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Crown Prince of Avalon

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On Harry's 13th birthday, his Fae/Sidhe heritage awakens. The weird sisters tell him that Lily and James Potter are not his real parents, but that Lord Oberon and Lady Titania are his biological pa...

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Harry Potter franchise or the Gargoyle cartoon series.
Authors Notes: This story was inspired by Harry Potter the Son of Oberon by deathknighttimas. While the ideas about Fae magic and wizard magic comes from the story Green Eyes by Whitetigerwolf.
2nd Note: Though is name Harry’s mortal name is Harry James Potter is Fae name will be Harailt (HAR ail with the T being silent), which is Scottish for “Leader” and is a variant of Harold, which is English. Only, Oberon and Titania will refer to him by his full name.

Crown Prince of Avalon
By: ghostwriter84
Prologue – Heritage Revealed…
Location: Café in Paris…
Oberon sat in a secluded corner booth in a random café in Paris. He was reading a local newspaper while awaiting the arrival of Titania, his ex-wife. When a woman suddenly slid into the bench opposite to him and began to say…

“It’s been awhile, Oberon.” She said, as he looked up to see the human face of Titania aka Anastasia Renard.

Putting the paper down and to the side, he replied, “almost twelve years now.”

“Yes, but now is not the time to be catching up on each other’s lives. I believe you know why I called this meeting.” Titania said coolly while arching a perfectly sculpted eyebrow.

“Indeed, you wish to discuss Harailt’s awakening. Am I right,” he questioned?

“What are we going to do about it and about his training?” Titania asked, looking to Oberon for his instructions.

“He can’t officially become the crown prince of Avalon; until, he comes of age at seventeen. But, I am sending the weird sisters to collect him and bring him to Gringotts. Where he can go through the heritage ritual and be declared an adult as the last in line of a most ancient and noble family. We will meet him there and explain everything to him.” Oberon explained to Titania who agreed with this plan.

“Have you notified Ragnok of this plan,” asked Titania?

“Yes, he will be expecting us at 9:00 and has sent along a goblin portkey to bring Harailt straight to his office. Griphook and Baneblade will also be in attending.” Oberon said.

“Good, then I will see you tomorrow.” She said, before getting up to leave the booth and café.

Oberon watched her leave with a pang of regret for divorcing her almost a thousand years ago, but it was needed to open her and the third races prejudice mind set against the humans.

(Scene Changes)
Location: Potter Manor, Godric’s Hollow, England…
Date: 31st of July, 1993…
It was as Oberon predicted. At exactly midnight, on the 31st of July 1993: the sleeping form of Harry James Potter began to rapidly change. The now thirteen year old began to glow to a golden color. Threads of magical energy began to wrap Harry in of healing power. This magical cocoon was the result of his magical core becoming unblocked and his Fae heritage surfacing.

Harry’s body was beginning to heal itself from twelve years spent living in his twin brother’s shadow. His parents James and Lily Potter had neglected him sense Halloween 1981 when the dark lord Voldemort had attacked the family. Lily and James had been away at an emergency order meeting called by Dumbledore for the very reason of protecting his great-great nephew and his wife from Voldemort. Peter had volunteered to watch the twins that night, so that he could let Voldemort into the house and was going to pretended to sacrifice his life for his godsons.

Lily ignored him, but James was a different story. James was openly hostile with him and even physically abusive at times. Harry’s twin brother, Haydn had also picked up on their father’s hate of his brother and so would pick on Harry or try to bully him. He also took credit for the heroics of Harry in saving the school two years in a row, which only served to boost his status as the boy-who-defeated-the dark-lord.

He began to grow from his height of 5’7” to stand at 6’3” and become a healthy, lean, and athletic medium build. With time and training he could become a lean muscular sex god of a mortal man. The usually unmanageable raven locks of hair became their true color as the most powerful of glamour faded to reveal silver/white hair that straighter and silkier and grew out to below shoulder length. He would no longer need his glasses, because as a Fae he would have better than 20/20 vision and he gained night vision, and arcane/mage sight (Detect Magic/Arcane Sight simply allow the user to tell what (if any) spell effects are currently affecting an area); while his ears became pointed and other elfish features.

