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On Leather Wings, Rose From The Streets

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Gerard's P.O.V.

I was woken by the sound of heavy rain, accompanied by loud strikes of lightning. I lifted my head, and realized I had fallen asleep at the table when I was trying to figure out a plan. Now my neck is going to be as sore as hell today. I looked out the window and watched the rain fall hard outside. The trees swayed in the brisk wind, while red lightning lit up the grey sky. I loved it when the weather was like this. Something about it just made me happy, in a weird way.

I got up, and put a jacket on, along with a pair of black converse. I walked out of my apartment, and into the rain. If anyone sees me out here, they'll think I'm crazy for being out here in all this lightning, but since I'm immortal, it doesn't really matter if I'm struck by lightning!

I walked through town, and decided to to go hang around in the alley for a little while. As I was walking, I couldn't stop thinking about how I was going to find this boy I had to kill. When I thought harder about it, it actually wasn't THAT hard. All I have to do is find him, get him to trust me to the point that I can get him alone, and then...strike with my silver blade.

After a while, I finally reached the alley, only to find that someone else was hanging around there,too. Might as well have some kind of conversation, I guess. As I walked further down the alley, I made sure my wings were completely concealed in my jacket. Just as I was about to open my mouth to say "Hi", he looked at me with his deep, hazel eyes. His black hair framed his face nicely. He was wearing a leather jacket, and a pair or black skinny jeans.

Just then, I got the feeling I had seen him before...

Those were the same hazel eyes that held so much fear last night, as Andy threatened the boy.
That was the same black hair that he had, too.
Also the same clothes.
But why is he-

"Um, hi." The boy said awkwardly. I then realized I must have been staring for too long.

"Hi, what brings you down here?" I asked.

"Oh....I was kicked out of my house, and my family pretty much disowned me, so I'm just hanging around here." He said with sadness starting to fill his eyes.

"Wow, that sounds harsh" I said.

"Yeah, it is. Wait a minute...haven't I seen you before?" He said, as I felt my adrenaline start to rush like mad.

"No, you must be thinking of someone else." I replied. Dumbest.excuse.ever.

"Oh,ok." He mumbled.

"Anyway, I'm Gerard, nice to meet you." I said, trying to be as friendly as possible.

"Frank Iero. Nice to meet you,too." He said, with a small smile, despite the fact he had just lost nearly everything.

We stood in the alley and chatted for about an hour, until I finally decided I should get home....but not alone.

"Listen Frank, I'm gonna go home, now. You're welcome to come if you want,I'm sure you don't want to stand here in the rain, do you?" I said, praying he would agree.

"Hmm, I guess you have a point. Sure, I don't see why not." Frank replied.

We walked out of the alley, and back to my apartment. This was turning out exactly how I planned it...

hey guys, sorry its so short, im literally fallin asleep as I'm writing this. It's 2:am here. o.o definetly updating soon :)
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