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Bruises and Bad Memories

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An Inspector calls, a man snaps and a woman cries.

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A/N: Thank you to the beautiful people who rated and reviewed, and to anyone else that is enjoying this story but are hiding from me; hey! :)

Jamia was eating dinner alone at her dining table, when the doorbell rang. 

"Hello?" She asked, as she opened the door.

Inspector Saunders stood at her doorstep, umbrella in hand as it was raining heavily. He smiled at the sad looking woman.

"Good morning, Mrs Iero." He said. "Is it okay if I come inside?"

Jamia nodded, and held the door open fully. Inspector Saunders stepped inside, and took a look around. The house was a mess; dirty clothes lying everywhere, unwashed dishes on the table, and the smell of dirty diapers hung in the air. He was mildly disgusted, and considered leaving the poor woman to her own despair, but chaned his mind after remembering the pay check he was due that week.

"Anything I can get you, s-sir?" Jamia stuttered as she looked up at the intimidating man.

The Inspecter looked at the fragile, breakable woman and sighed to himself, wondering for a moment why he even became a Police Inspector in the first place. He was sick and tired of dealing with crying, snivelling, unhelpful people.  

"Tea, no sugar." He replied.

Jamia nodded and scuttled off to the kitchen, calling out behind her, "Take a s-seat in the living room."

After a few minutes, she came back with the tea, and handed it to the Inspector, sitting down opposite him after. The Inspector looked into his mug, and pulled a disgusted expression when he saw that remnants of something brown and crusty clung to the bottom and sides of the mug, and that his tea had a hair swimming on the surface.

He put the tea on the small coffee table in front of him, and looked up at Jamia, attempting a smile. "I would like to ask you a few more questions in the disappearance of Mr Frank Iero, Mrs Iero."

"Please, call me Jamia." The tearful woman stuttered.

"As you wish. Jamia, am I correct in saying that you were having trouble with your children when Mr Iero left your house?"

Jamia nodded. The Inspector continued. "And why, may I ask, did Mr Iero not stay and help with these problems?"

"W-We had a sort of argument." Jamia replied uncertainly. "It w-was stupid. God, I was so stupid." She broke down into tears.

The Inspector sighed, and slid closer to the crying woman, rubbing her shoulder in what he had hoped was a comforting manner. She shuffled closer to him, crying into his shoulder and wrapping her arms around his waist. The Inspector froze for a moment, and Jamia stopped, pulling back instantly.


"I ask you not to do that again, Mrs Iero. I'm here on business, not to listen to your crying."

"I'm's just...strange. F-Frank not being here. I'm lonely, I'm sorry." Jamia wiped her glistening eyes.

The Inspector sighed again. "Like I said, I'm on business, Mrs Iero..."

She nodded and bit her lip, more tears falling down her face. "S-Sorry, I c-can't..."

The Inspector stood up and packed away his notebook. "I'll just leave."

Jamia cried louder and shook her head. "No! No, I'm sorry, I want to help. I...I can be strong. For Frankie."

"You're obviously incapable of answering any questions, Mrs Iero, as we can both clearly see."

"You don't know me." Jamia replied through tears. "You don't know anything about me! You're just a jerk with a notebook!"

The Inspector took a step towards Jamia. "You're making me lose my patience with you, Mrs Iero. Although I truly do not care about you or your missing and probably dead husband, it is my JOB to get to the bottom of this case."

"Get out."

The Inspector looked confused.

"Get OUT of my house!" Jamia repeated, standing up as she did so.

The Inspector grew angrier, and held his ground. "I have to deal with ignorant people like you every day. I am not in the mood to deal with YOU."

Jamia breathed heavily, the stress and pain she had experienced in the past few days finally coming out, and ran a hand through her scraggly, greasy hair. "FUCK YOU. Leave me alone, you fucking asshole!" She pushed the Inspector towards the door, and he stumbled and fell.

The Inspector closed his eyes for a second, and stood back up slowly. He glared into Jamia's frightened eyes and raised his hand, slapping her hard across the face. She fell, and didn't get back up, only stared at the floor sobbing with her hair covering her face.

"Y-You bastard." She choked out.

The Inspector kicked her hard in the stomach, in reply. Jamia let out a loud cry, and then a soft whimper. The cruel man knelt down and cupped Jamia's face, forcing her to look at him with scared eyes.