While this was taking place, in his mind and magical core, he was wrapped in battle with the leeching piece of Voldemort’s soul attached to his lightning bolt shaped scar. Harry also began to run a mild fever while his magical core absorbed the left over basilisk venom and phoenix tears that were in his blood stream.

The added magical properties were used to enhance his magical core, strengthening it in twice its large power reserve. Finally, the soul fragment couldn’t take the fight anymore and fled out through the opened scar to be pulled to and thru a veil in the deepest level of the Ministry of Magic; this was known as the Veil of Death.

When this happened a pure magical wave was released from the powerful magical core and body that caused several women and two gargoyles, who were having erotic dreams, or daydreams about a handsome demi-god of a man, to orgasm. The man’s identity was unknown to each of them, but some believed that they knew him and also that they would have to share the demi-god in their dreams. Around dawn the next morning the cocoon of magical energy begins to fade back into Harry’s body as it reabsorbs into his core.

(Scene Changes)
Harry began to awaken three hours later. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes before stretching; in hopes of relieving the stiffness in his joints and sore muscles, from where his body had grown and changed so rapidly. Done with stretching, he reached for his glasses that he had left on the table next to his bed.

When he heard the gentle ((laughter)) of three women coming from within his room and a voice say…

“You need not bother with those, anymore. My prince,” an enchanting female voice said.

Harry had by now opened his eyes in surprise and sat straight up in his bed to see three women, one blonde, one with black hair, and the third with silver/white hair. He had begun to withdrawal his wand from under his pillow, but was stopped by the blonde speaking to him…

“Nor will you ever have need of that mortal wand again, my prince.”

“Who are you and how did you get in here,” questioned a startled Harry.

“We are the weird sisters, my prince. I am Phoebe, and these two are my sisters Luna and Selene,” said the blonde.

“Th-the weird sisters like Shakespeare’s play Macbeth?” Questioned Harry, only Remus knew of Harry’s love of English literature since he had learned to read and especially Shakespeare plays.

He taught himself how to read at an early age, for he was very smart. Harry would often hide in the Manor’s library, or at school to avoid Haydn and his group of friends, or in town to avoid his so called family.

“Yes, my prince,” Selene said finally speaking up.

“Why are you calling me, prince? I’m just a regular wizard. That doesn’t make any sense to me-um…” he trailed off not knowing what he was trying to say.

“It is easy to explain, my prince. Do you recall Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’,” asked Luna who continued when she saw the nod from Harry.

“Then you know of Oberon and Titania, the king and queen of the third race, also known as the Fae folk, Sidhe or dark elves.”

“Yes, according to legends Oberon also ruled over Avalon.” Harry said, remembering everything he could about what he had read of the Fae folk.

“Yes, he does-rule Avalon, but the point is that you are the child of Lord Oberon and Lady Titania.” Phoebe explained to a shocked and unbelieving teen.

“That can’t be my parents are Lily and James Potter…” He began to say, but Luna cut him off.

“Nay, my prince; Lily and James Potter are not your true parents…And you are anything but a normal mortal wizard,” Phoebe spoke gently to the unbelieving child.

“I-I-don’t believe you,” Harry began to stutter and shake his head in disbelief.

“You have but to only look in a mirror to see the proof.”

Luna spoke up as she conjured a mirror to float in front of Harry. Looking into the mirror, he was shocked to see the pointed and clear pale skin. His hair had grown to shoulder length and was tamed, silky and straight looking. Harry thought he looked like Legolas from the Tolkien trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings’ except without the longer blonde hair.

“I think this be enough of a shock for the prince for now sisters.” Luna said, “We must be leaving soon.”

“Agreed sister,” replied Selene while Phoebe nodded.

“Prince Harry, you need to get dressed for we are meeting with Lord Ragnok of the goblin nation in an hour’s time.” Phoebe explained while showing him the expensive robes that they had brought for him to wear.

