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Lovers reunited at last

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::FRERARD ONESHOT:: kinda like a death note i guess? i dont even know, just read it please? :3

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A/N: haters gone hate. I don't even know why i wrote this, its like 1:00am and i'm super tired, but (as lame as this is) i was watching Glee and this weeks episode there was a guy trying to kill himself, i thought of this and it popped up i guess. (Actually, i'll watch what i like, i don't care) I hope you like reading it, probably crap but please R&R?? thanks :D
-LatherTheBlood xo

That one spot.

Under the large oak tree.

That was our spot Gee.
What happened?
Did I do something wrong ?

Everytime I see our tree, I cry.
I cry Gee.
Because I miss you.

I miss your smile. I miss your heavenly hazel eyes. I miss the paleness of your soft, beautiful skin. I miss the way you would giggle at the simplest things or the way you’d smile at me when I was hurt and tell me everything was alright. I miss the way you would stroke my cheek whilst I slept or the way you’d kiss me slowly.

I miss your gentle touch, your caring heart and your peaceful soul.

All of that made my life heaven, it’s kind of ironic huh? I’d always said I never believed in hell, now i'm fucking living it.

Without you I feel all the pain, all the anger, all the sadness. Its like all the happiness has been drained from my life and poured into the kitchen sink. It feels horrible knowing that when im hurt you wont save me or when im down you wont pick me up. You were like my anti-depressant, how you could be so happy, all of the time in a world as shit as this beats me. You constantly smiled. I guess it was just an act after all, just a cover.

Deep down you hurt inside, didn’t you? I was too busy telling you all my problems to notice and you were too busy listening to my pathetic moaning to tell me. I feel like it's my fault you did what you did, even though your letter states regularly it wasn’t. It was, wasn’t it? I honestly cannot live my life without you, Gerard. That why I wrote this, so my mother can find it, know why I did it.

Remember when you said to that little kid? The one you helped down from the football posts? You saw his scar-covered wrists and said “no matter how bad things get, nothing is worth hurting yourself over, ever.” That brought a smile to my face, the way you cared about everyone. Apart from yourself. You’re a little bit of a hypocrite now huh? I’m sorry, now is not the time.. I love you Gee, always have, always will. Don’t worry, in a couple of minutes, we’ll see each other again.

Lovers reunited at last.

-Frankie XOXO
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