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Then We've Already Said Our Last Goodbye

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**David Cook fanfic, since there's no category for them** David and Jayde go out on a dinner date. :)

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David woke up the following weekend in a pair of plaid pajama pants and a white tee in a strange house. He leaned up and saw Dublin at the foot of his bed; he scratched him behind his ears and headed toward the kitchen.

Monroeville was a quaint town whose population totaled about 10,000 people. David and Andrew had rented out an apartment above the local Chinese restaurant, and they had let David keep Dublin there on one condition: no wild parties. David promised them he wouldn't throw any kind of wild party and Dublin was welcomed into the apartment.

“So you're gonna try and write on your song some more?” Andrew had asked him.

David looked at him. Andrew's hair stood up in all directions and his clothes had wrinkles on them from where he slept through the night.

“Of course. By the way, you got a little...” David pointed at an invisible spot on his chin and walked outside onto the balcony with a sly smile. He perched himself on the plastic lawn chair and propped his feet up so he could think. After five minutes of sitting outside, he fell asleep in a warm drizzle that was falling.

“Should we wake him? He looks so... peaceful,” David heard someone whisper loudly.

“Yes, we should. He's soaked to the skin!” someone else said.

David listened to the banter without opening his eyes. He could detect his brother's voice and Andy's voice coming from inside; he finally decided to open his eyes and let them know he was awake. He realized he was standing in a soaking rain and decided to head back inside to change.

“You were awake the whole time?” Andrew asked him.

“Yep. I heard everything,” David told him as he stretched and walked toward the bathroom to change. When he came back out, he grabbed his laptop, a pad of paper and his pen and headed out of the apartment. “See you later, 'kay? I'm going to get some Chinese food.”

Andrew waved him on out the door. As he headed downstairs to the Chinese restaurant, David stopped and texted Andy to come and sit with him so he wouldn't be lonely. He sat down at a table and pulled out his laptop and his pad of paper and a pen.

As he began writing, he heard a small tinkling of bells behind him and turned around in curiosity. He saw a young girl, about twenty years old, walk in and place an order to the woman behind the counter.

“We out of sesame chicken!” she screeched to the girl. David felt guilty about eavesdropping. He watched as the girl, upset about not getting any sesame chicken, started to leave. He gathered his things and followed her outside.

“Hey! Excuse me,” he called out to her, chasing her through the crowd. He slung his bag over his shoulder and started trying to get through the crowd, following her until she stopped right in front of him.

“What is it with you?” she asked him harshly. David noticed her eyes were startlingly green, and her mane of dark brown hair had bright red highlights in it.

“What's your name?” David asked numbly. He couldn't take his eyes away from hers.

“Jayde. And yours?” she said. She gave him a small smile and David's heart fluttered in his chest.

“D-David,” he said. He offered her one of his now-sweaty palms. She shook his hand, not caring about it.

“David, it's nice to meet you. Maybe we can hang out sometime?” she asked him.

He thought over the offer. He would love to hang out with her; maybe she could help him write his song.

“Sure. I'd love to hang out sometime,” he told her. He gave her his phone number and watched her walk away. He fumbled for his phone and called Andrew.

“Hello?” Andrew asked.

“Dude, I just met a seriously hot girl named Jayde. She's twenty-ish, has green eyes, dark brown hair with bright red highlights, and I have her number! We're gonna hang out for a bit,” David told him excitedly.

Really? Can I come?” Andrew asked him innocently. David sighed.

“Yeah, just... act normal.” David walked back upstairs to their apartment and went through the keys on his keyring. He opened the door and saw Andy and Andrew standing there, talking about Jayde.

“...he said she's green-eyed...” Andrew said in a low voice.

“...said she's got dark brown hair with bright red highlights,” Andy told Andrew.

David walked over to them and leaned against the countertop beside Andrew. “She's gorgeous, absolutely stunning. When you get your first glimpse of her it'd take your breath away.”

Andrew grinned at him. “Someone has a crush!”

David blushed cherry red. “I do not!”

A few minutes later David, Andrew, and Andy were heading out of the apartment to go meet Jayde at the corner. David turned and looked at Andrew and asked if he looked okay.

“Dude, you look fine,” Andrew told him. David sighed and continued to mess with the neck of his shirt.

“I'm telling you, she's really pretty,” David hissed at Andrew and Andy. “You guys need to fix your hair before you meet her... please do something about your hair!” David started toward them.

Andrew grabbed his wrists. “Dude, calm down! She's just a girl, how pretty can she be?”

Andy snickered. “Drop-dead gorgeous, maybe?”

David shot them both a glare. Andy and Andrew both shut up and stood with him at the corner.

About five minutes later, Jayde walked up to the corner and stood with them. “Hi. David, right?” As she was talking, Andy and Andrew had trouble keeping their mouth shut.

“Yeah. Jayde, right?” David asked her. “This is my younger brother, Andrew, and my friend Andy.”

Jayde gave them both a bright smile. “Hi. Very nice to meet you both.”

“Hi, nice to meet you.” Andy and Andrew looked at David from behind her back and made a shocked face. They then turned around and walked back down the street.

Gahhh...” David sighed. “Hey, can you wait for me inside the Chinese restaurant?” he asked her.

“Sure,” she told him. She walked into the little Chinese restaurant and ordered some dumplings and sat down at a table.

David followed Andy and Andrew down the street where they stopped. “What on earth happened?”

“You started flirting, so... we thought you'd like to be left alone,” Andrew told him.

“I didn't start flirting... we just ended up flirting together,” David told him. He stood with them outside a rundown shop talking for about ten minutes. “Told you she's pretty.”

“Yeah, you did. You gonna ask her out?” Andy asked him.

David thought for a minute. She was waiting on him at the Chinese restaurant... no Andrew or Andy there to bother them. “Yep.”

“Go for it!” Andrew told him before running upstairs to their little apartment. Andy just waved goodbye and left him alone to go back inside the Chinese restaurant.

“Decide on what you want yet?” Jayde asked him.

“General Zhao's chicken, hot.” David rocked back and forth on his feet, nervous. “May I ask what you're getting?”

“Just some dumplings,” she told him. When their check came, David paid for both of their dinners.

“You didn't have to do that,” she told him.

“Yeah, I did. You agreed to meet up with me and I had just moved here temporarily; I owe you a lot,” David told her.

“It's okay. Here, take my number, and call me back later, okay? Bye!” She waved at him as she left.

David's heart fluttered again. He felt like he just met the girl of his dreams.
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