He took a shower and changed into the clothes, before pulling his hair back into a loose ponytail with the help of a silver and gold, Celtic knotwork, ponytail tie with the image of a triskelion design. His robes were made from the finest of fabrics. They were a deep emerald green worn over his simple clothes of black dress trousers, black leprechaun made comfortable, pointed toe, leather shoes and a white dress shirt that laced up at the top quarter of the shirt.

The weird sisters had packed what they thought Harry would need. They also packed his hidden book collection of classic literature and other mortal books of learning while he was getting ready. Walking back into his room, he saw that his things were packed and the weird sisters were ready to leave.

“You look very handsome, my prince.” said Phoebe, “but come we must leave this place, forever.”

Harry blushed at the complement and was shocked by this last statement, but couldn’t ponder it for long for he was whisked away in type of magical teleportation that was unknown to him.

(Scene Changes)
Location: Ragnok’s Office at Gringotts Bank…
The weird sisters and Harry appeared with his belongings in a large and fashionable, executive office from the turn of the century style. It had wood paneled walls, which had weapons mounted on the wall of varying kinds, along with paintings of former goblin kings and interspersed were gas lighted wall lamps to help light the room.

An over-sized carved wooden desk with leather office chair and built in book shelves behind the desk. A large fireplace to the left of Harry, with leather furniture and carved tables gathered around the warm fire. Two unknown individuals of elfin appearance sat comfortably in on the sofa and an older goblin of unknown age sat in a chair. They had been discussing something when Harry and the sisters arrived.

They turned to view the new arrivals, before standing to greet them. The weird sisters bowed to the two tall aristocratic appearing elves.

“Lord Oberon, we have done as you have asked and collected Prince Harailt from the mortals,” Phoebe said, for the three of them after they stood.

“Good, now would you take care of the other two special tasks that I need done,” Oberon said in a deep commanding voice.

“Of course, sire; it will be an honor:” Replied Luna with a mischievous smirk, and with that the three sisters disappeared to do as they were commanded.

Harry took the time to observe the two royal elves. Oberon stood at 6’7” with haughty, aristocratic figure dressed in royal attire. He had long white hair, light blue skin with elfish features. Harry could feel the power within Oberon and instinctively knew never to cross him.

The woman, Titania was also tall, standing at 6’3” and also had the elfish features, but softer appearing with red hair and green eyes. She could be mistaken for a goddess of beauty; if it wasn’t for the pale green skin. He also noticed that she was appraising him, as well as, a smile on her beautiful face that held a look of sadness and regret in her eyes. Harry, also felt that this was a women you did not want to cross. She was powerful, but not anywhere near the same power that he felt from Oberon.

“Harailt, I am your father - Lord Oberon - ruler of Avalon and king of the third race. This is your mother - the Lady Titania – queen of the third race. Please, sit for we have much to explain and I am sure you have many questions that need to be answered;” Oberon said and Harry did as he was told by taking a seat on the leather sofa; along with Titania who sat at the other end near the chair that Oberon claimed for himself.

Ragnok stood and bowed to Oberon and Titania before saying, “I will leave the three of you to talk, sire; while I will see to the goblet that was left in our possession.”

“Of course, if you could give us an hour and see about having some refreshments for Harailt,” Oberon said in a commanding voice.

“At once, sire;” Ragnok said before leaving the office.

“I know this must be a shock for you, my son. So we will answer any question you may have,” Oberon stated calmly, watching his son for any reaction.

“Who am I?” Asked Harry of Oberon and Titania.

“You are Harailt, prince of the third race,” Oberon calmly stated, which was beginning to annoy Harry.

*Flashback Begins*
“Why are you doing this?” Questioned an angry and distraught Titania of her lover and former husband Oberon?

“It will be for Harailt own good. He will learn the ways of the mortal humans.” Oberon calmly said, “He must live amongst the magical mortals and learn their ways if he is to one day unite and rule over the magical world, as their King.” He was holding his three day old son in his arms.