"I'm leaving. Don't you go telling anyone. Or I WILL come back. Oh, and about your'll probably never see him ever again."

And with that, he left, leaving the poor woman behind, more scared and heart broken than ever before.


Gerard was staring at the wall, when the bell at his front door sounded. He had been staring at the wall for a few hours, but there was nothing particularly interesting about it. It was a plain white wall. A few dirty finger marks from Bandit near the bottom, but a plain white wall none the less. He had been thinking about his previous dream. It had been different yet much more terrifying than any of his previous dreams. It featured a hospital. And a hospital bed. And lying on the hospital bed, a twisted and mangled Frank. Much like his corpse. Only, the Frank in his dream, although deathly pale and slightly blue, with red rimmed eyes, was alive and breathing. This Frank had some incomprehensible words scratched onto his arm, although they looked like the names "Cherry, Lilly, Jamia." This Frank looked to be concentrating. His lips moved and formed words so quiet Gerard could barely hear.

"Get me out of here, fucking get me it of here please, just don't leave me, whoever you are...Jamia, I miss you. I love you, look after the girls,  wish you were with me..." His words faded away.

Gerard sighed, and tried to forget the strange dream. "Come in." He shouted, not taking his eyes off the wall. The door opened and Gerard heard a quiet scuffling of feet, and then small footsteps behind him.

"G-Gerard." Jamia cried out shakily, running to her dear friend. She knelt next to him and hugged him tightly, burying her face into his neck and sobbing. "S-Something terrible h-happened!"

Gerard made a low growling sound and stood up abruptly. It was then that Jamia noticed the deep purple bruising on Gerard's forehead, his sunken cheeks and bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, and long deep red cuts snaking up his bare arms.

"G-Gee? Are you o-oka-"

Gerard cut her off, "Of course I'm not okay! Do I look o-fucking-kay?! Fuck. Shit. Aargh!" He cried out, and clutched his hands to his ears, collapsing onto his knees 

Jamia shakily took a step backwards, as Gerard started to rock back and forth on his dirty carpet, whimpering and crying, and moaning and twitching. To Jamia, it looked like Gerard had been beaten and broken.

 Which in a way, he had. Only, from the inside.

"Th-They won't stop." Gerard whimpered, looking up at the frightened Jamia with tear filled eyes. "Talking talking whispering whispering shouting, shouting, SHOUTING, SHOUTI-"

"BE QUIET!" Jamia screamed, cutting him off. Gerard whimpered. "W-What's going on, Gee? I, I'm so s-scared. Everyone is out to get m-me t-today." She continued, breaking down into tears.

Gerard bit his lip hard, tearing the skin and sending blood cascading down his chin. "F-Frank." He murmured quietly.

"W-What did you say?"

"F-FRANK!" Gerard repeated louder, to himself, holding his hands once again to his ears, as millions of voices filled his mind. All screaming of in anguish, one name. Frank.

But Jamia could hear nothing. She only looked on confused and blissfully unaware.

As the noises in Gerard's head grew louder, his actions became jerkier. He twitched, breathed and blinked very quickly, and his eyes held a dead and distant look. Suddenly, and very quickly, he grabbed Jamia's ankle. She yelped; and instantly tried to pull away, but Gerard held fast. In his twisted and psychotic mind, he heard Frank's voice, crying and screaming and calling out for Jamia, Cherry and Lily. He felt pain, too. Intense pain in his chest and in his mind.

"Let me go!" Jamia cried.

Gerard looked up at her sharply, his eye twitching like crazy. "He wants you."

"What, I-"

"Frank wants YOU." Gerard interrupted. "He's screaming. In my head." Gerard tapped his head forcefully.

Jamia gasped and backed away further. "W-What? You're hearing v-voices?!"

Gerard stood up and nodded frantically, pulling at his hair tightly as he did so. "Yes. Goddamit, BITCH!" He screamed.

"You're fucking c-crazy!" Jamia shouted.

Gerard growled and pushed her as hard as he could, into the wall. Her head hit the white painted wall with a thump, and she groaned in pain.

 Gerard grabbed her shoulders and shook them, "EAT IT, EAT IT, EAT IT." Jamia began crying hysterically.

He suddenly cried out and clasped his hands to his ears once again. Jamia took the opportunity to push Gerard out of the way, and clumsily ran to the front door. She took one last glance behind her and flung the door open, running into the moonlit night and taking with her only bruises and bad memories.

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