous?" I whispered in to Isabella's ear.

Isabella giggled, "If you're so sure that we can..." I'd build that confidence up so fast...

I jumped out of my car, happy to find that it was close to lunch time. "Just follow my lead." I told her, grabbing her hand as she stepped from my car.

I watched the shorts bunch up slightly, revealing more of her toned legs.

-You make me feel so alive...-

Each step next to Isabella made me feel stronger. I knew I wouldn't let anyone bring her down. The bell rang, signifying that we'd soon be drowned in students.

-I've got purpose once again...-

Isabella's hand tightened around mine and I wished I could see inside of her head. I wanted to know what made her nervous so that I could smash any fears she had in to pieces. "You look beautiful." I whispered, just as we stepped on to campus.

I glanced around, seeing that students were staring at us in confusion. I just smiled. "Frank!" Someone called my name, causing me to turn around. Isabella turned with me, still holding on to my hand. "Hey dude, didn't see you at all yesterday..."

"Yeah. Hey Gerard, I was a little busy yesterday. Isabella and I were hanging out. By the way, this is Isabella. Isabella, meet Gerard Way." I introduced them.

"Hey Isabella!" Gerard greeted her, a smile upon his lips.

"Hi, nice to meet you." Isabella responded, smiling warmly.

"Newest conquest?" A new voice whispered, a little too loudly to be discreet.

I rolled my eyes, "Hey Mikey. Isabella, this is Gerard's younger brother. Meet Mikey Way. And no Mikey, Isabella and I are just friends."

"Oh, do we hold hands with friends now?" Mikey asked, rolling his eyes as he grinned.

"Shut up Mikes." I said, smacking him in the shoulder with my free hand.

Isabella hadn't said anything so I nudged her, "He's just joking around love." I informed her, "Usually he's not such a dick."

"Yeah, sorry." Mikey apologized. "Just thought you were some tramp."

"Lovely apology." Isabella said, blushing. "I suppose I must look like a tramp."

Uh-oh. I shot Mikey a quick glare and he put his hands up in defeat, "No! No! Definitely not... You look fantastic." Mikey quickly said.

"I think you look hot." I said, squeezing her hand. "Stop getting nervous. I applied the make up perfectly... and the outfit looks gorgeous on you."

Both Mikey and Gerard gave me looks of utter confusion.

"Thanks." Isabella said, smiling weakly.

"You do look hot. Where the fuck did you come from though? I don't remember ever seeing you before now." Gerard said.

"She's new." I informed Gerard.

"And you've become a make up artist?" Mikey asked, jaw hanging open slightly.

Isabella let go of my hand, stepping forward. She poked the direction in which Mikey was standing, poking him in the chest. "It would be kind of hard for me to do it." She replied, swatting at him. "Especially since that was supposed to be your arm and I think I got- well, I'm not really sure what I hit... making me have terrible prospects when it comes to applying make up."

Mikey looked startled so I decided to tell him, "Isabella is blind." Before he made a stupid assumption. Knowing Mikey... he could come up with anything.

"Shit." Mikey breathed out.

Isabella stepped back, running in to someone before I could stop her.

The guy stopped, setting his eyes on Isabella, "Hello there beautiful. You must have fallen from heaven because-" He tried out a line, making me roll my eyes.

"She's not interested Bob." I snapped, cutting him off.

Bob sighed, "Are you sure?" He stared at Isabella, "I'm Bob. Nice to meet you."

Isabella smiled, not shaking the hand he had outstretched since she couldn't see it. "Hello, I'm Isabella but Frank is right. I'm probably not interested in whatever you want..." Then she blushed. "Oh god, that sounds terrible. I mean, I am okay with being friends but I don't want to have sex and I know some guys call girls beautiful so that they can sleep with them..." She stopped, her face fiery red. "Frank?"

I laughed and stepped closer, grabbing her hand. "She just means she's taken." I told him, lying.

Bob nodded, "No problem. Friendship works for me. See you around Isabella!" And with that he wandered off.

Isabella groaned, "God, I suck at talking."

"It could have been worse." I informed her, amused.

"Taken?" Mikey repeated, grinning.

"Taken?" Isabella asked, confused.

"It's just easier when you want guys around here to back off." I replied, blushing. Why had I said that she was taken? It just... slipped out.

"Oh." Isabella replied. I didn't even see the frown on her face and if I had... I wouldn't have questioned it since she was tugging her shorts down, looking uncomfortable with her appearance.

"So, do you guys want to hang out later?" Gerard asked.

"I'm down. Isabella can't though."

Isabella's frown became more prominent. "What time?"

"Around 7:30." Gerard replied.

"I'll see if I can." Isabella said, smiling again.

The bell rang, sending students in all different directions.


(Isabella's POV)

"Frank." I whispered, leaning closer to him.

"Yeah?" He whispered back, holding me against him.

I was sure I'd gotten plenty of dirty looks from the teachers in each class we'd been to but I didn't care. "We have to go soon. I have to be home by 3:30." I told him, hoping I wouldn't be late. "And I still have to go to your place to change and take this make up off."

Frank nodded, "No problem. Now, I want you to pretend to have a stomach ache."

I groaned loudly, grabbing on to my stomach.

"Isabella, is something wrong?" The teacher asked, concerned.

"I don't feel so well." I replied, groaning again.

"Mm, perhaps you should see the school nurse." She replied.

"I'd be more than happy to take her." Frank commented.

"Oh, would you?" I asked, pretending to be surprised.

"Alright but be quick Mr. Iero." The teacher said, going back to her lesson plan.

Frank's hand pressed around mine and I stood with him, exiting the classroom.

Once outside I smiled, "Thanks. I didn't mean we had to leave now but- now is good."

"Gives us about an hour and a half alone." Frank replied, "Not nearly enough time but we'll make it work."


Frank had thoroughly wiped my face clean of any make up. It felt... refreshing to have all of the make up removed. "I'm putting your clothes in the dryer." Frank notified me. "Shouldn't take too long then you'll be good to go."

"Am I?" I asked, seemingly randomly to Frank but it wasn't random as far as I was concerned.

"What?" Frank asked, sitting beside me on his bed.

"Am I your newest conquest?" I asked, referring to Mikey's earlier words.

Frank paused, running his fingers along my jawline. "Do you want to be?"

The question should have been easily answerable but at the moment... It wasn't.
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