“That’s why we went thru all of this, so that the human magic users can have a king and know true peace. What are you trying to create a new golden age of magic?” Stated Titania, “I will agree with this plan, but only if we tell him on his thirteenth birthday and after you unlock his Fae heritage.”

*End Flashback*

“So, we found you a place to live with the Potter’s. We altered their memory along with everyone else’s to believe that you were their son and fraternal twin to Haydn Potter.” Oberon stated, “We were unaware that by doing this we would be helping to fulfill a mortal prophecy.”

“What do you mean? What prophecy?” Harry asked, while eating a piece of fruit that had appeared on the small round oak coffee table.


“…But that’s talking about Haydn.” Harry said confused and full of warring emotions.

“No my son, it is talking about you. No mortal can ever survive the killing curse. The reason Haydn did is simple. He was not the one that Voldemort cast the curse at that Halloween night. Voldemort aka Tom Marvolo Riddle saw you as the one in the prophecy. He could feel the power that you posses as a Fae and so tried to kill you, but as a Fae you are immortal and have invincibility to all mortal magic. Though, we can be killed, but it can be extremely difficult.” Titania explained to her son.

“What about the Potter’s and everyone else will they remember me.” Asked a curious Harry?

“No, everyone’s memories will no longer include you; unless you decide that you want them to remember.” Oberon said, “You will have to return to Hogwarts and be resorted, but is a formality.”

“What do we do now?” Harry asked of his parents.

“Hey, heritage test will be done and is only a formality, so that we can have you declared emancipated in the magical world. After that is done we will spend the next month training you in your Fae magic.” Oberon stated, “So that when Riddle does return you can vanquish him for good. That is once we get rid of the anchors that he created by splitting his soul into pieces and hiding them in magical antiques.”

Thirty minutes later, Ragnok returned to his office with a young goblin named Griphook and an older goblin named Baneblade in tow.

“May I assume, sire that the young prince is ready for the heritage test.” Ragnok asked, after bowing to them along with Baneblade and Griphook bowed to royal family of the Fae kind, which included goblins.

“Yes, I believe that we are.” Oberon said after getting a nod from Harry.

Ragnok placed a piece of special heritage revealing parchment in front of Harry, before explaining what he should do. Understanding, Harry leaned over the short coffee table and pressed his thumb to the parchment, and felt the sting of blood being withdrawn. The parchment absorbed the blood and at once his name and vital statistic appearing along with several family names began appearing.

Name: Harailt “Harry”
Age: 13
Title: Crown Prince of Avalon and the Third Race
Biological Parents: (Father) Oberon – Lord of Avalon and King of the Third Race.
(Mother) Titania – Queen of the Third Race.
Biological Siblings:
Brothers – Antioch, Cadmus & Ignotus (deceased-triplets both son’s of Oberon and Titania) died during the war with their grandmother Queen Mab.
Half-sister – Janine Fox Renard (alive - daughter of Titania)
Half-sister – Morgana Le Fay (deceased daughter of Titania)
Half-brother – Godric Gryffindor (deceased son of Titania)
Half-brother – Myrddin “Merlin” Emrys (deceased son of Oberon)
Half-sister – Rowena Ravenclaw (deceased daughter of Oberon)
Half-brother – Nicholas Flamel (deceased son of Oberon)
Grandmother – Queen Mab (former ruler of Avalon and queen of the third race – imprisoned)
In Laws:
Finn Macbeth (deceased – Rowena Ravenclaw’s husband and the magical brother of the Macbeth of clan Macbeth)
Helga Hufflepuff (deceased –Godric Gryffindor’s wife)
Perenelle Flamel nee Macbodhe (deceased – Nicholas’s wife)
(Godmother’s) Seline, Phoebe, and Luna of Avalon (the weird sisters-guardians of Avalon and Fae folk)
(Godfather) Odin of Avalon (Fae folk)
Head of the Magical House/Clan of –
Le Fay
Macbodhe (willed to the line of Flamel’s heir)
Hufflepuff (willed to the line of Gryffindor’s heir)
Slytherin (by Conquest)
Gaunt (by Conquest)
Macbeth (willed to the line of Ravenclaw’s heir)
Total Accounting of Worth: $ 57,327,703,470.00 – value includes worth of property, investments, businesses, or heirlooms owned by the families…

Harry was stunned by what he read and the amount of money that he now possessed. He was the richest wizard in the magical world, but he was not the richest in the non-magical world. The three goblins were happy to be re-opening these accounts.

