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It is a sadish story with a sad ending

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One day after the they had finish a concert and were packing, Gerard got a call "hello Mr.way this is the hospital,we have a little girl here on her death bed and her last wish is to see My Chemical Romance. i know this is such short notice but would it be possible to came down here and see the girl?" "sure ill be there straight away " then gerard hung up. "come one guys we need to get to the hospital now said gerard as he walked to the bus. "But why" asked Frankie "it doesn't matter just came on " said gerard pulling everyone into the bus.Once they were at the hospital the doctor was waiting for them "came this way" said the doctor leading them to a big white room with just one bed. "i heard you wanted to me us " said gerard going up to the little girl who was so pale and had heaps of things hooked up to her. "yes i---m bec. she said so weekly that the band nearly teared up. "well its a pleasure to met you" said gerard trying not to cry. "its s--o good to meet y--" but thats all the girl got out she died there in front of gerard. " oh my dear god this cant be happening " said gerard as he rashes of to the girl and held her close. frankie ran to get the doctor . that night Frankie heard gerard crying "whats wrong babe"? said frankie giving gerard a hug/ "its that girl she ...just died and on one was with her not even her family." said gerard hugging frankie really tight. "i know but there was nothing we could of done " said frankie giving gerard a kiss. " i know but still --maybe we should go visit her grave tomorrow okay " said gerard "okay babe now go to sleep" said frankie as he smiled and gave gerard one more kiss."okay" said gerard going back to sleep. The next day frankie and gerard visited the girls grave , Gerard put black roses on her grave , to his surprise he was the only one that had.after they got back gerard decided to do some research on the girl and found her family, so he visited the family."hello im gerard way is it okay if i talk about your daughter ?" "No she is useless she deserve to die!said her mother then slams the door shut. Gerard was speechless. how could her mother say that. thought gerard.that night he sat up the hole reliving that moment that happen.was it possible to be hated at her age..but why what did she do wrong ? though gerard. the next day gerard went and sore the school " hello i was wondering if i could ask you a question" "sure" said the lady with a sweet smile "well i was wondering did this girl ever get bullied ? asked gerard holding a photo of the girl he got off the internet. " oh yes very much poor girl and it got so bad she tried to kill herself but it didn't help her that her family hated her" said the lady "oh well thank you " said gerard as he left. about a week later gerard put awareness up about bulling and also had a concert in the little girls memory.And ever since that moment gerard never forgot her and visited her grave everyday
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