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The Last Author's Note

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You know what this means... The end approaches!

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Ok people, if you read the Author's Notes that I have a habit of leaving on every chapter, then you'll know what this last A/N means; the next chapter of Back In The Day is the last. Ever. (Actually, that's a lie, there's an epilogue) I've already written most of it and should post it later tonight. But I wanted to put this up first because there's more of a chance of people seeing this, and I want you guys to.

Admittedly, it's kinda an ego trip for me, but there's some stuff that's gotta be said, and I'm taking this opportunity to do so.

First of all, I am actually really, properly gutted to be ending this fic. It's the first story I have written in literally years, and definitely the one I've enjoyed writing the most (I didn't know the joys of Frerard back then!). It's taken me what, five months now, to write, and is what? Forty-two chapters long now. It's also THE first story I've ever actually finished. That's mostly down to you guys. Which brings me to my next point.

First, a major thank-you to anyone reading this, even if they've been completely silent for the entire thing, or are reading this in like three years after I've written it. Which is a weird thought that someone might be. Chances are it'll be long forgotten by then though.

Second, merci to -TheGhostOfYou- for not kicking my ass when finding a story with a first chapter that is IDENTICAL to one of hers. I found it a few days after I wrote the first chapter, and was just like shit. It's nearly as embarressing as the fluff I've written how similar they are. Infact, it's just scary. And she was really nice about it.

Third, thanks to X-ToxicRainbow-X, who gave me my first ever review, meaning they've been reading this story from Day One!

Fourth, I really wish I could put everyone in here, and I'm sure I've missed a few people who deserve mentioning, but THANKYOU, MERCI, HVALA, TACK, GO RAIBH MAITH AGAT(apparently thank-you in Irish), GRACIAS, DANKE, DZIEKUJE, and TAKK! to... xXLaylaxX, rowangiggles, MCR punk, MCRmy Chick, xXkillj0yXx, Simplex Minded, Alyson Rose, mychemicalbitchbot, Lizzeh, gigii (I know you've only actually left one review, but it's been great talking on Facebook) annnnd MCR ROCK RHCP! As I said, I'm sure there are some people equally as deseverving of thanks, but you guys are the ones that have stood out in reviews so yeah; all of those thanks in different languages go to you!

Then, there's aweirdtree. This girl has given me an AMAZING review on every single chapter that I can remember, since like Chapter Five. Seriously, perhaps it's a bit unfair because there are other people reviewing just as consistently, but for one reason or another, your feedback has stuck with me and been a huge encouragement to carry on writing this thing! You always leave great reviews, and they always cheer me up (even when I'm not sad). I also love your obsession with my Author's Notes! Thank-you so much.

Also, I don't think I've ever commented on the general epicness of your user name.

Now, the next chapter is the last proper chapter on this story. I'm gonna post an Epilogue, just to close up a bit, but that'll only be short. Also, because I can't bear to just leave this story behind, I'm probably gonna add some stuff to Before Back In The Day. Not promising anything though.

The next story I'm gonna be writing is Birthday Surprise! - I know, suckish name, so shoot me - so look out for that. From there, on to bigger and (hopefully) better things!

Although, do you not just hate it when you get a really good idea, then two days later, you read a story that had stolen your idea... but you've never actually told anyone about it? Sorry, that happened to me last night and I'm just like 'grrrr'. No but obviously (unless she can read read minds) she didn't actually copy it so, I'm not gonna start bitching.


Again, a massive THANK YOU to everyone reading this and before I get too corny and start handing out hags...


For now.


P.S. I was supposed to say 'handing out hugs', but for some reason I typed 'hags'. I decided to keep it that way; it's just better like that.

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