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Sweet Tooth

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The story behind Frank and Gerard's first kiss.

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A/N: Hi guys, I have a few more requests lined up. Today we were supposed to have one where Gerard loses his voice. At the last minute, I sort of changed my mind about it and decided to make that one into a possible chaptered story instead --- not sure how I would cover something as big as losing his voice in a one shot. So here's sort of a short Frerard drabble instead, describing the time during Bullets where Gerard had that really bad tooth abscess. I can't find the quote I had for this, unfortunately -- but there were more detailed accounts of it, and Gerard did actually black out during recording. And then next Sunday I'll resume the rest of the requests.

Hope this finds you well,


Sweet Tooth

"Gerard, hold still!"

Frank Iero had to summon a good amount of his strength to restrain the lump that was bundled in his arms. This was less because Gerard Way was stronger than him, and more because he himself was weak from fatigue. Still, he managed to tighten his hold on the boy, shifting him back into a good position on his pillow. Frank repositioned one of his hands, one that was holding a bitingly cold ice pack, so that it fell over Gerard's right cheek while the rest of him was on Gerard's left.

It was certainly not the most comfortable position, but it would have to do. Frank tried his best to suck it in, constantly reminding himself that his friend was in far more pain from his tooth abscess than he was discomforted from his own awkward posture.

As though Gerard were trying to remind him as well, the singer let out a few whimpers of pain before resuming to struggle again. Frank sighed.

"C'mon Gee, neither of us are going to get any sleep if you don't stop moving around." Frank said sternly, pressing down the ice pack harder to reinforce his objectives.

"Then why don't you just go to your own room and sleep?" Gerard muttered, his speech sounding strange as he used only one side of his mouth to speak.

"You know I can't do that, Mikey would kill me." Frank replied with confidence. Mikey Way would in fact murder him if he found out Gerard had been deserted overnight. They had all agreed to take turns staying up with him. They would hold this icepack against the sore area on his mouth until it was numb enough for him to fall asleep. The antibiotics that the hospital gave him may be fighting the infection, but the pain still seemed as apparent as ever.

Not like poor, helpless Gerard couldn't bear and grin a little pain. Frank nearly rolled his eyes. Yet deep down, he knew it must be more than a little pain -- the boy had blacked out momentarily during a recent recording session. At the time, they had panicked because they thought it might be something serious. As it turned out, it was just a blasted tooth ache. Gerard had them staying up with him at nights because of a blasted, bloody fucking tooth ache.

Frank wondered why he didn't just tell Mikey to shove off. Why was he losing sleep over a toothache? It was probably Gerard's fault anyway -- it was evident he never showered, so the idea that he never brushed his teeth either was entirely believable.

Another whimper, this time sounding like the mewling of an overgrown kitten. Frank sighed, wondering if that was what was making him stay.

He didn't even know Gerard all that well -- he had barely started playing in this band somewhat over one month ago. But he couldn't help but admit that Gerard had a certain adorable quality to him.

Something about him largely resembled a big, eyeliner wearing teddy bear. How could he turn away from its cries for help? Frank had always had a weakness for fuzzy things. Of course, Gerard was not the kind of fuzzy he was used to -- but he certainly reminded him of fuzzy things. Warm things. Cuddly things.

A movement against his arm caused Frank to think that Gerard was writhing again. He sighed, re-tightening the hold. But once Gerard's slightly chubby body was brought closer to Frank's muscular frame, Frank realized he hadn't been struggling at all -- he was silently crying.

One side of Frank wanted to tell Gerard to buck up. He was being pathetic -- it was just a toothache for god sakes! Of course a more reasonable side might have told him that there was a big difference between a toothache and a tooth abscess, but he didn't hear it. That's because the only other side he could hear besides his blunt one, was that one that had that weakness for cute and cuddly things. Like Gerard.

What was he even saying?

How much had he had to drink tonight?

Never the less, the more sensitive side won, and Frank did his best to cradle him somewhat.

"Shhh...'s okay." he whispered to the shaking form, feeling a bit awkward. He stroked his own fingers through Gerard's greasy black locks, hushing him softly. He had no idea if this was making Gerard feel any better, or what Gerard was thinking at all. All he did was cry -- and that statement was not just applicable to this moment in particular.

"I'm sorry..." Gerard murmured apologetically between sobs, his breathing seeming to calm slightly, "This is just so fucking stupid... the ice packs haven't even worked! Nothing is going to work! It's never going to stop.... it's never going to stop..."

"Don't say that just yet." Frank consoled him, although he was quick to disband the ice pack. He agreed -- it was stupid. He had just been waiting for Gerard's confirmation that it's usage was pointless. Plus, his hand was freezing. Graciously warming it by rubbing it against the blankets, Frank continued to encourage Gerard. "You'll get better, if not now, than when the antibiotics cure you..."

"But I need it now!" Gerard insisted, sounding less tearful but more desperate. "I can't fucking take it anymore! I feel like my mouth is just going to explode, and I just fucking wish it would already!"

Frank stopped trying to talk him and down and simply stared at him. He did in fact look like someone on the verge of bursting -- his face was flushed, his skin covered in sweat.

His pity was then suppressed by a different emotion, although it seemed abhorring to admit. He was, after all, taken by a soon to be wife. A woman who rather closely resembled Gerard, even in femininity.

Thinking of her caused Frank to remember something else, and he was struck with a brilliant idea. At least at the moment, he thought it was brilliant. Her words from a memory echoed through a tunnel to his present mind.

What else could make any mouth feel amazing...

Frank tiled Gerard's head towards him using his fingers under Gerard's sweaty chin. Without giving Gerard a chance to prepare or realize it, Frank dove in.

...but a kiss from you?

His tongue infiltrated the area, and all he could taste was cigarettes and -- was that a dash of blood? Frank shook it off, focusing on pleasuring the distressed boy who was now suddenly quiet. At least, he wasn't pulling back.

After a moment, Frank was delighted to feel Gerard's tongue slithering around his own. The two tongues danced together in an intense tango, and Gerard let out a moan that didn't sound like it had anything to do with his pain.

He wasn't even sure what his breath tasted like. He hadn't paid much attention to it, considering that he didn't assume he'd be making out with any lead singers tonight. Whatever it tasted of, Gerard seemed to lap it up hungrily nonetheless. Frank bemusedly wondered if he had had any coffee previously.

Finally, the air around them grew scant and Frank pulled away. Gerard let out a small whine, almost looking as though he was going to pull Frank back. But for whatever reason, he refrained.

"For an injured mouth, you're a pretty good kisser." Frank grinned at him slyly. Gerard giggled but stopped abruptly. He raised a hand to his jaw, and Frank realized that it might have begun to hurt again.

A few seconds relief for a nearly minute long kiss -- there's somewhat of a rip off. But Frank figured it was a price he might be able to afford.

"Are you leaving?" Gerard asked then, catching Frank off guard. But Gerard's eyes flickered towards the ice pack and Frank understood. Gerard thought that perhaps Frank felt his presence was no longer needed without the ice pack needing pressing.

"Do you want me to leave?" Frank asked gently. Gerard gave a slight shake of the head, and Frank smiled.

"Then no."

Frank pulled up the blankets over them, and cozied up to the teddy bear beside him. As he shut off the motel lamp on the table to his left, he silently hoped that Mikey would assign him as Gerard's tooth therapist more often.

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