Baneblade and his assistant and nephew were especially happy at being the two goblins chosen to work on these accounts and for the Crown Prince, personally. In a quick flash of light, eleven ring boxes appeared on the table in front of him, each had the coat-of-arms carved into the wooden box lid.

“Go ahead, son put the signet rings on,” Oberon encouraged his hesitant son.

Taking one of the Peverell box first, he the large ring out of the box. Harry instinctively slipped it onto his right ring finger. The ancient emerald in the center began to pulse as it glowed. A double strand of mirthil in gold color and the pulsed a deep green glow of the gem created a double helix strand that wrapped around the length of his arm before it formed the head of a Threstral to move away from the arm to look the teen in the eyes. Harry felt a gentle brush against the occlumency shields that he somehow now possessed.

~ “Please, milord, lower your shields for I need to see inside your mind, so that I may truly know you are the rightful head of house Peverell.”~ Harry took several deep breaths as he focused on his mental shields and to lower them.

Once the shields were lowered the threstral’s avatar had dove into his mind and begun to help organize it while depositing the knowledge of the house of Peverell from its magical origin’s and secrets to where to find the family Grimoure, to every aspect of the houses history and deeds from its founding when the last Peverell wore this ring 500 years ago. The threstral receded from his mind and down his arm into the ring that quickly resized to fit Harry's finger.

Harry continued the process of putting the signet rings on and repeating the process of learning the family secrets by placing the Emrys signet ring on next before it merged with the Peverell signet ring. The next ring was the Le Fay, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Flamel, Macbodhe, and Macbeth family signet rings, which all merged with the first signet ring.

“I will not wear the rings of Slytherin or Gaunt, because of what they represent.” Harry said, refusing the rings.

The rings boxes disappeared in a flash as they returned to their vaults to gather dust.

“That was a good choice son. Perhaps, one day the houses may be redeemed in the eyes of magic by one of your children.” Titania said, with a smile towards her son.

“Is there any way for me to access our vaults without having to come to Gringotts, as I still have my school shopping to do?” Oberon questioned, after he had recovered from the dizziness and had claimed the heir's ring.

“Yes, there is sire. We offer a magical wallet, which is tied to your bank vaults and allows for you to withdraw any currency that you may need including magical currency. We also offer a debit card and credit card; along with a checkbook. The cards and checks will show an account with the muggle bank Barclays, which the goblins use to do business with the muggle world.”

“…And we can have documents created, which are needed in the muggle world and have registered as authentic at the needed Ministry records office in the muggle world. We have per your mother's request enrolled you into England's muggle homeschooling system, so that you can keep up with the muggle learning.” Ragnok explained, while Griphook was sent to fetch the required items.

“Thank you, Lord Ragnok for the help that you and the goblins are showing me.” Harry said, to the leader of the goblin nation.

“We live to serve, my prince.” Ragnok spoke after bowing to the prince.

“Now, all you need to do to activate the security features and tie the items to your vault is to put a drop of blood on the leather wallet and checkbook; while you will need to use a blood quill to sign your name to the back of the debit and credit cards.” Griphook informed Harry of what to do.

While Harry wondered what a blood quill was, and soon found out as he cringed through the pain of writing his full name where instructed to.

“I believe this has been an eventful day, so far. Lord Ragnok, we thank you for your hospitality, but I do believe that some quality time with our son is in order. How about doing some shopping, Harailt?” Titania spoke up while the three beings stood to leave.

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